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HVIS is very distinctive: it looks like it was sprayed from an aerosol. Eric did the real shopping, because I was majorly busy, and because he's a superior lab partner. As I understand it was one of several hundred such parties across the United States. I have not participated in these kinds of events. This was from the law signed by President Obama in February. Photos by I. Peterson. Beberapa produk bank atau finansial seperti tabungan berjangka, dana pensiun, tabungan pendidikan, asuransi, reksadana, beli-gadai emas, dan lain-lain, menerapkan suatu setoran wajib yang tetap setiap bulannya. Setelah suatu periode tertentu tabungan tersebut dapat dicairkan. Investasi seperti ini akan membuat kita disiplin menabung setiap bulannya. Hal ini juga memudahkan bank atau perusahaan finansial yang mengelola uang yang diinvestasikan karena bisa diprediksi pemasukannya, dan bisa ditanam atau diinvestasikan dengan waktu yang panjang karena kita atau pemilik modal tidak secara mendadak mencairkan investasi tersebut. Misal uang para nasabah ditanam di perkebunan sawit, industri otomotif, infrastruktur, telekomunikasi, properti, dan lain-lain, tentu akan membutuhkan waktu bertahun-tahun agar investasi tersebut berbuah. Tapi kita akan bertanya-tanya, benarkan setelah puluhan tahun akan ada hasil seperti skenario yang ditawarkan? Dengan menggunakan lembar Exel terlampir, dapat dibuat simulasi investasi tersebut. Could next month be the last time Texans have to change their clocks for daylight-saving time? If state Rep. Dan Flynn has his way, it will be. Flynn, R-Van, filed a bill to once and for all put an end to daylight-saving time in Texas — and finally leave all the clocks in Texas alone. “I think it’s ridiculous,” Flynn said. “I see no reason to have it. “It’s just one of those things. ”Texas Sized Barbeque Grills But time might be running out for Flynn’s proposal, which has prompted tens of thousands of Texans to text, call, email and write his office in support of his bill. Source:. Good morning. I hope your week is going well. I am here today to bring you this week's Play Date Cafe color challenge. This week's colors are smoky plum, cherry blossom, and lava. Check out this amazing inspiration photo! I used the very cute Sunny Days set from Verve Stamps for my card.

I appreciate you bearing with me while I keep it short.

I hope you'll join us for this week's challenge. You can link up your creation over at The Play Date Cafe Blog. This was my favorite bike from the show. How the engine heads resonate with the exhaust pipes and headers, the rear lights that mimic the exhaust, the angular shaped cowl and seat. The long swing arm is maybe a little over the top but this is a Beemer that looks like no other in a time where most custom Beemers are copies of copies.

Oh wait.

Ed Turner made an identical twin. Albert Stoll, Jr. Life insurance rescission cases are on the rise. Title:Life Insurance RecissionWhen/Where:On-Demand RecordingSpeaker:Albert Stoll, Jr. is a San Francisco Bay Area attorney who dedicates his career to standing up for the rights of individuals who have been the victim of catastrophic personal injury, insurance bad faith, nursing home neglect, elder abuse, and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Hooray, the kit I have been working on for what seems like years but is only months is finally up! Its the most difficult kit I have put together so far, and the most work intensive. Most models I've seen are only roughly to scale. Much as I dislike polystyrene, I couldn't find a viable alternative. Katie. Thirteen days and counting, here are some stylin' gift ideas for your man. Though as a female, I'd also like most of these things. Let's start with a declaration of interest. And also for the record, I haven't talked to Michael Ashcroft, Tim Montgomerie or Stephan Shakespeare before writing this. Today Andrew Rawnsley resigned from PoliticsHome. Funny, I thought he already had. He doesn't seem to have written a word on the site for three months. Or those fracker guys. “Here’s the basic picture. The current surplus of oil was brought about primarily by the success of unconventional oil production in North America, most new investments in which are not sustainable at current prices. Without that production, the price of oil could not remain at current levels. Our largest challenge was to find a weather window to allow us to get out of Bend and on our way. Tuesday morning there was still enough ice on the roads to make driving a challenge.

I would like to say we braved the ice to avoid worse weather.

But "brave" is hardly the word. After that, it was clear sailing. You will not be surprised to hear that I do not have a lot of photographs to illustrate our adventures during the past four days. So today is my birthday, and frankly,it's been kind of sad. But I found this old photograph the other day of me on one of the ponies my grandfather used to sell. It's a nice memory. I don't know if I am more horrified with myself at the moment for posting for the world to see this. all kinds of junk. There are things in there that really don't belong in the kitchen. There should be a word in the English language to describe the series of quick events I am about to describe. Some kind of fluent, beautiful, but intense word with connotation of risk and awe. That is what I was thinking as Merlin finished his loping gallop to the top of a mountain hillside, quickly stopped to a fast walk and with barely a flick of my wrist and turn of my head towards the vista before us, pivoted on his back feet to show me my world. It happens fast, the run, the thought, the motion and the turn and the end result is this surge of endorphins and wildness. You're a force as natural and strong as fast-moving air and thunder.

This desire to shout with joy or hug his thick black neck overcame me.

I was euphoric up there on the bald earth over looking the purple mountains yawning for snow on their arched backs. He stomped his front feet in place, wanting to continue on but I held him as I closed my eyes in a short prayer of thanks. I sat there for some time under the cold sky. Flavio. No, I am not worried about the cats. Grande giornata oggi ai i castagnoni a Rosignano Monferrato, un gruppo di persone affiatatissime , tanto entusiasmo e voglia di stare insieme lavorando in allegria!!!le foto parlano da sole. I'm jsut back from my Lavender Strawbery class in Rosignano Monferrato. We had so much fun, lovely people indeed. Pictures are talking. enjoy them xxx Niky. Niente da fare quì la pioggia non smette e sembra davvero di essere in autunno! Hai voglia a insistere con ricami di primavera! Eppure io non demordo! E vi presento questo delizioso angelo del giardino di La d da. Nothing to do, raining is going on, it seems to be in fall instead of spring unfortunately. But I would like to think spring so I'm showing you this Angel Garden from La D da. It's displaying in a winter garden of a big Villa on the lake. Lots going on today & TOMORROW!!!!!! Starting with a HUGE WAREHOUSE SALE! you will start seeing items appear in the SALE CATEGORY TOMORROW MORNING! Watch for it HERE! limited quantities. Starts TOMORROW! It's time to close out last month's Be Inspired Challenge and show you the NEW CHALLENGE that begins today! Be sure to visit the Challenge Blog to see who won last month's awesome prize package. Remember, you can't win if you don't play! Now for a look at this month's challenge. Final moments. The Crafty Crow A craft collective for kids. Lots of kids' projects here. Dads yearn for more home time. Simple steps to cut your electricity. Our Handmade Home - a blog about home renovation and a handmade lifeCurlew Country - a very pretty UK blogI love French Knots - it's a beautiful and creative blog. I used to follow French Knots a couple of years ago but somehow I lost it. It's been a lovely reunion. It was a very bright sky so I decided to save the my “vis migging” for the next ringing session on the moss on Saturday, with today’s sun demanding instead a bit of “no excuses” camera work. Pied WagtailI detoured home then chucked the fish in the fridge before setting off for the Pilling tide again. But I found time for the few pictures below, and less words means there’s more time to get stuck into that Haddock, chips and mushy peas. If I recall it was FlatIronMike who named Barney's root beer makeover " Joe Lewis". Barney was my Dads bike and when he hung up his riding boots I gladly ended up with the rusty purple Road King. I gave it a fairly quick update and rode it on EDR II and then to the grocery store for the year following. When I did decide to sell it a Japanese guy who had a pretty cool bike tour business ended up buying it. The deal was, book a ride/tour from LA to the Harley Davidson HQ in Wisconsin & back.

Upon return the bike you rode/bought was shipped to Japan.

I had to have a file recovery done on my last lap top and these photos from the tour surfaced. They're small images but I had never seen them. Theatre Ontario is excited to announce a new partnership with the Toronto Fringe Festival. Theatre Ontario is now the online home of the Toronto Fringe Connection, a forum to connect Toronto Fringe producers, performers, and audiences. What began six years ago in our Toronto office as an initiative to connect producers and performers for the Fringe season has had a technological update. Now fully accessible online, the Fringe Connection will be the central source for audition postings, job notices, discussions, and information sharing. Gideon Arthurs, Executive Director of the Toronto Fringe says: “People have long thought of Theatre Ontario as a key resource in bringing together and supporting theatre artists, so we are delighted to be able to partner with them on the Fringe Connection. Like Theatre Ontario, the Fringe is a nexus for artists who feed off each other’s hard work and support—Fringe Connection gives our artists an important tool to take those relationships to the next level. This forum will be the one stop shop for all your Fringe artist needs, from casting calls to sharing set pieces. I have another ornament image for you today in the beautiful, rich colours of a traditional Christmas. But as you can see from the samples below, the image also looks great in other colours and is easily personalised. Vivien has gone black and white for a very elegant look. Cheryl layered the ornaments multiple times to add lots of dimension. I added some glitter for a little bit of extra sparkle. Google allow Android users to backup some parts of their phone on their Google account and in case you do a full phone reset, it restores your data back. However, it does not create a backup of your call logs. There is an app in the Android Market to help backup and restore your call logs on another phone or after a full reset. A very small app, but very useful. Call Logs Backup & Restore is a free app that lets you do exactly what it says to. It creates a backup of your call logs and you can easily restore them back later on the same phone or a new phone. I tried this between my Google Nexus S and a Samsung Galaxy S II – it worked perfect! Install the app from the Android Market.

Then in the app, hit tap the ‘Backup’ button to start the backup process.

Article: "Source for "tomorrow Press": Ministry of Transport decides to adopt Iraqi currency instead of foreign selling tickets" Quote: "The source pointed to "the impossibility of receiving the amount of ticket sales in Iraqi dinars on the basis of the US dollar because of the exchange rate variation in local markets. " A step towards convertibility! "Exchange rate variation" is referring to the spread. They appear apprehensive to sell tickets in dinar until the market price is stable in Iraq. It has nothing to do with the CBI price of the dinar/dollar. But like I said, since they are talking about selling tickets in dinar, it is a good thing and a move towards what we all want which is international convertibility. Which makes sense. .