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Today I'm releasing a mix-and-match "Wetlands" set. It's a little bit different than my usual digital stamps as each image is saved as a png file that can be layered with the other designs to form different scenes. You can use the images separately for clean and simple cards or use them all together for a beautiful river, lake or pond vista, and since they're silhouettes, you can print them over patterned paper, photographs or your own coloured backgrounds. Wetlands Set Available in Store Now My designers have created a wonderful range of beautiful cards and projects to help inspire your creativity. The soft background and beautiful moon rise give it a truly serene feel. Judy's Card Judy also used a limited colour palette for her fabulous card. She printed the water and treeline, then fussy cut the turtle and reeds to add some dimension to the foreground. Karin's Projects Karin has used several of the images as stand alone elements on her cards. Fouad Abiad in photos by Paul Buceta. While the setting may not be interesting, Fouad is. I really like his abs in the first pic. Jason Shafin, Phd in economics, discussed the CLASS act in the above hyperlink. Funding for it precedes the years when payouts occur, part of the wink-wink-nudge-nudge accounting that achieved the veneer and illusion of "cost saving" of this landmark bill. If you want to experience the rough and tumble world of Baja Mexico on your motorcycle here is your chance. .