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Good afternoon. I think alot of people are looking at these snowy drifts in their backyards.

I am NOT.

I would LOVE to have a little bit of chillier weather. I have had this image from Mo Manning for sometime now. I just love it, it's such a sweet little image. My first card features the adorable Color My World set. I can't fully express how excited I was to finally get my hands on this little set. They were really fun to color and since I didn't happen to buy the matching die, I discovered they are also pretty easy to cut out as well. I thought crayons would make a great thank you card for teachers so I borrowed a sentiment from the Thank You Tags set which I heat embossed with white powder.

For the little lines above each crayon I found matching colors of ink and used the fun wavy stitched image from the Gnome Sweet Gnome set.

Don't these little guys just make you happy? I couldn't resist making a second card while I had the darling crayon image out so this time I paired it with the Schoolhouse Backdrops to add lines to both my yellow and white papers. A recent article in Science Daily reports on a presentation given at this week's meeting of the Endocrine Society. It's worth a look: Science Daily: Many People with Diabetes Do Not Know or Heed Dangers of Hot WeatherUnfortunately, while the points it makes are true, a much better title would have been Many doctors and pharmacies don't know or heed the dangers of hot weather. Just this week I heard from someone whose insurance forces him to get his medications from a mail order service that refuses to ship insulin overnight or with any protection against temperature. This, even though the insulin manufacturer documented for this person that when insulin sits in a hot truck it dies.

The Science Daily article points out that even pills can be ruined by heat.

That was new to me but I am no stranger to the phenomenon where one month's Metformin works a whole lot better than another's. Sadly, the problems caused by temperature are not limited to heat. from the Medical Informatics perspective. The men took off running and one of the men was shot in the back. ".

I will add you to the list.

I will never share your email address with anyone without your permission.

Nice long distance identification, Brent! Here is the next one. E. A. They go so well with one of my other presents, a Kindle, so I have settled down with a good book and my bag of goodness - they don't seem to be going down much! A card I made using the new My Mind's Eye - Fine and Dandy. I added the Birthday message using Paula's word stamps my favourites. Up close for the finer details. Below is a video that shows you how to create this really great Pleated Medallion-Don't laugh, but I ran out of adhesive right and the middle of the video and it throws me for a loop!. Michael St. The schedule is brutal and if you have a chance to take a team out then you had better do it or you might not pay right away but you will later. It's always so much fun to see so many fabulously unique cards created from one sketch. Be sure to check out the slideshow of all the rockin' finalists at the bottom of this post. And now for the winners. A big mojo-licious congrats to. It includes a history of the museum and gives a blow by blow account of the visit t the museum. Ancient Egyptian artists utilized the walls of tombs to carve silent caricatures and convey highly expressive scenes to the viewer.

Examples of this can be seen in the image of an extremely skinny shepherd whose ribs can be seen under his skin herding a group of fat cows, or an image of a guard sleeping outside of the warehouse that he is supposed to be protecting.

There is also the image of a monkey attacking a young boy who stole fruit from the market. In addition to these images and scenes etched on to the walls of tombs, the laborers and artists also carved images and exchanged drawings and caricatures. Eagle-eyed readers will note duplicate names in the list of Lincolnshire Regiment other ranks, below. O. B. O. A check of medal index cards would no doubt get to the truth quickly enough. A friend told me about this travel pillow she saw on amazon. I think this may be the key! They say you can connect it around you body like a messenger bag as well, rather than attaching it to the seat, so it stays put while you sleep. Cooooooooooooooooool. This was supposed to be the morning you would read about the first contestant in the where-is-Steve-living-now contest.

But life has a way of intruding into our plans.

This particular intruder came in the guise of my portable hard drive.

The drive where I store all of my photographs. It did not land in water. Just a tile floor. A very hard tile floor.

I know it's been said before, but I'll say it again.

For today's post I went in search of some clean-and-simple styles.

I'm so fond of CAS, yet I very seldom create a card that falls into this category. It's Shilo here with Inspiration Wednesday! I get to share with you where I find my inspiration. And well, I am PINTEREST junkie. I chose a color palette today. REMEMBER! Unity has JUST RELEASED several BRAND NEW STAMPS from It is a a BRILLIANT new Co-Branded Partnership and we are SO EXCITED!Watch this little VIDEO with Mr. Unity chit chatting about it. here is how that works. add your purchase to your cart. I had some quilt tops finished and pin basted, and ready to quilt, back in November, but had to work on Christmas presents, so had to set them aside. I've finally gotten back to them and finished them! First up, I really got into old trucks with trees in the back this Christmas. I made my sister a small wall quilt for a gift, but then duplicated it in a lap size for our family. I love the Woolies flannel fabrics. They are so thick and soft and cozy colors! The truck is raw edge appliqued on using Soft Fuse. Then I used baby rickrack to write the words. So fun! I can't wait to use it next Christmas!! I made this quilt top at a guild retreat last fall. Here are some hair mask recipes you can try making at home. केस सुंदर दिसत असतील तर तुम्ही पण सुंदर दिसाल. Have you fell in love with planners yet? We have several stamp and die sets that are designed for planners! Take a look at a few of our favorite planner ideas. You can find all our great Planner Products in the shop HERE. OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN : Our Liv sure could rock a leotard. She showed us how to get physical in bright tights, high cut one-pieces and terry-towelling headbands. Put Let's Get Physical on your playlist and slip into your leg warmers and Lycra for a workout like never before. Can you hear your body talk? Grazia. ensemble. It's been a good space for me. Before this space, I was working in one of the many huge, beautiful, old warehouses in my neighborhood which have been converted into spaces for small business and artists. When I moved here I knew I was giving things up- I liked "leaving for work", I liked all that space, and I loved the division of my "work" and my "life, but a baby changes everything. My first instinct was to pick him up and show the kids because they are intrigued by all things nature-related. I immediately regretted that decision, however, because Mia wanted to save him. My thoughts ran along the lines of Who knows where he came from? Perhaps he was hibernating and we happened to unearth him? Maybe he is better off left where he is? And then, What could possibly be alive in the snow in Michigan in February?! Surely nothing good. His unfortunate brownish-gray coloring plus the implausibility of finding him alive in the first place made me think that it had to be something truly vile that we wouldn't even want to try to keep alive. Still I wondered, Is this going to turn into a moth or a butterfly? Then the niggling part of my brain kicked in again, suggesting, It's probably something awful like a larval parasite. Better not take the chance. Then, thinking my mind was made up, I set the caterpillar back down in the snow. It's the third in a series of sweet garden-themed sets. I omitted the word "joy" when I stamped the sentiment and replaced it with chipboard letters instead. It’s incredibly simple to make, requires very few ingredients and is one of my favourite ways to have green beans. Preferably, use runner beans. .