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Maybe it's even one of the habits of highly effective people? I should look that up. The winner is: Debbie said.

Wonderful pillows, Malka! I've never had a chance to see this magazine.

Well, I was sitting here on the forum with the mini book classes in case somebody needed help with the destructions. so I thought I would make a handbag to put the Libby Circle book in. and I love it!! I even made it a little handbag charm to dangle from the strap. LOL Wonder how long it would last if I used it???? Hmmm perhaps not!. OMFG! I LUV THIS SINGLE SO MUCH 'CAUSE THEY REMIND ME TO METIS GRETEL!!!. I shall be joining in merely by way of duty, natch. I wasn't surprised that our two most requested books were The Lost History of Christianity by Philip Jenkins and The Green Bible. "Philip Jenkins’s book is a tour de force in historical retrieval and reconstruction, a work of scholarly restoration that strikes an overdue balance in the story of Christianity. It is studded with insight, with the story presented in a lively and lucid style. "— Lamin Sanneh, Professor of World Christianity and Professor of History, Yale UniversityTo request a desk copy, please use the form under Academic Resources in the right-hand column. Meet Amy: "Hi there, My name is Amy Martin Jones. I have had a passion for art since I was a kid. Being inspired by my mother was my first taste of the crafting world. I was lucky enough to get her artistic side of things. I love painting, Mixed media, drawing and anything that gives me the ability to just get messy and let my soul do the walking. My new love and passion is creating on canvas and Mixed media type projects. I do still make cards, scrapbook and draw. I also have the free spirit in me to try new things and fill my mind with as much knowledge as I can. I am recently learning how to air brush, paint, and use watercolor. It's more like a whats in your craft room wednesday for me!! On friday i was offered these fabby paper shelves. there was no way i could see they were going to fit in my craft room, but they were way too nice to turn down!So i spent all day saturday moving round various bits of my raft room! Luckily when i designed my craft room i had desks with wheels, for this reason!!! I knew i would want to shift it around from time to time!So i have had to move my little photographing area into a different cornerAnd my die cutting table has moved too - thank god that was on wheels as those machines weigh a ton!!!So thats what i was up to this weekend!! Off to look at your work desks!Lisa xXx. As much as I love the house we will be moving into in Victoria, there is one room I really don't like and will change asap and that is the. pink striped foyer! Y'all know I like pink, but not in a foyer. I love to wear pink and to paint my nails pink, but I don't care for it on my walls. The last time I had pink walls was when I was a teenager. So, bye, bye pink! Of course, not being one to accept things the way they are, I also want to change the front door and add a transom window and maybe a side light too to bring more light and openness into the space. I am thinking something more like this. Oh dear, stripes once again. Can't say I want that, but I love the window over the door. Yes, today is a beautiful, sunny, although very cold day. The temperature is hovering just above zero, and they tell us that the snow is on its way from the north. Snow in UK means - chaos. Lets hope that here in the south we don't get so much of it. I am in final stages of hand quilting Fernhill, so I should be able to show you the finished quilt soon. In the meantime I can share with you the latest book by Yoko Saito "Japanese Quilting Piece by Piece". I like Yoko's designs very much, although I prefer brighter colours to Yoko's somber choice. The pages in the book are very shiny, so this is the best I could do. ebay. MUSIC. "The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him. " I can remember my grandmother telling me about this verse, and she kept it marked in her Bible. Hi friends! Didn't mean to be absent for so long. I had the grandest of plans to get some things scheduled to post while I was gone, but time got away from me. I'm anxious to catch up on blog surfing as well as get back into my craft room!I have a little good/bad stampy news, too. Tell me this wasn't. Flash, boom, crash. On Monday we got hit by lightning. Our A/C crashed along with our LAN router and the connectors on our motherboards. Hubby's up and running but I'm still waiting for a LAN connector for my PC. I'm currently typing away on a notebook so I am unable to post any scans. But I should be up and running soon and I'm still working on scans so I'll have plenty to post when I'm back up. .