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My last post on Sola Panel may have left you thinking that I hate parenting books. Let me assure you that there are some excellent parenting books which apply the Bible's teaching with care and wisdom. We need Christians to write parenting books which are truly biblical, for we're surrounded by popular parenting models based on a secular world view. But even the best parenting book can leave us feeling proudly judgemental or unnecessarily guilt-ridden. So how should we read parenting books? How can we learn from them without turning their advice into rules and their principles into legalism?Here are three questions I have learned to ask of the suggestions in parenting books:Is this a biblical principle I must follow?Is this an application of the Bible which may be wise, but isn't binding?Is this human advice which may or may not be useful?The first I must prayerfully obey, the second I may choose to practise, and the third is a matter of preference. Here's a list of God's parenting non-negotiables from the Bible. It's been in my tbr stack for years and it would probably still be there if I hadn't seen Trystero Coffee's web site. I'm glad I read it. It's fun, as conspiracy theories go. from the back of the book:Oedipa Maas is made the executor of the estate of her late boyfriend, Pierce Inverarity. As she diligently carries out her duties, Oedipa is enmeshed in what would appear to be a worldwide conspiracy, meets some extremely interesting characters, and attains a not-inconsiderable amount of self-knowledge.

The book has its own wiki.

Postmodern Mystery has a review. Unsinn Photography, Still Photos of Naked Ladies. Tong Liya, Joseph Chang, Marc Ma, Shawn Yue courtesy of on. Lok Jai and Hau Chuen were sharply dressed and even playfully pointed their prop guns at each other. Tong Liya in the film not only had fight scenes but also an assault scene with Chang Hau Chuen.

Hau Chuen in the film displayed an extremely mean side, but at the event he was a bashful guy.

Far Guy and I were in town on Monday, one day before summer arrived along with the cool weather and the rain.

Far Guy wanted me to take a few photos so he pulled over into the Casey’s parking lot.

Just as we pulled in a Gull flew out of the dumpster with a doughnut. Years ago you never saw the gulls, we just didn’t have any. Then the French Fry Plant came to town and with it came the Gulls and if the wind is from the right direction the smell of half cooked french fries fills the air. I took the photo Far Guy wanted. E' decisamente uno sciame sismico quello che sta interessando le Eolie, ad ovest del porto di Alicudi. La potenza manifestata gli procurò la tortura e la condanna capitale. Felice fu allora decapitato e mentre lo portavano poco lontano dall'Ostiense per eseguire la condanna, un cristiano si avvicinò dichiarando la propria fede: fu così decapitato assieme a Felice. We were having far too many fun conversations on the sidelines! So I sat there, just mindlessly clapping politely as I focused all of my attention on our own personal sideshow instead. Then suddenly, as our rival high school's marching band passed by, I found myself standing and clapping along enthusiastically. No one else, just me. Why on earth am I standing up right now?, I wondered to myself. The whole situation had me rather perplexed. Our Hero: Leaked emails from Governor Chris Christie's office strongly suggest that the unwarranted GW Bridge lane closures were an act of political retribution against a public official who didn't kiss Christie's ring. Christies claims no knowledge and no involvement in the disciplinary action. Pick any three. Perhaps it's time to take off the rose colored glasses. Retailers say that's good to know, they were afraid it would be worse. Scotland’s Tartan Army of nine players in the field for the British girls open amateur golf championship could be reduced to two or three after tomorrow's second qualifying round at Royal Belfast Golf Club. While having a shower, I was mentally calculating the kind of money that I can save, given my 'new' circumstances now. It had also been a while since I tabulated my monthly expenses. I had always been keeping track on all the items that I spend on, noting them down fastidiously in my handphone before keying it into my spreadsheet.

This habit started so long ago, after I wanted to find out exactly where my money flows to each month.

Personally, the news of another review of plain packaging looks like a stitch-up to me. It is being conducted - in double quick time, we are told - by Sir Cyril Chantler, a paediatrician who is bound to believe all the rigged evidence or else he'll be ostracised by the rest of the public health Mafia. However, others seem to think it's just a bit of politicking, see here from Simon Clark and here at ConHome. pressing ahead just before or after next May's elections would be pretty unwise". And, it surely can't have escaped the coalition's attention that the public really can't be bothered to get excited about plain packs, as the public consultation showed. Or maybe it did. Important new research on tobacco health warnings is just in from Canada. Warning Labels On Cigarettes Would Help Smokers Quit A leading tobacco control researcher says the next step to encourage smokers to quit is to print warning labels on cigarettes. Massey’s new College of Health head Professor Paul McDonald, a world expert on smoking cessation, backs the Government’s plans to introduce unbranded tobacco packages with graphic warning images, saying it is the next logical step for cigarette packaging. A "leading tobacco control" researcher says this? Well, that's it then, eh? I'll bet the research is sound and impeccably unchallengeable, so anyone with objections may as well pack up and go home. spacegirls. nl. ” Nanka namafutha enani elikhulu ayeyi-sipho Sisazoqhubeka sikhulume ngomlando wethu sizwe esinsundu. Kuningi okwafihla ondlebe zikhanya ilanga okumele sikuveze kuphumele obala. There was a time when "Manege" was an Equine Production but with the advent of Rubber Ring Mats and insecure footing it became the Elephant Display. This one was called "The Polka Dot Polka". The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon in a cute paper toy form. What has been improved in the designs & materials?Flyleaves: After a lot of feedback from our customers, we started to look for a suitable replacement for the black felt that was used for the reverse side of the flyleaves. We sourced and tested different materials, on durability, aesthetics and how they feel to the touch. You’ll be pleased to know that, staying true to our “proud to be leather” creed, the back of the flyleaves has been produced in black soft leather. It is as soft as the old suede flyleaves were, but a much higher quality material. We managed to incorporate this new element without a price increase!Giramondos: The inside of the Giramondos is susceptible to more wear than the back of the flyleaf, so we went even further in perfecting that design: the Giramondos are now full leather, inside and out. While searching for a nice looking minimalistic Filofax which I can carry around all the time I discovered the Boston Pocket. I think the Pocket size is perfect for me. Also there is enough space on the pages if you don't have a lot of appointments. I like the Personal size too but I don't always have a bag with me. After opening the nice black box I noticed a nice leather smell. The leather is also very soft and smooth. You can feel the very high quality of this product. The seams are accurate and you can't find any cheap looking details. It's a pleasure to touch this Filofax. Leaving the car can cause the egrets to fly off prematurely as I’ve discovered when even in the half light of dawn doggie walkers are first to the car park where the slamming of their car doors and general noise makes the egrets head off for the day ahead. Just this week a lady telephoned to relate the story of how at Knott End two out of control dogs, a Jack Russell and a Springer type, grabbed hold of an unwary Little Egret feeding on the marsh and proceeded to tear the poor bird into two pieces. Result - one less Little Egret to grace our shores plus two hysterical and traumatised girls aged nine and eleven who had been walking the dogs without adult supervision. Little Egret To more cheerful matters. A Kingfisher was on duty at its regular spot when I arrived at Conder Green. Last Saturday, some of y'all might have seen Megan Wolfe shooting a mini documentary with Curt Fields as General Grant at The Holly Springs Depot! I love this picture because it looks like General Grant is going to win the showdown with the camera. HollySpringsPilgrimage.

I've told you before how I live in the country.

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