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The primordial value of labor stems from man himself, its author and its beneficiary. Work is for man, not man for work. PS: The FatBird Marathon Pacers who are tapping on the runs for their weekly tempo or fartlek training can join other nearby runs, or join some of us at SAFRA MF on Tuesday and Thursday. The Marathon Training Schedule for next week will reflect the changes.

Yours truly from Team FatBird,Birds Will Fly, FatBirds Always Run!.

You have to have a worthy bike. So I went out Wednesday to go test out the WTB Dissent tires I had mounted up to the Salsa Cycles Big Mama out in the woods of The Camp. As I stepped outside to load up the truck, I felt a heavy drizzle. Well, overcast skies, drizzle, and cool temperatures- what says "Fall" more than that? I figured it was appropriate, so I kept on with the preparations to leave. Once loaded up, I got into the truck and noticed that hey! I was going to need the windshield wipers to be on. Well, okay. Intermittent wipers. Wildlife biologist John Bindernagel talks about tracks. g. By PAMELA LEWIS DOLAN, amednews staff. Switching to new or upgraded electronic-prescribing systems may pose patient safety risks during the transition period, despite the advanced clinical decision support tools offered by the newly implemented technology. Many hospitals and physician practices are upgrading or switching their ePrescribing systems to meet meaningful use incentive requirements. The collateral damage and/or roadkill on the way to "meaningful use" might be you or your loved one. When a natural disaster occurs within areas prone to disasters, economically they need to spend a lot of money in order to re-establish the area and protect it from future disasters. The price elasticity of demand refers to the responsiveness of the quantity demanded of a good to a change in its price when all other influences on buying remains the same. Demand itself can be elastic, inelastic or unit elastic. If the quantity of a good demanded does not change when the price changes, the price elasticity of demand is zero and the good has a perfectly inelastic demand. This graph shows a perfectly inelastic demand.

Within an area that has been affected by a natural disaster, the government would have to spend a lot of money in order to maintain the affected area and to sustain the other areas which haven’t been affected.

We must take into account that many people have lost homes, crops and means of transportation have been made scarce by the disaster, so the people will rely greatly on the government to help them. The people who have been injured would need medical attention and this will have to be done through the government who will allow helicopters to go around the affected area in order to help. This costs money, as people have to be paid to provide these services and these means of transportation are not cheap. Increasingly, parents seem to be given the message that special stimulation is needed to help babies develop. As if babies have not, over a long period of human evolution, been optimised to develop well in ordinary conditions.

In fact, placing immobile babies in these zebra-striped zones seems a pretty unpleasant act to me - I would hate to be stuck there.

And I wonder if it gives a damaging impression to parents. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with being humbled by what babies and toddlers do. As promised a card for the man in your life using My Mind's Eye Quite Contrary collection. Thanks for the fabulous idea Lynda. Up close to see how the card is joined together, so only half the card opens, which I have decorated with patterned papers inside to match. Good luck to the B-B-E Jaguars wrestling team as they battle at the NL-S tournament tomorrow. And the boys' basketball team takes their final trip ever to Rockford tomorrow night. Go Jaguars!!! Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa girls basketball, Central Minnesota Conference. Here's the radio rip of "FAST CAR" on NNN Radio. You know, give her time to think about it a little before we pack up everything she owns and haul it two hours away. ME: So, what do you think? We'll have fun there. GOOB: We're booving to PIGSBIRD?ME: Yup. That's it exactly. GOOB: Okay. To all my lovlies out there, What a wonderful fashion journey this blog has been for me. It’s been a place to share and explore, a place to have fun and to connect with so many amazing fashionistas. I’m saying farewell today, not because my love of fashion has changed, but because I’m entering a new chapter of my life and quite honestly, available time in the day gets less and less. Most importantly, I have an amazing new little person to now care for and devote time to. Additionally, I’m taking a challenging, time consuming, and travel requiring opportunity on the job front. Thank you all for your amazing support and dare I say friendship over the years – I’ve connected with and have been inspired by so many of you! I will certainly continue express my love for fashion in my everyday wardrobe choices and will look forward to still visiting all of your fashion blogs in the future. For my final post, I’m highlighting a few night out dresses – including a classic little black dress, a pop of color dress, and an all over pattern dress. Excerpts from an interesting article at Boston. but this visit was rather special as we had been told by the Jaguar dealer in Valencia that the new Jaguar F-Pace was on display in the Colón market and we wanted to see it. However, when we got to the market we couldn't find the exhibition and were told by a stallholder that the car had been on display earlier this month but not now. So, we had lunch in the Ma Khin cafe in the market which produces excellent Thai dishes. It certainly was a long way to go for lunch!. Wednesdays at St. Except for the "school Mass," daily Mass is in our chapel, in the basement of the church.

So, as I sat, waiting for penitents, and prayed my office, I sometimes found myself staring at the limestone rock.

It is a very passionate book. God is speaking to his peopleas if he is a husband,and his people are his wife. So it starts out negatively,Talking about unfaithfulness and adultery—And God says, "you are not my people.

"I will allure her"—God woos his people!"I will espouse you to me forever.

"God always wants to move past our sins. 'twas the night before Christmas and all through the house. not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. well, it was a good job there were no mice running about because Gypsy was sound asleep in the armchair exhausted from playingwith the catnip string mouse we found in a shop in Bahrain and couldn’t resist buying forher. Recently, I stumbled upon a local farm stand which was selling loads of mini pumpkins. Everything started out all white, brown and gold out here but on this cloudy day, I added a bit of color to liven things up. Maybe when it gets sunnier I will change my mind again. But for now the punch of color seems to work. We've loved Kathleen's Kottage and its owners, Will and Kathleen, for years, and our home is full of furniture and accessories we've purchased there. Kathleen's has a great selection of distressed furniture and frames, artwork, shells and more. Here are some photos I snapped during my visit. A lesson for the current situation in the property market. Are we doing the same thing as those people in the past? Read this and learn from it. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Skilled and educated working Americans had jobs providing numerous fringe benefits, paid vacations and pensions.

This good fortune set the stage for the Florida real estate bubble. During this time, the stock market was moving forward at an extremely fast pace. I wish I may,I wish I might,Design a roomaround this light. My writer-friend Robin is a woman who does a lot of the things I do, such as hanging laundry on a clothesline, but not because of tradition or old-fashionedness or ignorance of other options, but because she actually thinks about these things and chooses them because they make the most sense with her values and goals. Recently Robin's family's urban garden was featured in People magazine and then on a local TV station. Read/watch more here. Quote of the Day:"I thought, 'Here I am sacrificing for Jesus. So today we wrap up the first ever Live Like Fiction Book Club Pick.

I chose Dies The Fire, the first in a series of books about the modern world we all live in now post-change.

All electricity, firearms, and engines past the most basic of steam engines have stopped working. The laws of science and physics were bent to send modern people back into Bronze Age living conditions. What survives are the hardiest, smartest, or meanest factions of society living in places lucky enough to be away from large urban coastal areas. The book series is called Emberverse, since it is all about the first sparks of a new culture and people post apocalypse.



Howdy Ai Fans! I know it's winter but. I'm really wishing this was me on the warm beach somewhere LOL! This is the Art Impressions set called "Sally Swimmer". This was a meet up with a difference. Originally, we had been invited to attend a private evening with Filofax UK at their Conduit Street store, this had been discussed months ago and a date was arranged and people had applied for the limited number of places. Sadly, events caught up with us and the Conduit Street store closure announcement put a stop to us being able to have the event at the shop. However, with the foresight of Sharon at Filofax UK and in discussion with me, we quickly rearranged the evening and instead it was held at their offices in Burgess Hill. I can't thank Sharon enough for ensuring we were not be disappointed. With only one flight per day from Poitiers to London Stansted for me, the timing of our visit had to be very carefully planned. I then disappeared to the ticket office and came back with a stack of tickets that looked like a pack of cards! We boarded the train and filled about a third of one of the coaches. in which I use this brand-new graphic as an on-ramp into a discussion of Mr. If you’re not in revolt, you’re in cahoots. When this period and your name are mentioned, decades hence, your grandkids will look away in shame. I received my prizes yesterday and WOW, what a nice surprise! A coupon for FREE Blue Bunny Ice cream which I kind of expected, along with a Fat Quarter shop Gift Certificate and a McKenna Ryan pattern. Thank you so much Melinda for hosting such a fun challenge. That has nothing to do with how cool Marvel's output was for that fab month, but Ol' Groove just had to get that off his chest. This is my second post today. Recently, Becky Fleck invited the Reverse Confetti designers to guest design for the October card sketches on the Page Maps site. I've been a fan of Becky's sketches for years and years, so this is super exciting! Here's a little peek of my card: You can see all of the October sketches and samples in full HERE. - Rap Tale is set to ship off to Colonial Downs tomorrow night for Saturday's Brookmeade Stakes, at a mile for Virginia-breds. Hi Everyone and Happy Sunday. Today I'm stepping outside of my card box and sharing with you a layout that I created using the Pink and Wine Chex ribbon. I have used the sketch from Magistical Memories and the Tulip chipboard piece is from Magistical Memories too. For the border, I hole punched around the entire piece of patterned paper. Then I looped the ribbon around twice and fluffed it up once it was all threaded. Pretty easy and i think it would work really well on cards too. Here is a close up for youJust a little heads up for all you you ribbon lovers out there. much of the expectation we've all had - was directly inspired by Abadi and Alak. They are the ones telling us when they were going to "start the project". .