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uk. Hello and happy World Card Making Day! We are so excited to be celebrating this wonderful day! We have a super fun challenge for you! Do you guys ever make cards and then not send them? I am definitely guilty of this! This challenge is to make sure that we all send a thank you to someone in our lives that we want to show our gratitude to. The Yorkshire Post presents the book The Moor. Lives, Landscapes, Literature by William Atkins and discusses the everlasting appeal of the moors: For writers and artists, too, it has provided a deep well of inspiration. Ashley Jackson has carved out a successful career capturing the spirit of Yorkshire’s moors in his brooding watercolour paintings, while for Ted Hughes the foreboding beauty of the Calder Valley was a lifelong inspiration. Then there are classic novels like Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights and The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle. During his travels he spent several weeks in Yorkshire in places like Haworth, the Calder Valley and the North York Moors. “I see Yorkshire as the heartland of this book and Ted Hughes as its presiding spirit,” he says. The example was for-profit hospital system Columbia/ HCA, whose former CEO just was elected governor of Florida. See the video on PharmaGossip. courtesy of on. In the film Ka Tung had to first hit Janice Man Wing Shan than raped Cai Jie, which he said was a little extreme. He would understand the reaction from female viewers. Was he afraid that his new film performance would scare female viewers? He said, "I expected that. I hope female viewers wouldn't attack me. Because the character's sexual orientation is greedier, he wants to rape people whether they are men or women. courtesy of singtao.

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As I mentioned yesterday, the updates to the brflines site will be large and small, even though I'm on vacation.

Yesterday there was a largish update of ten new Tommy Robredo photos. Today: BIGGER. THIRTY new photos of Fernando Verdasco were added to the brflines site. That may be one of the largest updates ever. It's an epic update. Preparation by Kevin Howell and Photography by Jackie Ward.

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A short survey.

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Picture it.

Slip on something sexy, darlings!Runway inspirations via style. Ann DemeulemeesterAquascutumBarbara TfankBetsey JohnsonBlugirl, via nymag. Enjoy the Moroccan Cuisine and learn how to make Moroccan-style couscous with roast beef. Place the couscous and butter in a heatproof bowl.

Add the boiling water.

Stir until the butter melts. Use a fork to separate grains. Hello Really Reasonable Ribbon fans! Jan here with a "Train Load of Baker's Twine" and you may be the lucky recipient! I spotted this sweet little train while shopping and fell in love with it. .