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East Asian Tsunamis, Pakistan earthquakes, Gulf state hurricanes are noted for the vast destruction and loss of life in the thousands. In addition to that, we have had in this last century what we call holocaust and genocide. This would include Germany, Ruanda, Russia, China, Iraq, Darfur, Bosnia, and Turkey. A euphemism for this genocide is “ethnic cleansing. ” Most of the above nations’ genocides were based on difference in race, tribe or religion. Notice how nice the words “ethnic cleansing” sound.

To cleanse is to get rid of the dirty and the bad.


don't miss the "Bench of Vices" that can be found at the Czech Lottery Corporation "Sazka Sportka" in Prague, Czech Republic.

More photos here. Three adults were there at the time of the accident.

The Texas game wardens are investigating the incident.

There are always lots of new projects going on around here. This one is for my neighbor who just found out she has breast cancer. It's from all of the women on our cul-de-sac. I finished putting it together late last night. S. WHOWHATWEAR got an exclusive sneak peek at MKA's new STYLEMINT video! Check it out HERE!. Templates:Jennilyn has a template on her blog. Carla has a template on her blog. Jessica has a template here. Andrea has a template here. Miss Kim has a template on her blog. Kits & stuff:Tracy has journals on her blog. Leah has Preschool Soapsuds Doodles on her blog. Kylie has a Squished alpha on her blog. Denise has A Creative Mess add-on on her blog. The evils of obedience: Louise Ogborn is abused on the orders of "Officer Scott" Skepticism, Santayana observed, is “the chastity of the intellect. ” Louise Ogborn, a teenage employee at a McDonald’s in Mount Washington, Kentucky, was sexually assaulted and confined for hours because this rudimentary understanding of individual autonomy was entirely alien to her workplace supervisor. Louise was working a second shift as a favor to her supervisor, the improbably named Donna Summers, when someone identifying himself as “Officer Scott” called the restaurant. Claiming that he had the restaurant’s manager with him, the “officer” said he was investigating a theft. The caller offered a description of the supposed suspect, which Summers thought matched Louise. The teenager was summoned to the office, where Summers – at the behest of the caller – informed the young lady that she had to undergo a hands-on search, either in the office or at a nearby police station. The U. S. Dillingham was one of the ports where the courtesy exams were done. "We don't issue fines or other penalties for any problems we discover," a Coast Guard officer said. "We focus on safety concerns such as flares, fire extinguishers and navigational charts, lights and signals. " Fishermen who earn a safety decal are less likely to see the Coast Guard or state troopers board their boats at sea, interrupting valuable fishing time, the officer said. USCG photo. Fr. That's right, another little video of me drawing. This time in New Orleans, the craziest place in the USA by far. Craft Day at the Attic Window Quilt Shop on Saturday was a lot of fun. Those participating made mug rugs, snowmen bags/ornaments, mug warmers, and book covers. I was only able to attend the first part of the day when we made the mug rugs that I blogged about here. I’ll share some pictures with you. Here Yvonne and Rosa are hard at work. Jeri said her friend that she is giving the Mug Rug to drinks tea so she added a pocket. Everyone received the same kit with the same fabrics. It was fun to see how each one turned out so differently. Linda shows us her Mug Rug. This is Rosa with her Mug Rug.

Tari shows how she pinked her edges instead of using binding.

Golden House PublicationsThe Question of Evil in Ancient Egypt by S. J. Mpay Kemboly, Golden House Publications. C. E. E. “My mother was a fairy princess. ” So said Winston Churchill of his American-born mother. Audra McDonald was singing “The Glamorous Life” from A Little Night Music. ” Her execution was perfect. Somewhere in the middle of the song, I felt an odd emotional connection with the lyrics. This is the worship team I told you about yesterday. all but one I had the privilege of serving with before our move. They are some of the sweetest things you'll ever meet. Our lone man is part of our band for the conference. Via Gawain, you seriously won't believe this. How very dare sovereign governments decide their own fate without adhering to EU diktat. No.

That good, so they are.

Good grief. Bill McKibben: “Being green won’t solve the problem” - Salon. What Exxon does on a daily basis is a million times that, and it’s going to last for a million years. It’s just craziness. Is there anybody out there who understands what the NZLP position on TPP is, in truth. The Melons, other anti trade dropkicks and the ultimate personality cult are all predictable if somewhat in denial, have all left no doubt, so nothing changes there. However the minority Party with delusions of grandeur from past glories who were torpedoed in the last days before the signing in Atlanta by their most government leader who as Prime minister, started the TPP off over a decade ago after delivering NZ the very economically lucrative FTA with Mainland China, the current rabble under their fourth leader since the end of The Clark regime have almost as many positions as they do MPs. Absolutely no Idea is euphemistic. I have a motor at a nearby shop for a rebuild and yesterday while sitting in a lunch meeting I get this picture text from a tag switching friend. आइसलँडच्या उत्तरेकडील भागात एक शेतकरी राहत होता. Not a new song for me, but DEFINITELY a current hit under construction for my daughter Hannah. Sam on my lap,me clinging for life, Hannah floating around somewhere to left of me all the while working hard on her new song. I don't know WHERE it came from. From the first planks of wood with metal roller skate wheels nailed to the bottom to the modern polyurethane wheels and kicktails, the boards have rocketed the skaters to greater heights of performance and style while taking “sidewalk surfing” from a homegrown activity to a worldwide cultural phenomenon.

, Todd Huber/Skatelab Skatepark, Ray Flores, James Lang/South Bay Skates.

". Thanks again vDM team for giving me this start. Somedays it was a great challenge to write a post after having a long day at the office. I still remember the day when I traveled to Dubai from Bangalore for my New Cloud project and I was still pending on that day's post. I was almost fallen asleep while writing the post. This set is actually a re-mastered collection of the African animals I drew a few years ago. The lion, elephant and giraffe were the most popular subjects in the collection, but they desperately needed an update! It's a perfect set for creating great masculine cards, birthday greetings or cards of encouragement and support. It would also be great for zoo or safari themed scrapbook pages! Safari Set Available in Store Now Check out the fabulous projects created by my design team. Judy's card A selection of cards by AJ Carla's card Two projects from Anesha Petra's creations Karin's card. For further information on these Scams, please Read . scamwebsites. never-wire-money-to-strangers. tk. Birthday Cake from Cliff, a photo by Edna Barney on Flickr. "The days of our years are threescore years and ten. .