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Regarding my earlier post, a few people have pointed out that the measure of job vacancies I employed was based on newspaper advertisements. To the extent that there has been a shift in advertising away from print to online media, the Beveridge curves I plotted earlier may be distorted. Uh. sure. I'll see what I can do about this. In a memo to Dell Inc. This is disappointing and unacceptable. The change came as Dell tries to fix mounting problems that include disappointing earnings reports, eroding market share and an ongoing federal accounting probe. Speaking of cost reductions, we cannot help but wonder if the newfound frugality will apply to Messer.

Why this Question Matters.

Having established the nature and scope of sacred teaching in the first question, Aquinas turns to the question of the existence of God. How God is known from revelation and the relationship between natural and revealed knowledge of God will follow later. For the bear side, if the lower purple support pivot can be broken this week on good down volume, the bigger bear case will be revitalized. Most of Yoga actually imitates what animals do easily and many yoga positions will require you to imitate some sort of animal. Aubrey Blumsohn at Sheffield University. Blumsohn had attempted, in vain, to get access to the data from a research project that he was ostensibly leading, and to control the writing of research abstracts that was done supposedly in his name. Sheffield University failed to support his efforts, and after he talked to the media about his problems, suspended him from his duties.

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Some people asked what my favorite thing from Glue Arts is. I have a few favorites. My first love is their Extreme Adhesive Squares! I use these to adhere buttons to my page, chipboard, and anything heavy or bulky. I used to use Glue Dots, but these are way stickier. Sometimes when you least expect it, you see something different in an antique shop and cannot resist. Shiny Brite Made in USA This is a design that I don’t have in my collection. It is a beautiful torquoise color trimmed in silver mica. Perfect for my collection!. This series of furniture by Norwegian designer Amy Hunting incorporates loops of felt for storage. via. " In other words? "She doesn't know the market here. And I really like both of them. I can tell you for a fact that they work very hard. I see it every day. I can also tell you that they care about the stories their covering. They care about the people they’re interviewing. From a sage TV media observer who knows a few things. The big problem is KTVU starts with the assumption that the people that actually do the job on a daily basis know nothing, hence the need for consultants. That explains a lot of why local news in is the dumper. Trash the model, then blame employee headcount for the loss in revenue that is sure to follow. The new news director is taking a template of failure and running with it. Amazing that a tribute to YouTube like KRON can beat any station, much less KTVU. Rather than even taking into account quality of content, they are focused on the nonsense like graphics and story count.

Last night we had a glorious feast of Middle Eastern flavors.

I think Middle Eastern cuisine is one of my favorites. I love how many veggies and spices and flavors and grains there are. and there are so many dishes that are authentically vegan. I was sent a copy of "Modern Flavors of Arabia" to review - and as soon as I opened the package, I was already in love. There are ample pictures, the font is beautiful, and the whole thing is just a feast for the eyes. In this short post, I provide a simple tip to clean HTML pages and convert them to XML so you can extract its data using the conventional "Get data from XML" step.

The solution hinges on two ingredients: JTtidy, the Java port of the popuar HTML Tidy program, which is an open source HTML cleaning program originally created by Dave RaggetThe user-defined Java Class step, which lets us write a small snippet of Java that we need to interface with JTidyStandard Kettle tools for WebservicesKettle is really good at fetching data from the web and extracting data from webservices, be they in a SOAP/XML, REST/JSON or RSS flavor.

But when you're dealing with plain old HTML, things can get pretty hairy. If you're lucky, the page may be in XHTML, and in that case it's worth trying the Get Data from XML step. Maybe it's Sun, so it was extremely crowded. Stage for night programe Since's it's year of the Horse and it's so crowded there, took only the picture of Horse. God of Fortune Crowds at River Hong Bao. Final of the Auntie Lucy Look-Alike Contest. Auntie Lucy is there to sang two songs 偷偷摸摸 and 甜蜜蜜. Auntie Lucy as the judgeThe guy in the centre won the contest and walk away with the massage chairGroup photos of the contestants taken with Auntie Lucy. The first thing the Rangers have done is hold this "Summer School" where they get the prospect started on a program designed to help the prospect improve in areas like diet, workout program and skill development. It is a program that is specifically designed for each individual but it is also their first introduction for them to Tom Renney's system and life as a professional. We have seen first hand the differences these programs can make over a single summer. In the time we have covered the Ranger prospects we have watched them make jumps in skills, improving on weaknesses, in hockey sense and last but most importantly in personal maturity. Just want to say. this is as far as Glee has gone with the lesbian thing this year. I about peed my panties when I saw this last night. "Santana"mmmm hmmm. We took a short ride to the Consolación Hotel Restaurante near Monroyo. This too shall pass, faster than you might imagine. By the way, how are Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal etc. doing with that austerity thing? If/Then: If an increase in oil consumption indicates an increase in economic activity, then we're in luck. Place Your Bets: After the next warm-up bout between the politicians and the bankers – in Portugal – the main match will play out in Spain. My money's on the bankers. The first thing to go in warfare is the plan. The adage applies every bit as well to moving. At least, that has proven to be the case for this particular Mexico move. The plan for Friday was to drive to Bend where my brother and I would purchase and assemble a cargo carrier. It didn't happen. My brother then left a note that there would be snow and ice in the pass. To top all of that, the store where we were going to buy the carrier, went into liquidation that morning. Rather than make the trip, my mother and I drove over to a local branch of the store, braving the mobs of bargain-minded scavengers, and bought the carrier. Of course, they did not have the mounting kit. But, fear not, my brother is a genius and a saint. these two things have made me happy today:the little blue roses that i've bought this morningwhen i was looking for the mother's day presents,and the new creation of Chris Ware, via Gabriel. as always, John Waters has the best line about him: "It was like Dinah Shore with a hard on!". Give a quilter a ruler and some fabric and watch what happens! Happy Zombie is smarter than the average bear and has figured out a new Jelly Roll Trick. or as she calls it "Jelly Roll Trix". Go visit and put this in your memory banks. Be sure and say "Hi". I am so proud of my friends over at Maiden Astoria. You may recall the posts that I wrote a while back following their journey opening a store and gallery on the North Coast- you can read them HERE and HERE. Today I thought it would be fun to share a peek inside their shop. They have been open since May it's pretty safe to say that their passion project has been a great success! Today Maiden Astoria is giving away giving away a "Cozy Box" to one lucky reader. i just don't know how you can't have a permanent smile on your face at christmas time. there is so much out there that is special. the presents just aren't important in my book. having these christmas memories is something i will always cherish.

by Frank "Blog Hog" TurkI have to admit that I have been somewhat of an ungrateful son for not stopping in on you PyroReaders and saying something funny, smart and useful this week.

See: I've been busy. What has kept me the busiest this week has been the soon-to-be-launched StumblingBlog. That link is still getting its place in your local name server, so it might not work when you’re reading this. Cent's new blog is TOTALLY wannabe. "Listen: I'll admit that there are dozens of sites that aggregate links from people using the name "Christian" or the headline "God". What I want you to do is ask yourself: how many of them exist under a confessional statement of faith?TeamPyro does. May he rest in peace. The Guardian has a nice article covering Banks' career here. So Samurai Knitter suggested that those that read her blog should try this test. I always new colors played tricks on me, I've even looked at "identical" colors and seen a difference.

So I guess this makes me officially a freak, as if I wasn't one before.

Maybe us freaks can stick together. The code is reusable too! Happy Holidays! -dana. Darlings, the trend today is "bondage lite". Just Acces Selv hand harness, at asos. Jacquie Aiche CZ large kite body chain, at shopbop. Enjoy Middle Eastern food and learn how to make Spiced-Up Hummus. The ginger, cumin, and cilantro in this recipe are anti-inflammatory, and the chickpeas are full of fiber. Toasted whole-grain pita is great for scooping up hummus. Before serving, garnish with cilantro leaves if desired.