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Start by stamping the background with the lightest coloured inks.

Do some spritzing or use the water pen if desired. Now just add stamps! I used a black, oil based ink for the script and sentiment stamps so it wouldn't react with the water already on the cardstock. I used a permanent ink pen to draw a small double lined border to frame my image, which I created by stamping on a clean sheet of cardstock and colouring with one of the inks already used in the background. I have another tutorial for you today, and it's one of my favourite subjects. handmade flowers. I like to play around with flower making because I feel they are one of the prettiest, yet most expensive embellishments on the market. Flowers are very popular amongst paper-craft artists, whether for scrapbook pages, cards or altered items and we all appreciate great flowers that match our projects perfectly. Making them yourself can be a little time consuming, but there's no doubt that it's creative and much friendlier to the hip-pocket. We know that our babies brought us together and they are hanging out in Heaven smiling down on us. I know one day Mary and I will meet each other, and our angels! Through reading Mary's story she inspired me to want to give my angels names! I am forever grateful to her. She is a mother of two, one of which includes her angel baby. .