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When one feels peace, you know your on the right track. We will sign the contract for the house on Friday, and move next week. I have looked at enough dang Real Estate to last a life time. It has been an emotional rollercoaster at times, I have given up, started over, and given up again. but it has all worked out, and I am looking forward to the "right" house,,finally. I must thank my family and friends for your support during the process. My sister Melodie, has taken the worse hit, thank you Mel for listening and mentoring and always being there. I love you to infinity and beyond. When we last left the three intrepid wanderers they were in Millston, Wisconsin. Here they are about to go in for lunch. Roadsmith Trikes unveiled an all new auxiliary fuel tank option at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, and at the Minneapolis Progressive International Motorcycle Show this past weekend.

This new option is poised to not only allow the rider to go the extra mile, but more importantly offer a peace of mind knowing that fuel will no longer limit the adventure.

From Sasquatch Chronicles: A listener writes: “Hey, I just started to listen to the show after having a sighting behind my house in east Texas. I hear them often not yelling or anything like that. I did hear knocking in the front of the house, tree breaking and I found tree structures. There are lots of deer in the area and I have a drainage creek behind my house. So I think they may have been hunting here. No one lives in the house for a year before I bought it. This last Sunday I heard my dog in the woods and it sounded like it was got hurt. I ran out of the house and there was my dog sitting in the front and nothing was wrong. I think that the Bigfoot made that sound to get me or the dogs in the woods. Squatch Master Jeff captured the following audio of a possible bigfoot call during an investigation in a sasquatch hot spot in Ohio. Check it out:. This free CLE covers an introduction to the FFA, how to refer a homeowner to mediation, how to prepare for mediation and post-mediation considerations. Attorneys must have registered to participate in HFLAP before logging into this course. More:. courtesy of mingpao. earlier they shot a promotional poster for the film. To get into character, Jan not only tried to be serious but also spoke very little. However Chin Wa still could not hold back her laughter whenever she saw him. Chin Wa said that the most memorable and the most difficult were emotional scenes with Jan, especially crying scenes. She said, "Jan and I have few scenes together, so every scene was very memorable. J.


Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick’s guilty plea to dogfighting conspiracy chargesSan Francisco Giants outfielder Barry Bonds’ breaking of Hank Aaron’s home-run record, amidst allegations of steroid use. Despite facts which have proved to be incontrovertible, blacks and whites viewed each of these events differently and hold vastly dissimilar opinions about the relative guilt and innocence of the individuals involved:Following Simpson’s acquittal, while the majority of African Americans rejoiced, most whites felt shock and anger. U. S. Here is the finished result of the first attempt. Now that it is done I can see where there are too many stitches to allow it to lie flat. Even with wetting, blocking and pressing it does not sit well. I am really looking forward to getting it right as I think it will then be a pretty doily. I have used split chains and split rings to climb out of each row and therefore there is only one cut and hide ends at the very end!Thank you to all who have suggested a name for this doily. I'm a neat freak. I wasn't exaggerating. Not only does every item in my classroom have it's own designated space, but I also have a checklist for every possible situation. This is one reason that the Reggio Emilia Philosophy resonates with me. This way of teaching encourages an aesthetically pleasing classroom environment, which helps me manage the chaos that preschool materials can create. Here are some of my all-time favorite storage solutions for the classroom. With some guidance my kiddos are able to use each of these items successfully to create order in our classroom. via. Several of you have asked me about the Trailer project, known as the Lucy Trailer. You can see more pictures and info about her here. Then I removed so sticky faux tiles that the previous owner had installed. This was a back breaking job but worth it to get to the original floor.

Most of the aluminum on the inside has been polished.

The fridge has been painted with chalk board paint. r A g A m U f F i N ™. It's autumn at last - well, at least this tree thinks so!Summer seems to have hung around for quite a while this year. A quick shout out to Heather over at Modern Day Quilts for posting about my workshop sample and mentioning the talk I'm giving tonight to the Austin Area Quilt Guild.

For instance, this is the first quilt I ever made:It fits a double bed and is intensely hand quilted.

More from the faulty memory archives:These quilts date back to a time when I had a professional photographer take slides for me, thus the black background. I must have scanned them into digital images at some point because there they were on my hard drive. It's been fun to put together this retrospective and take some time to look at my work as it has evolved and discover quilts I hardly remember making. It's probably an important lesson about the value of documenting your work. Pierre Golf & Country Club. Not just once. Just looking at a bouquet of sunflowers makes me smile. What about you?. Hi guys. This morning I added three pictures of Russian footballer, Roman Pavlyuchenko to the bieflines site. And even though he's no longer with my beloved Tottenham, I still wish him the best! Cheers!. Do this so that you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go'". He knows he is going to die soon, so he gives him the strongest advice he can give him. He tells his son to follow God's ways, laws regulations, etc so that he can prosper in every thing and everywhere. David understood the link between obedience to God and the blessing of God. He wanted the best for his son and knew how to get it. Application: As a father, I want to hand off a spiritual heritage like David did. I want my sons to see the blessing of God on my life and I want to help them walk in the same way. Or, at least, my brother Fred did. A lot of minor news slipped past us when we were Amish, since we didn’t have a TV or radio, and we bought a newspaper only sporadically. Fred always gave you the feeling that he was in on something mysterious and astonishing. If you were really lucky, and really nice to him, he just might let you in on the secret. “Yes,” he said. “I think I see something. He knew everything. He said, “People landed on the moon today. The post swings a Louisville slugger at a couple of evangelidom's most treasured traditional fictions, as both part of the original meta and a couple of attempted rebuttals on other blogs attest. Enjoy. Or whatever verb fits. I can't offhand think of one specific doctrine which is more tradition-laden, nor buried under sentimentality, than that of prayer. For that very reason, it's a risky topic. That brings me to the Warriors which by all accounts is a tremendously well resourced Club. A by product of the hype is players who seem to believe rhetoric over reality. It's not helped by an out-of-form Captain who appears to be lacking in leaderships skills and diverted from his task by the continued speculation that he is angling for a switch to Rugby with the attraction of the international game. But all that pails into insignificance measured against the debacle surrounding the sacking of Coach Elliott. We had to say goodbye to our wonderful Edward this week. It was very hard.

He went in for a minor procedure that required anesthesia.

Our vet called in the early afternoon to say he was having a hard time waking up and to pick him up a little later than arranged. When we got there, he still couldn’t walk. She had done an EKG and an x-ray, and it appeared that one of the drugs was probably the culprit. However, the emergency vet discovered that unbeknownst to any of us, he had a tumor on his spleen, and that it had started bleeding. His morning procedure didn’t cause it, just coincidental. Sweater season is almost upon us. You win this round, Reality!. Nageons dans le vintage. Earth. Sky. Sea. There was a brief moment when I was SO reminded of hiking in Scotland - and yes, there was a wee tear of joy at remembering that experience. But, the best part was being with 'my tribe' - my great friends - who never cease to amaze me with their friendship, their love of life, and the endless laughter that ALWAYS results when we're together. This is a Marathi usal/ bhaaji with a little bit of my own touch. I sometimes don't like my coconut masala cooked as is traditional. Instead I like to add it just before removing the curry from the heat to keep the freshness of the coconut. This usal is wonderful as an evening snack or with chapati or rice. It can be glamorized to give you a Sprouts Dahi Misal like this too. Then drain the water and keep in a jar or bowl. For further information on these Scams, please Read . Copy changed nickname to. It seems like forever since last I shared anything with my Dinar Family. part of my distancing was due to the state of affairs in Iraq. .