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Like some, but surely not all, libertarians, I was hoping that the Democrats would get control of at least one house, and so was glad that they did. Gridlock is your friend. A single senate seat made the difference between a Democratic majority and a Republican majority. I have not looked at the House races to see if there is a similar pattern there. The Democrats' hair thin majority depends on two independents, Bernie Sanders and Joseph Lieberman. On the face of it, that ought to give each of them enormous leverage. SUMMER FUN!!! Cherish the Little Moments, Fishin' Friends and Summer Swingin'!! document. This part underpins the rest of the Handbook. These have virtually replaced the term ‘personnel management’, although the philosophies and practices of personnel management still provide the foundations for the philosophy and practices of HRM and HCM. ’Human capital management ‘An approach to obtaining, analysing and reporting on data which informs the direction of value-adding people management strategic investment and operational decisions at corporate level and at the level of front line management. This morning I am introducing another new pattern. yay!!! "Polka Dot Posies" I love basket quilts and I have designed many and made several over the years. and I just had to do another one with my latest line. Polka Dot Stitches Because this line celebrates embroidery. Our specific prayer is that He would give us Senator Ted Cruz for our next President.

But we MUST pray! We cannot afford not to.

J. Crew U. S. Navy JacketIf you know me well enough, then you know that I am obsessed with all things Navy. Well, maybe one day I can score the cool U. S. Navy Jacket from J. Crew's Men Store.

A teenager was shot and killed during an armed robbery at a Subway restaurant in southeast Houston Wednesday evening, according to the Houston Police Department.

m. When the suspects attempted to rob the restaurant, the teen intervened and was shot, according to HPD.

Family members identified the victim as Javier Flores, a student at Chavez High School.

It is a great opportunity to meet with other volunteers too.

Only a few more days remain in this year’s legislative session.

At some point, no matter what is left unfinished, the fun must stop. The session will end. Lives that have been consumed by legislation can return to a manageable pace. For a few months, we will be able to recharge our batteries, put aside the bickering and the backstabbing, the testimony and the testiness. Life will return to normal. Okay, not resting either.

Just crazy busy this time of year! My four new beehives are being set up this weekend.

I've been painting hive boxes like crazy.

FYI, beehives don't have to be white! I picked the lime green myself, but the sage green was in the sale bin of off-colours at the hardware store. I always said that I'd rather be lucky than good. I've been remarkably lucky during my life and a good thing appeared in my inbox yesterday afternoon. I'm still shaking my head about it and wondering how I can be so fortunate. I got invited last year to a leadership symposium in Vail Colorado.

Yesterday I got invited to this year's gathering.

Here's the official announcement on Kotzebue's kickoff. A few hour around the hill after a reasonable vis-mig session at Harden in the morning.

Very steady.

Of note were c. Cheers Russ. They call it the Ice Breaker Tournament but for a New York Islander and New York Ranger, it was showtime. The details on Nelson's very nice performance and the rest of the Islander prospect's Friday night efforts can be found right here. I had such a fun weekend. I fell in love with these little guys when making them. These are Church Dolls and the pattern is from Down Memory Lane. On the pattern is says, “This is an interpretation of church Dolls children used to have in church to play with in times past. ” I have a very special little girl who I thought would like these. I had so much fun making those in the first picture for a little girl, that I made these for the little boys next door. Note the boy’s hair. What a hoot it was making these. Here they all are, tucked into their little carrying pouches. Have I ever mentioned that I love love love to cook? My mom is Italian and my dad used to be a chef, so I attribute some of my passion to them, but the rest is all me. Tonight I made such a fabulous dinner that I wished I had taken a picture! Since this thought did not cross my mind until my belly was already full and the dishes were devoured, I figured the least I could do would be to share my menu with you. Yes, I do realize that at first glance, this has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, but I also believe that food is so colorful and beautiful that it can inspire some lovely outfits. I woke up early this morning and for some reason my scrap table was calling my name. I usually don't scrap till late at night but today was an early day. I played with a few papers from my Mon Scrapbook. BONUS! Here is a sneak peek for you. bestofyoutube. Jeg er bare nødt til å si det.

Vi misstenkte sterkt at vi hadde mus i boden i våres da vi begynte å rydde etter vinterens opplagring.

Fant nemlig oppspiste solsikkefrø/ solrosfrö rundt omkring. Mannen min var sjapp til å slenge all gammel fågelmat og så trodde vi problemet var løst. Har jo ikke sett snurten av noen mus siden dess, i mars. Tils ikveld da. So I am being told there is still an issue with my blog. Yes, I had major issues yesterday. I cannot begin to explain other than to say. Google is not my friend. It does not play nice. It invaded my blog and made a major mess that ALMOST.

Max and I made this little coupon book and gave it to Byron for Valentine's Day but this project would make a great Father's day gift.

What I did: I scanned in several of Byron's neckties. picnik. After I had several different looks and coupon sayings, I cropped, printed and stapled them together at the top. Somehow the toucan from Zoo Babies found its way onto my Bon Voyage card. He looks quite pleased with himself standing atop a suitcase with his bright blue feet. On a night very soon, on the heels of a faintly heard march by Sousa, the black sky shall split under salvos of colour, the heavens recast as bomb shattered stained glass. Umbrellas of red, blue and green, opening and closing, then opening again, each jewel tone joined by concussions of sound that tromp through the woodlands like the footfalls of giants. I have always wondered. What must the owls think? Those silent night gliders with their secretive lives, who normally have the darkness all to themselves. Do they lose their way with reliable Orion now obliterated by this strange detonation of rainbows? Do their orange eyes widen in fear of this technicolour end of the world?Or perhaps, given their wisdom, do they have this night circled on their woody kitchen calendars, to remind themselves that this is the way the people below express their patriotism every Fourth of July?"The day will be the most memorable in America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. "Hat Nerd"! A whole new generation of Aggies've gotta pass the rite of memorizing the lyrics and singing along. This is only day five of a seven-day-in-a-row feat of strength wherein at least one rad show is happening in the Sacto/Davis area. See below playlist for more info, plus features on some records to trip out to after you're partysore. 'm in Ukraine for the remainder of the week, with a fairly grueling teaching schedule. So this is nothing more than one of those "This Is Where I am Right Now" posts that Frank Turk so despises. And here's a scene from last week's seminar on the life and ministry of C. H. Spurgeon:Oh, and there's this:D. A. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. e may be partakers in other men's sins by tempting them to sin. I have known such tempters of others,—old men who, from their youth up, had sinned in such a shameful way that their very looks were full of lechery. There are such fiends in London, and we could almost wish to have them all buried straight away, for they are Satan's servants spreading wickedness all around them. There was a light passage of redpoll, probably Lesser Redpoll as at least three chattered high overhead with a smattering of Meadow Pipits heading out into the Heysham obscured bay. I really excelled myself when I picked up an overhead calling Tree Pipit that also headed north. Fortunately for my now low frequency hearing it was directly above me because if it had been further away and I may not have heard that high pitched but distinctive short sharp buzz. And I can still easily hear Whimbrel, and who couldn’t hear and recognise the loud, rapid seven whistles as one glides overhead with bill bent but not curved - two went over this morning as I made my way towards Pilling along the sea wall. Today has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Trevor is still sooo sick. He was up tossing and turning and moaning most of the night. I went to work and left him home with Tom. Sorting random fabric samples.

Filing paperwork.

And looking through pictures of previous projects. I thought I'd share a bit of background of one of our projects - you might recognize this image from our project in East Hampton. This will always be one of my favourite residences. The house was amazing. The owners were previous clients - and it's always a bit easier working with return clients. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. Roland Mouret Atria wool-crepe dress. Fendi textured-leather ankle boots. Devon Page McCleary pave diamond and white gold teardrop earrings. Darlings, what do you think of this haute home office and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. Tilda + Friends ATC ChallengeThere is an open theme at Tilda + Friends this week and we have a fabby prize for one lucky winner. The tree and tinsel are really sparkly but this doesn't show up in the photo. Tilda's CatTools: Pro Markers, Silver Glitter, Glamour Dust. The ones that slightly taper on one side work best. String one of the smallest beads to the middle of it and bend the wire. Then, pull your wires apart and continue the left and right side separately. The twist your wire together as close to the beads as you can and cut. Bend it over a little so it can slide into a bead and make your icicle appear seamless. .