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The question routinely shows up in climate arguments, with claims in both directions. Evaluating them is hard. The IPCC has given multiple reports with multiple projections depending on different assumptions, so one can almost certainly select reports to show either a good or bad job of predicting. The reports sometimes describe what they produce as predictions, sometimes as projections. For simplicity I will use the former term. The past reports are webbed. so many awesome goodies!! Today we are excited to share TWO supah cute new sets by artist Cheryl Alger!!! It's always a good time to tell someone you love them, right?!? We are sharing samples today featuring. God pictures himself as a mountain spring of clean, cool, life-giving water. That is how we glorify God, the fountain of living water.

But in Jeremiah's day people tasted the fountain of God's grace and did not like it.

So they gave their energies to finding better water, more satisfying water. To say the least, I felt overwhelmed by the task.

There were so many times I longed to have an older, more experienced godly woman in my life that I could just call for counsel and advice.

I was the first among my circle of friends to have a baby. I really had no-one I could call and ask for help. I felt very alone in this daunting task of being a wife and a mother. I had to learn from doing it all wrong the first time around, and sometimes it can't be avoided. They are kicking off the new year by launching new seats, new luggage and a new catalog during the Bike Week festivities in Daytona Beach. However this is just the tip of the iceberg from the master craftsmen from New England. “Collaborating with Roland Sands on RSD’s new line of seats has really been a game changer. ” “Our new logo and new big rig are just a hint at the new products that will make their debut in Daytona,” she adds. Degree is not important at the moment. EWI uses a wave degree higher and they may be right in the end but for now its a moot point. But for now, its not important. They only thing that is important is interpreting the form and direction. There have been a succession of zigzags lately and that is a requirement of a triangle. Hi there. I hope your Christmas was amazing and you have been enjoying your time before the New Year. My mom was admitted to the hospital on Monday, so things have been a little out-of-sorts around here. My parents live just down the street from me, so this is typically an opportunity for us to enjoy a little extra time together.

Even though she is improving, it is still really bringing me down.

I hope that things get back to normal before the beginning of the new year so we can start things off right. I have a little card to share with you today, inspired by this week's Tuesday Trigger on the Moxie Fab World Blog. I also tapped into inspiration from Maile Belles color blocking with dies post, which seemed perfect for this week's trigger.

A foundation that aims to empower urban young people in the UK has made a documentary about how young black men are portrayed in the media.

The Generation Next Foundation has produced the film to mark Black History Month. The Lambeth-based foundation was set up by two brothers - Hamdi and Ludvig Bonin - and aims to drive positive social change to help young people achieve their potential. The film, called Minority Report, will be screened at City Hall on Friday, followed by a panel discussion with Conservative London Assembly Member James Cleverly, the Mayor's ambassador for young people, and Chuka Umunna, Labour's candidate for the Streatham seat at the next election, who is also a trustee of the Generation Next Foundation. We believe that it is imperative to empower the youth in society so they have the tools to achieve their highest potential. m. Hospie died that afternoon at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla. "FARGO—A Fargo man was sentenced Tuesday to four years in prison after pleading guilty to robbing two Fargo businesses last fall. ". The victim told Deputies Jacques Rozek and Kyle Page he left his house to pick his daughter up at school. When he returned a short time later, he found someone had broken the glass on his front door and had entered his home. There was broken glass all over the kitchen floor, and blood on the refrigerator. The deputies went to Fraley’s house on Largo Road. Fraley had injuries to his hand and shoulder which he said he got in a fight with his girlfriend.

JOY card.

Why: It is a day to connect with fellow card makers both near and far, to applaud the creativity that powers the craft, and to provide an opportunity for card makers to connect and find resources that will empower, inspire, and encourage them in their card making. But since this evening I have the stomach-flu, so I am off to bed and will hopefully be back tomorrow. I guess when it rains, it really does pour. When I spotted the Dreamer stamp in the CTMH catalog I was instantly drawn to this girl. I love to do mixed media projects and making She Art girls in one of my favorite! This card was one that we made at my Dreamer card class this past weekend!. I had Charlie take a few of me before hand to show everyone what the set up would look like. I really liked how my pictures turned out, so I added them to a really large canvas. Of course Christmas is over, and I will have to put this away till next year, but I thought I would show you a quick picture before that. Butch and I went out drawing the other day. He helped me bring some stuff tomy new apartment in Brooklyn. It turns out that my new hood is full of greatthings to draw. There is some guy named Vincent Russo who puts up signs allover town. They are all wacky make shift signs announcing, Vincent Russonotary public. I mean they are everywhere. He seems to be quite a character. We also went to Red Hook, which is the neighborhood next to my new one. Allthe Mexicans play soccer on the weekends in a big park. ”. Il punto nascita di Pantelleria risulterebbe sospeso in attesa delle assunzioni necessarie, quelli chiusi sono Mussomeli, Bronte, Lipari, Mistretta, Petralia Sottana, S. Stefano di Quisquina e Licata. Blue Cinched Shirt: New York & Co. Navy Pants: New York & Co. Silver Polka Dot Shoes: Unlist. Leaf Necklace: Lane Bryant. I have been in Lane Bryant a couple of times with some of my friends and I have to say that I love their jewelry! I was ecstatic to find this necklace and also a pair of lovely earrings. More fun with the iPhone. This isGrand Army Plaza, in Brooklyn, very nearto where I live. In response to remarks about the black background/white print being hard to read, I’ve updated our template. This means they are reviewed before being posted publically. al parecer me gusta hacer muñecacoscon nariz de borrachinesy unos coloretes propiosde la corte de maria antonieta. Being a teenager is a formative period, where expressions of individuality and attempts to explore identity are perfectly normal and crucial. But that is outside. Inside, however, in a highly regulated and controlled environment, these are seen as expressions of defiance and being anti authority. Just by being a normal kid, attempting to make sense of the world, leads to being labelled as awkward if not downright subversive. Considering the circumstances, I must have done something right. I have met others who entered prison at a young age and some of them are positively retarded emotionally and socially. my secret shopping place.

Peppa Pig is to gain a seatbelt, Tom & Jerry has already been shorn of any reference to smoking, so Michael Deacon's revelations of revisionist language tampering are, I suppose, almost expected.

I interviewed John Sullivan, the creator of Only Fools, and he told me about the way he has to edit old episodes to cleanse them of politically incorrect dialogue.

He cited an episode from the Eighties in which Del told a child to "pop down to the Paki shop".

That line is no longer broadcast in repeats. And if Love Thy Neighbour or Mixed Blessings are ever screened, I've never seen them despite the fact that the racists were always, but always, shown up as idiotic and laughable. We are living in an odd lefty world, whereby all reflection of life in bygone times must, for the sake of our sensibilities, be cleansed to reflect current 'progressive' ideology. It matters not that the process may detract from our understanding of historical mindsets, or that enjoyment of life itself might be lessened that little bit more. The trendy dogmatic will must prevail, so Del Boy has to be gagged. Destined to work elephants he is seen young tusker. Happy Monday! Time to announce the winners from Friday Fun Day and Friends with Flair. Kerri WestLaurie RandElizabeth BellJudy FitzLe ReidBeckie Jo WaldenTasha FreemanDeana HoweLori CassidyDenise Matrisciano IrvingNicole Ratliff GoistDebra HudsonVicki TaxierPat Maulsbury RueConnie TimmsDarinda Sant-ReyesKimberly ButlerLaurie GreggBillie Jo WardCarol Fletter We appreciate your continued support. Now on to Friends with Flair. Just want you all to know that even though we can only post one winner here, each and every entry is a winner in our book. I believe in possibility: the idea that at any moment, something unexpected can unfold and lead to inspiration and new direction. The key is both being open to seeing each opportunity and willing to take the risk. There is magic to be had when you are ready to walk through the open door. Not surprisingly, one of my most memorable experiences in this regard took place in Sedona, Arizona. It is said that “spiritual vortices” are concentrated in this part of the United States. I am convinced that the way the following events unfolded is a true example of the magic that can occur when one is open to possibility. Red rocks, jeep tours, glass-bottom helicopter flights, and hiking. And, of course, photography. A huge thank you to Ray, as he did most of them this year. If you’re happy with those pages, great. If you’d like to try something different, read on. You can find them all here and they are all free. This is a cautionary tale about being over confident about providing a safe place in the backyard where chickens and pets live. I've always known that the most fundamental part of keeping animals is proving a safe place for them. We live in a small rural town at the end of a dead end street so we don't have a lot of passing traffic. We have a large backyard and that strip of trees along the back are growing on the side of a creek. That is where the foxes travel. The lattice on the left, right near the house, was where Patrick was attacked. As you know, we have a flock of chickens here that keep us in rich golden yolked eggs most of the year. I've fallen into the habit of thinking the chooks need the most protection during the night. And we do get a lot of night visitors but most of them are harmless. I hear them out there most nights. Here's the blurb:Drew Karpyshyn has made his mark with imaginative, action-packed work on several acclaimed videogames, including Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, as well as in a succession of New York Times bestselling tie-in novels. Brett. Long ago the gods chose a great hero to act as their agent in the mortal world and to stand against the demonic spawn of Chaos. The gods gifted their champion, Daemron, with three magical Talismans: a sword, a ring, and a crown. Filled with pride, he dared to challenge the gods themselves. Siding with the Chaos spawn, Daemron waged a titanic battle against the Immortals. In the end, Daemron was defeated, the Talismans were lost, and Chaos was sealed off behind the Legacy—a magical barrier the gods sacrificed themselves to create. and in case you hadn't heard. Romantic Prairie Style sold out.

Increasingly, there seems to be a sentiment in some "evangelical" circles that we should downplay inerrancy because that drives people away from the faith.

But if you unpack it, what does that mean? It means we shouldn't insist that people need to believe the Bible to be Christians. Okay, but since they already disbelieve the Bible, if you tell them it's okay to disbelieve the Bible, then they're in exactly the same situation they'd be if you "drove them away" by telling them it's not okay to disbelieve the Bible. What are you keeping them from by telling them it's wrong to believe the Bible? You're not driving them away from Christian belief, since they already lack Christian belief. That's where they're at. And if you tell them it's okay not to believe the Bible, then they can just stay put. Aging with Abandon To throw oneself with abandon into anything means to give oneself over to some activity without reservation. For many years I would keep an eye on my mother and aunt - reaching out to hold them under the elbow when we came to the curb just to give them a bit of security. Lately my daughter has reached out to secure me the same way. Now - just when did that happen? Was a switch flipped in the middle of the night turning me into the secure-ee rather than the secure-er? I have seen lately that I am offered a seat should a place be crowded and help with carrying groceries. I drink discount coffee and get breaks on movie tickets. But the very best advantages to me are for my writing. For for those moments when a senior moment pops up - I have my friend Mr. Google! I find myself in such a great place. Decades ago, I felt on top of technology when I held the copper wire from the radio and acted as the antenna to get rid of some of the static so the family could thrill to The Creaking Door or adventure along with Hopalong Cassidy. Inspiration via Veranda Magazine. Givenchy slingback mules in mesh-paneled white leather. Irene Neuwirth gemstone drop earrings, at barneys. And that is what I will do now to my tiny band of regular readers and the more readers who wander in from a Google hit on whatever. In short, in their efforts to gain control of physicians’ behavior in order to covertly ration healthcare, American Wonkonians are creating insurmountable, systematic disincentives for excellence and penalties for non-mediocrity. They have placed doctors in the untenable position of being utterly unable to fulfill their professional, traditional, legal, and ethical obligations. The only way doctors have a realistic chance of attaining excellence under such a system, so as to service at least the rich, the connected and the quick-witted, is to abandon the system altogether. .