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Above, are samples for some of the many classes that Vickie S. teaches. Above are some wall hangings that Lee Anne made. They are from the book Quilted Skinnies for All Seasons by Margie Ullery. Aren't they adorable? Got kids? Above are some cute kids quilts. You might see this bed runner too. The pattern is from the book Skinny Quilts by Kim Schaefer. I photographed this memorial in St Mary's Church, Stafford a couple of months back. Follow the link for more information. But I'll go over it anyway 'cause, well, I'm a geek. Yes, of course I can work a four letter word into a discussion of radiation and how it works. It's me. Referring to yesterday's lesson, we'll go with uranium for our example. Uranium would be the shit. The alpha particle radiation put off by the uranium would be the stink. This beautiful old cricket pavilion conversion in Hampshire is currently for sale and this is my imaginary interior!. Let’s look at what Saint Paul is saying in the second reading. Last week, he said that some are “debtors to the flesh” while others “live in the Spirit”: meaning that either we are governed by the Holy Spirit—and Christ-centered—or else we’re rooted in a worldly way of thinking and living. Are we worldly? Are a lot of Christians today worldly?I think we know the answer. Burnside Brewery Goddess Molly FoxDave called me on his new Mobile Cellular Telephone the other day while he was on a walk and I was home writing. And he said he was three miles away from the Burnside Brewery. Which meant if we both started walking in that direction, we'd get there at the same time.

You throw that much serendipity at a girl and she'd be a plumb fool to turn it down.

It would be an insult to the universe. So off I went. Nothing to put on rain gear for. Walking is very helpful for my writing. acidcow. We have an excellent newpaper in prison called Inside Time. There is a link to it on this blog. The July issue carries a front page story about Women in Prison, not a topic widely discussed in the media. This poses the question of why men find it so difficult to look after their offspring when their partner is incarcerated. In this prison the visits room is full of women visiting their partners and bringing the kids in to visit their dad. Calling all P. E. teachers, past and present. This is a fun day out and Dunblane is a great venue. After a July which was the busiest ever for this blog, August may prove to be the most sparse. The weekend did offer an interesting observation or two, though. It's been a messy one for your host after two heavy male-orientated nights on the town. Saturday was particularly eye-opening after a night spent in a town centre nightclub of the 'drinking barn' variety. I can't remember the last time I was attendant at one of those. Pretty detailed for a figure so small too. For everyone who sent the pictures, please write me back and I'll so happy to send you My Vintage Christmas tags pdf. A tutte le altre amiche che hanno partecipato inviando le foto sarò felice di inviare un altro pdf, si tratta delle Vintage Christmas tags delle quali vedete la foto e che potrete vedere meglio da vicino su Etsy. Trovo che questo disegno sia perfetto per il Natale, la borsina la potrete usare da appendere all'albero o alla porta di casa con dei rami sempreverdi o con dei dolcetti natalizi. That's my latest Christmas design. You might like it for your stitching Christmas gifts. If you're interested in this design please contact me. Here’s a peek at the NEW challenge AND the NEW sentiment kit. THE fabulous Tenia won the challenge last month. Visit Tenia’s blog and leave her some well-deserved love and congrats for her SUPER cute submission. We have TWO amazing Unity filled prize packages to giveaway. The winners will be announced Monday night on the Unity blog. blog: Be sure you take advantage of Unity’s latest promotion: SALE STARTS AT NOON CENTRAL TIME Thank you all for hopping with us today. This collaborative project aims to introduce you to new artists, help you get to know familiar faces even more, and allow you access into the creative hearts and minds of a very talented crew of individuals. Today's question: In a few words or a few sentences, how would you describe your artistic style? The following is the second of four posts to answer this question. Leighanna Light Eclectic, odd, dark, a bit twisted.

I hear people describe my work as whimsical a lot, but I don't see that.

Martha Marshall Controlled chaos. I was in the car driving home from work today when The Kinks, Lola came on. How fitting. I thought about the high school friends I had who loved that song, one in particular. Strange how when I came out to him he cut off all contact with me. Why like the song but not the girls? So I did my first webcam tonight. Nothing for pay just some fun to have a sexy time. Picture below! I will do it again many time. Oh ya! That toy at the bottom is from my coworker. It is a Japanese tentacle dildo vibrator. This year, instead of posting all the new pieces as usual on my website. I'm still working on all the pieces and hashing out the details, but I hope to have a handful of ornaments, mitten mice, a kitty or two, at least one bunny, of course a few bears. and??? Most will be Christmas-ie but there will be a few non-holiday pieces in there too. Cheers, Scot. Can't show you too much of the design wall as it has my final Scrap Squad quilt on it. I can show you my friend Adrienne after she quilted a baby quilt yesterday. She used a new pantograph Siberian Iris. This one just got a meander. I looked at it for days before deciding. There were so many spaces to avoid and it's for a guy, so I didn't want to do feathers. I finished putting together the Army badges wall hanging for Jeff and stitched the binding on. I'll do the hand stitching on the bus tomorrow on the way to Cincinnati. Darlings, here are the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with! MP Mineraux white diamond ring, at barneys. Tom Ford black tassel fringe earrings, at tomford. Monique Pean white diamond striped agate double drop earrings, at barneys. Christian Louboutin Victorina pumps, at barneys. Tom Ford padlock ankle strap pump, at tomford. Hummm. If you are visiting this page I must say you are counting your calories.

So Cheers!Baked Pears Cucumber Salad HapoosHrushichi Bhaaji Kachaloo: JFI PotatoKoshimbiri Karanji Pasta SaladRed Kraut Salad and Clear Soup Saundhe Aloo with Pale bhaji Summer Salad Warm Carrot n Cabbage Salad Wheat Noodles with Raw Mango N Pearl Onion Dal.

Mother's Day Cardsor Other Special Occasions. The little blossoms from the next post can be coloured in just about any shade you like, which makes them easy to match with specific cardstocks or patterned papers and for specific occasions. As you can see, I've just made some very simple cards using coloured cardstock as the card blank, some white embossed card, a scalloped oval of the same cardstock and then my image. The most difficult part was finding matching ribbons amongst my stash!. And the cool, and slightly terrifying, thing is, that once you are fully conscious about something, once you “know” something on that level, you can no longer “not know” it, you can’t go “Ahhh, never mind, I’ll go back to sleep after all!” You can make a different choice, you can add and subtract, you can confront or hide, you can allow it or fight it every step of the way - but you can not un-know it! So, here I am with my word “courage,” and yes, I have already learned a whole lot more about my little word. Mostly, I have learned that I don’t even know the half of it! When “courage” came to me, I was quite sure what it meant. Got home and went to work on car. Got the trans filled and topped off the oil. Finished plumbing the coolant lines and finished wiring starter and solenoid. I go to crank it, battery is stone dead. I charged the battery and hit it again. It kicks the breaker and had to wait for it to reset. Tomorrow I will have to look for short in system. .