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There was no sun and it was a bit breezy, but it was warm enough to venture forth in search of Spring! The Memphis Botanic Gardens provided hope that the season was headed for change. The daffodils above and the star magnolia below looked cheery. The fish seem more active as the weather warms. It won't be long now they'll let us start feeding them again.

It's too early for that still.

The Daughter and I had a nice afternoon wandering around the grounds.

I always enjoy time spent at these gardens. I was driving around in my Nissan a few weeks ago and the "Check Engine" light came on. After I got home, I decided to do some research to try to find out what the problem was. According to the error codes, I had problems with an oxygen sensor and a knock sensor. I reset the ECU error codes, but the knock sensor code came back almost immediately. The activity at the location is still ongoing. They watched in horror as a large creature ripped a deer apart, limb from limb, and feasted on the carcass. It fits right in with all of her other goodies! Latisha's tag is so cute! The kraft Bright Side paper looks great die cut, and I love the idea of adding a rolled paper rose to a tag. Adorable! Melissa M. 's card is amazing! I love those alcohol ink splatters. They are a perfect backdrop for Handmade with Love. Too cool! The strips of paper look awesome, and I love the idea of using Claire's ABCs to customize the Handmade sentiment! Fantastic! Kim's layout is so fun! I adore her paper pieced Bon Voyage clouds and giant circle sun! I love the little paper pieced strips under the photo, too! Those were sprayed with Perfect Pearls mist for some added sparkle! Melissa M. has pulled the coolest colors out of the Bright Side collection! I just love her strips of paper and photo placement. Good morning Augusta. This morning it is partly cloudy. Tonight it will remain partly cloudy. PZ Myers, in a post titled "Why Cons Need Anti-Harassment Policies": Wired has an excellent article on why harassment policies are needed — it’s because the social dynamics of conventions can mess up people’s perspectives. It’s very thorough in discussing the psychology behind harassing behavior, and why it’s not just something evil psychopathic trolls do. g. Some great shots but I can't find where I found these pictures. If these are your pictures or if someone knows where I found these let me know so I can link to the page. Donnie Yen Chi Tan after learning about the death of his former co-star remembered him on Weibo yesterday. Gone too soon!". The workdays flow by, often inundated with faxes, emails, patient visits, charts, labs, and other flotsam and jetsam. Sometimes it seems we're all simply buzzing with the energy of staying on top of our patients' care. That desperationis not always quiet, but it can be profound for both patient and provider. Reading recently about the lack of infrastructure for the care of people with AIDS in Africa, I'm astounded by the lack of awareness our patients have of their relative fortune vis-a-vis their healthcare. Paper instructions:Write a paper discussing policing practices and operations. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. For the Ella e-book give-away, see the post below! I will take entries until Saturday morning, Aug.

The next palette is up over at the Color Room! This one is a can't-miss.

I was at AC Moore the other day and spied these wool flowers! I just about died when I saw them, because the colors were PERFECT for this challenge! They jumped into my cart and I'm so glad they did, because it was a great jumping off point for my card. They were a little spendy, but I bought them thinking that I could make my own in the future. Great inspiration. I had fun with my butterfly punch again and used the negative paper on the card. via. Had trouble editing this. couldn't get it turned the right way. Fans riding the buses in the morning. be sure to grab a "One Team. Thank you for celebrating Spring with the Very Hungry Caterpillar!. I'm inclined to think that this may have led to my breast infection back in early January when I traveled to the U. S. Saw this Steam Sponge Cake recipe, decided to give it a try, use half of the recipe to try it out, but not very successful as find it not soft enough. YouTube link. Never seen or photographed before. These egg masses are likely found much deeper in the ocean and only occasionally drift to shallow water. Another factor is time. Dr. Several bloggers have noted that they are currently suffering from various ailments. I joined the ranks this weekend. But mine is not strep. Or swine flu. Or dengue. I seem to merely have a head cold that is slowly settling into a game of Pong between the two sides of my head. So, I decided to spend the day at home. To rest. Name :-Darshangi K. Dilip Barad Dept. Of English M. Any place an identified sponsor pays to deliver their message through a medium is advertising. Please stop by if you are in the area. I will be bringing samples of my knitting and textiles along with some of our farm raised lamb to sell.

If you would like me to bring a special lamb cut, send me an email.

More info here. Mark your calendars for an adventure to the lovely little town of Leyden Massachusetts. I'll be sharing here on the blog things I am making over the next month to sell. A little collaboration today with my husband Andy in honor or Martin Luther King Jr. Our goal- capture his strength of character and the beauty of his message. in honor of martin luther king jr. from Alisa Burke on Vimeo. All money from this print will go the Southern Poverty Law Center. As usual I have been hard at work in the studio today- bouncing from one project to another. Learn something new every day. From Diana: "Hey Kyle, Just thought you would like to know that Yahk, B. C. does NOT change time either. So you could add Yahk, B. C. to your list. Cheers Diana" Wherever my house ends up being located, I'm going to make sure this is the case.

Change time just by moving a sign.

Makes way more sense to me to move ONE sign than dozens of clocks.

Another from David P. "A remarkable quote from president's speech last week further underscores the bankruptcy of progressivism. After once again blaming everyone else for the debacle of the website's rollout, he said something that should stun every American.

Thanksgiving was a casual day full of food and football in a five-hundred square foot apartment.

We started off the day watching football. Then headed up to the Austin hills to take a family photo for Christmas while the Turkey cooked. Needless to say I was a little bored. Happy Sunday. It's so easy to sign up and get an exclusive itty bitty set delivered right to your door each and every week. Also, these images are only for SOTW subscribers. Hello everyone, Swarup here sharing the latest Stamp of the week -Struggle Is Part Of It. Here is what I did with it using watercolors. . gave it a table to sit on and a library setting in the background! and here is what the rest of design team came up with. Shemaine Smith Lisa Arana Kris Lancaster Rachel Kleinman Isn't that stamp simply wonderful. Hello Ai Fans!It is Rhonda here with a fun simple card. Mad Rider reminds me so much of my Grandma.

She was a free spirit and did things her way.

the theme is "Masculine Cards". Blessings on Your Day -. As many of you know I am a mega die cutting fan!! But as my collection grows and grows i find sometimes i get a little stuck for ideas as i have too much to choose from or i find that dies i have really wanted go on my shelves and collect dust. I haven't had much time for reading this week but here are my findings. I hope things have been good at your place and you have the chance to rest and enjoy some down time on the weekend. How to make crocheted rag rugsThe vast realm of "if"How to prune lavenderUpcycling clothesDIP slippers - these are lovelyMcDonald’s will begin to limit antibiotics in its chicken and offer the choice of low-fat and chocolate milk from cows that have not been treated with the artificial growth hormoneWhy the man behind Keurig’s coffee pods wishes he’d never invented them. The thermometer definitely read minus this morning but the Tree Sparrows and Chaffinch also owed us a ringing session after we fed them diligently for many weeks while the wind and rain held us at bay.

I was ten minutes late for the session, not like me, but ice on the road at Out Rawcliffe slowed me down, then a stop to admire a Tawny Owl put a couple more minutes on the journey.

On the way home a daytime Little Owl provided a perfect end to a fruitful and enjoyable morning.

Un week end cancalais. les pieds dans le sable.

les mains dans l'herbe.

As his Confederacy was a being pounded to rubble, Jefferson David laid this curse upon the land: “. It is for us, my countrymen, to show by our bearing under reverses how wretched has been the self-deception of those who have believed us less able to endure misfortune with fortitude than to encounter danger with courage. We have now entered upon a new phase of a struggle the memory of which is to endure for all ages and to shed an increasing luster upon our country. this is seriously so true. With great thanks to my buddy, Odie, over at The Woodsterman. On Tues. Oct. Most photos are by me. All the text and essentially all the photos are new! Lillian Stokes. Carla made another one of these oh-so-cute baby quilts.

It's a panel with borders and cornerstones made from a part of the panel.

Light custom quilting with a freehand flower and loops border.

Meander in the blocks around the dresses and the printed rick-rack.

It's such a sweet baby quilt!. .