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Scott is The Younger Son's favorite of the Scrooge videos.

It is a good one.

Scott is mean and devotedly business-like at first without being a miserly caricature and is utterly convincing post-conversion. The Tiny Tim in this version actually looks like he is sickly. The woman who plays Mrs.

Dilber here plays the same role in the Patrick Stewart version.

The connecting rod runs on this pin. The crank pin bearing is press fit into the big end of the connecting rodThis item is made of bearing bronze. Triple D: So, if you haven't noticed on their site, the Triple D is on again and I signed up once again.

That means I have already been digging into just what it is I am going to do this year.

obviously, the bike will be the ol' titanium Mukluk. The Snow Dog is stripped and hanging, so it can't be a choice now. We'll see. From Sasquatch Chronicles: Researcher and Sasquatch witness Larry Turner drops by and shares with us his bigfoot audio files and encounters with the creature. Larry was grabbed while in his tent one night while out researching Sasquatch. Larry shares with us what he has found works and what doesnt work for him. We will close out with bigfoot news with Shannon Legro. The Irish Times gives advice to new writers. For instance, what an agent wants in a manuscript: Agents don’t always know what they’re looking for in an ideal manuscript. New Statesman talks about the intricacies of World of Warcraft: So, you not only need to find friends, you need to find lots of friends. Good morning, my dears. Do you have exciting plans for your weekend? This morning Bill and I are heading south to do some kayaking and then we're going to swing by a local farm to pick some strawberries. Mmmm I can't wait!I'm here today to bring you this week's Waltzingmouse Sketch Challenge. This week's sketch is from Belinda. Here is the card that I made. I used the colors again from this week's Play Date Cafe Challenge. I really like this card - I think it would be a great design for a Christmas card, a Valentine, and a spring card. I would like to make it in a bunch of different colors. This may change, of course, as the virus mutates and develops in the months prior to flu season, but for now there are no travel restrictions or advisories for any region of the United States. Realistically, there are germs and bacteria and viruses everywhere, and I see no reason to live in fear. Project Task You have to respect the working guidelines given below and the submission date. Working Guidelines for Project A. Title page The students’ details should be filled in the cover letter provided. Abstract / Executive Summary The Abstract consists of the project title and about half a page concise summary containing the scope and results of your study. Tasty and healthy and very green. Are you ready for your Friday dose of nostalgia? Because this week at GotYA, our "Flashback Fridays" topic is: movies that defined a generation. So I don't really have a good grasp of my generation and how it's defined yet. This was the movie that brought us bullet time. via. The five seniors are a close bunch. They've played a lot of basketball together over the years.

BPS Rub Pack Looks like a good time to pick up some Big Poppa dry rubs if you haven't tried them.

or if you have tried them and are hooked on them like I am. Great products and Great people at the Big Poppa Smoker site. and no I'm not being paid. he has no idea I posted this. Hello everyone! I’m so glad to have found this knitalong. I will post a picture of the kitty I recently made in the few days. It’s great fun for me to make the toys and watch them transform into their own little personalities. Thanks again for letting me join. I look forward to sharing and being inspired. Police rushed to the place after receiving information about the heated argument between the woman’s husband and the flirt and referred them both to police station. Eyewitnesses have confirmed the account of the husband. ’ - End - WTF are they teaching these people? That you can have anything you want because you want it - EVEN someone else's wife? Spoil your kid and look what happens. No morals.

No values.

Nice cell. Lucky the husband was decent and didn't beat the crap out of the guy. As a means of helping to evaluate any prospect, playoff hockey is one of the very best tools for us to have.

You get to watch the prospect placed under the most stressful of times and how they react can be very educational.

Don’t be surprised. Slow down a little. Be patient. It’s not the whole journey. It’s not the way it’ll always be. But it is part of your journey, too, part of your journey to your heart and soul. Even when we’re living with joy and freedom, we continue to learn, grow, feel, experience. And the road can still get rough. Happiness doesn’t mean feeling gleeful all the time. Happiness doesn’t mean the road we’re traveling is always smooth. Enjoy Sunday!. Who likes Doritos?Have you ever looked at the little box on the back?It gives the suggested portion…who knows what it is? Nobody knows, because nobody pays attention to that!Either you grab a handful, or, if you are like me,you rip it open, head to the recliner, then. One way or the other, we’re all “debtors to the flesh. ”That changes when we are baptized—born of the Spirit. When you and I became Christians,we began an entirely new way of living. And yet, how many Christians are surprised, even offended when the Church—when the Lord—calls us to a way of life that is challenging, sacrificial, and put us out of step with the world around us?With every ad and web page, our culture blares at us, mocking chastity, devaluing sex, telling us there’s something embarrassing about being a virgin—why do we tolerate that?Teenagers, I want to say this directly to you:I’m sorry we grownups are letting you down. We’re leaving you a culture that gives you trash. Nå begynner dagliljene vissne ned i hagen, de skifter over mot gult og bidrar faktisk til gressets flotte sjatteringer på baksiden.

En ensom mørkrød lilje, Crimson Pirate’, holder stand i kassen nærmest trappa og på fremsiden blomstrer fortsatt ‘Grape Velvet’, denne underbare overraskelse.

Så er det nye fra ifjor som jeg planterte i beddet på forsiden, en rød lurer jeg på hvis det ikke var. Den har ikke blomstret iår den heller. Baksiden ja, hele ti Hemerocallis klarte jeg få ner her, fem i hver sin kasse.

Som vanlig klarte jeg ikke markere hvem jeg satte hvor, ikke heller har jeg så mange etiketter, typisk meg.

Dette er noen av blomstrene fra ifjor. Previous live blogs have been very well received but tonight will see the biggest and longest yet. Please boycott the CCHD Collection on Sunday, Nov. +++++++++++++Fr. ”If Carlson had mentioned a source showing this no-warming trend, it would help in understanding where he got this idea. No more dragging the boat. The graph below shows the difference between NCDC reported temperatures and raw USHCN temperatures. Splendida giornata ieri a S.

Martino di Rosignano Monferrato dove hanno avuto luogo i nostri ateliers.

Le numerose signore che hanno partecipato alle nostre classi sono state tutte molto brave e simpaticissime. Ecco alcune foto che parlano da sole. Happy Friday! Hope you're all ready for a awesome weekend. Remember we've changed! I promise this is the last time you'll see this. I just want everyone to play along by linking up to the design team hop every Tuesday night. It's so easy to qualify for the prize package. You have a couple of days to get it done as the random winners aren't picked until Friday! This week's winner is:From Jen's Blog:heidiscoll said. Frigimon paper model from Hellsword, Frigimon is a champion level Icy Digimon. by Dan Phillips Howdy, gang. Thabiti Anyabwile unintentionally gives us a sad example of blogging at its best and worst. On the one hand, he provides a letter to an abusive husband that contains a lot of pastoral, masculine, godly wisdom. It's well-written and forthrightly addresses a miserable situation with the Gospel and with truth. Thabiti, God bless 'im, tries manfully and with incredible grace to engage the poor soul graciously and patiently and, as we Pyros could have predicted, it goes nowhere, and the meta has to be closed. Here is this months card kit. Love the look, not in love with the stamps. Today I had lunch with Craig Citro, Robert Miller, Robert Bradshaw, and Dan Shumow, and we mainly discussed starting an "advanced number theory reading seminar". Craig's the main impetus behind it, and it will be mainly about talking about papers like Gross-Zagier, etc. D. I admit to having only vaguely heard about this until Nox and Friends brought it to my attention. I know that posting something that requires a bit more focus on a Saturday is not the best idea. However, in my continuing efforts to declutter my house and my life, I've been trying to focus on one or two things at a time. Perhaps you could devote the weekends to focusing on one or two issues in a bit more depth. ATeacherWrites.

’ It’s a large scale farm with permanent and temporary workers, then the boss and boss’ son, and wife - who all have a higher status.

The men put in ‘crops’ but never reap what they sow. The American Dream is to be self-reliant and self-sufficient - to own land - not to be isolated, but to be empowered, to be secure and to be able to ‘have fren’s over’. Here, there’s little sense of humanity: man is a machine whose purpose is to work. If one breaks down, you can always get another one. IDEA ONE The ranch is at the heart of the novel, framed by Chapters One and Six which are set in the same Edenic natural landscape in the ‘Gabilan hills’. .