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Crappy race, and one that I could overanalyze in detail. Essentially, I felt good during the warm-up, but once the race started, I just couldn’t hit a rhythm, and felt more and more tired and fatigued. And then my legs just started failing on me, eventually giving out. Dollar might test the green trendline again. E-minis back to the upper trendline again and testing. Next week is a holiday week and usually lower volumes. Wilshire may be wedging. This gives the bigger picture. NOW AVAILABLE ON THE APP STORE AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE PLAY SOON. I allot a little time each day clearing weeds and planting. And, I am enjoying just basking in the sun on our garden chaises. The hanging window in the garden still had a Valentine's message so it got an update. I love that this quote references the garden, but is really about attitude. We invite you to browse through the largest collection of shampoo advertisements. This site has grown tremendously thanks to its visitors that have contributed with hundreds of scans. Good Morning Augusta. This morning it is mostly cloudy with numerous snow showers this morning then partly sunny this afternoon. Little or no snow accumulation. courtesy of on.

Lau Ho Leung at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival won the Best First Feature Film Award.

Star Susan Shaw Yam yam and the director accepted the award and shared the joy. There are many answers, but each answer also raises further questions, rhetorical or not. Concrete wedges project out from the facade of this single-storey residence near Madrid by Spanish architecture studio A-Cero.

Surrounded by grass landscaping, Concrete House II has grass ramps that slope up between the concrete fins and onto the roof.

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"Instead, the board decided to send a letter to the Legislature noting that a lot of people expressed concerns at today's meeting about the potential for the proposed Pebble mine to hurt the region's abundant salmon and trout stocks. But the word "refuge" worried some people who felt development or existing land uses could be curtailed. The board is aiming to have its letter drafted by the time its Anchorage meeting ends Tuesday. Here's the last contest for a copy of Bent Object of My Affection, which is good for me because I find picking the winners difficult! Since all of these images I've been posting lately have been about Valentine's in some way, how about a "Roses are red, violets are blue" poem. No other rules, other than it has to be in that rhyming rhythm. Good luck!. Not that many trees in Manhattan. So I did my bit to save some by doing my taxes online today. It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. Marben Bland But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be the sons of the Most High, for He is kind to the ungrateful and the evil. Noen dag for seint ute igjen, har vært bortreist så det får ikke hjelpe. Men atter en gang slår det meg dette med måned, hvorfor september?? Men som synes er det fortsatt ganske grønnt ute. Idag har møbler, frosk og fisker flyttet inn men blomsterpottene får drøye noen dager til tror jeg. Og været i september tenker jeg heller ikke klage over. Det kan jo også være at den hade lyst til å prøve overtale meg om å få lov å bli, ettersom den i det hele tatt ikke skulle ha vært her da den egentlig tilhører min granne på andre siden gjerdet. Uansett lyktes det for jeg har bestemt meg for å beholde den ! Male midlife crises in Autumn - This little Sweet William,Dianthus barbatus, was all withered and was only kept there to seed himself for next year when he all of a sudden decided it might be a good idea to try a last chance for glory. It might also be he was tempted to try a last time to convince me to let him stay, since he really shouldn’t be on my side of the fence at all, this Sweet William is an escaped flower of my neighbour’s. Well, he did succeed, I will keep him ! Go visit Roses and Stuff for more Friday Blooming. I'm impressed with so many NEW faces at the show this year. It is being continuously updated every day. All information are gathered from Style. it, NYMag. All you have to do to enter is sign up as a follower on my blog to earn one entry. For an additional entry, or two chances, mark me as a favorite on Etsy also. Already a follower? You are automatically entered. Sorry, you cannot be an anonymous follower or I won't know who you are! Although not necessary to win, I am hoping you will also give me your email address so that I can add you to my Gathering list. I NEVER share my list and use it only to update blog postings and Etsy listings and announce shows and classes. What will you win, you ask? What is the prize? hmmmmm shall I tell you? I ah, don't think I will. So they will put on my name on the Israelites and I will bless them". Observation: God told Moses that when the priests blessed the people of Israel with the above blessing, that He would put His name on them and would bless them. He specifically told them exactly how to bless the people of Israel. God made a promise here that when the priest did their part, He would do His part and He would bless His people and put His name on them. Application: We need to understand the power of blessing people and the benefits of it. As a pastor, I want my people blessed by God in every way. I want to see God bless them and keep them. Most of you who regularly read this blog know I have curly hair. What you probably don't know is that I have a very bad habit of picking one or two curls everyday, always on my left side, and I twirl them all day long. I don't really realize when I'm doing it. This constant twirling creates a couple perfect corkscrew curls. We were in Ikea and all the sudden he was laughing so hard and said "your hair looks so silly!" I had a regular head of curly waves and then three perfect corkscrew curls on the left side. We laughed hard about it in the aisles of the big Ikea boxes. Iron Jaw!. of course ultimately, I think that the ideal critic should not, in any way, be prejudiced-either favorably or unfavorably-by personal idiosyncrasies of the man whose work he judges. This is a condition which I think should be aspired to-and I have long tried to make it apply to my own judgments, and I know that in some cases, at least, I like the work of certain artists whom I did not like as persons. It is too bad-and in some cases unjust-that people will allow habits of the artist which seem personally unpleasant to them-to imbalance their judgments about the work-because in the end, the artist, and his work, are two entirely distinct things. Who Cares About Climate Change? - TheCollegeConservativeThe very basis of the argument warning against a change in climate is that climate should never change. This is an absurdity in itself.

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Sometimes Ms Kelly it is better to be silent and possibly considered ignorant than speaking and removing doubt. In this case your intemperate grasping of a tragedy to make political points is only adding to the sum of grief and trauma. It is inconceivable that Mr Taylor was flirting with danger, sometimes shit happens and yesterday at the Waikari Limeworks it did. My sympathies and thoughts are with those who mourn Murray Taylor. Little Man has had the sniffles for about a week and a half now, and this conversation just transpired a short while ago. Me: "You need a tissue. "Logan: "No. I know they were just my around-the-house-mom sweat pants, but still they were clean, and I had just put them on after grabbing a quick shower while the kids watched an episode of Diego. S. We live in a world founded on lies. Our entire national debate is made up of a series of intricate, interwoven myths, lies and tales fabricated by propagandists. D. Hussein was the grandson of the Prophet Muhammed, and his battle and death is considered a shaping event for Shiites. Iraqi police in the Dora neighborhood of southern Baghdad preparing bread for pilgrims who are headings towards Karbala. Preparing delicious family meals doesn’t have to go by the wayside when you’re time poor. Garlic can also be stored in oil in the freezer for several months. Once a week, buy a selection of lettuce and wash and dry it thoroughly, before chopping it and storing it in the fridge for quick easy salads. Pre-chop an array of vegetables and store them in plastic containers in the fridge. Not only does this make meals faster but encourages you to snack on and eat more vegetables in your meals. .