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I have always loved to do embroidery.

my Grandma Crane taught me how to do a few basic stitches.

As time went on and I was ready to learn more stitches. I would ask my mother and she would show me how. I remember how skilled I felt when I learned to do the lazy daisy stitch. I find it hard to believe that it is Monday again already. On Saturday, we took a drive west to Ohio to visit The Wilds. Because of the nature of the facility, they are able to keep these animals in a very close to natural habitat and are making amazing advancements for the species. Our plans for the day included the Wild Zipline Safari and the Sunset Tour. I will share pictures soon, but we had a fantastic day. It was also a late day, and Sunday ended up being less-than-productive as a result.

I reached for one of my all-time favorite sets, Woodgrain Silhouettes Additions for the birds and the leaves.

The agreement also includes civil penalties for improper marketing of a half-dozen other drugs. As was the case for nearly every other legal settlement we have discussed,No individuals have been charged in any of these cases. Thus, how well even such a large settlement will deter future wrong-doing is not clear. Their control of the design, implementation, analysis and dissemination of clinical research allows manipulation that increases the likelihood that the results will be favorable to their vested interests, usually the products and services they sell. You just can't make this stuff up. On the Respectful Insolence blog, Orac recounted how pharmaceutical giant Merck hired medical publishing giant Elsevier to create what appeared to be a peer-reviewed journal, but theAustralasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine really was just a marketing outlet. The goal was to market Fosamax and Vioxx. This is another bizarre variant on the stealth marketing theme, taken to quite an extreme. I chanced upon this. its super touching ad. The format for the individual academic report should be critical and analytical andshould discuss bellows scenario. But the hotel was also affected/not affected?. ". "Two brothers have been arrested and charged with murder in the shooting death of Tyrone Booker Jr. ". ". Joan of Arc is played by Florence Delay. As usual in Bresson's mature films, The Trial of Joan of Arc stars non-professional performers and is filmed in an extremely spare, restrained style. Bresson's screenplay is drawn from the transcriptions of Joan's trial and rehabilitation. I was greeted by a young man dressed in a clean black suit adorned with a nametag that read, “Fine Arts Docent. ” The hallway was buzzing with the sound of classical music and the chatter of excited visitors, all of whom were there for one reason – to celebrate art.

I quickly realized this was no ordinary elementary school event.

The students carried themselves with such impressive poise. It was plain to see they not only understood the idea of a fine arts show, they appreciated the importance of the event and behaved accordingly. My attention was pulled toward the library, which was filled with an eclectic collection of artwork, contributed by middle and high school students of Mansfield ISD as well as local artists. Viewers of all ages studied and admired an assortment of paintings, drawings, ceramics and sculptures. I L♥VE scrappy quilts! I love the idea of making something beautiful and original out of seemingly nothing. I love the idea of making something useful with little or no cost. I love that sense of nostalgia I get when I see an old, worn, hand-quilted quilt, that was pieced together with scraps saved over the course of many years. Scrap quilts are charming to say the least! That's why I had so much fun making these little cuties a few weeks ago. I called them my Scrap Jar Stars. I was flattered as could be that she asked and happy to do a giveaway. We saw another bear, I did not get a photo…it was at a dead run…for big animals they can run really fast. Way faster than me. Chance missed it because he was snoozing. Far Guy and I shout almost in unison A bear…a bad word bear. It is our second bear sighting for this year.

Since that one was in our yard at our window we always wonder when we are outside…what we will do if another one shows up in the yard….

besides the obvious…messy drawers situation with much swearing. “Relationships are just two people constantly asking each other what they want to eat, until one of them dies. ” At our house sometimes it goes like this “What do you want for supper?” “I don’t know, what do you want?” “ No fair I asked you first!” Then there is the big who is cooking question…I have learned if I am napping I can skip my turn. Shown is Brooten native Jeff Wosmek, father of four Jaguar athletes, spending time in the dunk tank on Saturday afternoon on main street. Labels: bbe dazzler dance team, belgrade-brooten-elrosa dazzlers dance team, Bonanza Valley Days, bonanza valley days brooten. I just think this would make the cutest gifts for a child to give to classmates for Valentine's. Lip smakers for the girls, and chapstick for the boys!Super simple to make, and they use just a little paper and ribbon. The event of the decade quite clearly and one to celebrate with pomp, circumstance and abandon:. Go to her website for some lovely photos. Wedges keep my feet feeling good and a light jean jacket keeps the look simple and chic. Patrick's Day - Instagram Blog Hop!Make sure you visit all of these blogs below for your chance to meet some instagrammers and of course a chance to win some awesome giveaways! One lucky winner will receive these Green Goodies from my Scrapbook Room!I hope you love scrapbooking. Well it's a fabulous photo sharing program that I've been enjoying for the past few months. It allows me to take photos of some everyday moments and share them with online friends. We've had a run of black lambs being born the past couple days. They are so sweet, not that the white ones aren't - they just look a little different and stand out from the crowd.

Most of the black lambs are from black mamas.

We picked up a little black ram lamb at the livestock auction and named him Sebastian.

Then a few years back, we had a black Dorper Ram.

We had a snowy day Monday and it is supposed to be messy Tuesday too. Yuck. At least when it is really cold, the ground stays frozen and we don't have to wade around in mud. It is a worrying problem for many but help is at hand. Join the new free care plan today. All new members will receive a gun and four bullets. As part of the plan, you will leave enough evidence to make sure of being caught, and, in due course, sent to prison. New glasses? They'll be provided. New hip, knees, kidney, lung, heart? They're all covered too. toyqube. We worked hard on bringing this alien to life. And we love him. I was SO proud of Douglas. Well, I mean, I AM so proud of Douglas. Hello AI Fans!! Do you have your Christmas shopping done?? I'm done and glad!! More crafty time for me!! Hehehe!! Well if you happen to find yourself at Michael's make sure you pick up Art Impressions & Hampton Art's Snowman set! The sentiment is for Christmas, but you can still use these images for a winter birthday!! I made two cards with this set, each featuring the two different snowmen in the set! First, I stamped and then die cut them both. Since there is always a chance I could mess something up, I stamp and die cut first before coloring!! To color these cuties I used my Spectrum Noir Markers. For the background I used a roll of Post-It Note tape and with scissors cut a wave, discarding the top portion. I applied the tape to a white card base, about where I wanted the horizon. Above the tape I used Faded Jeans and Tumbled Glass Distress Ink to make the sky.

Next, I stamped and clear embossed the snowflakes.

Removed the tape and then stamped the sentiment on each card. Last I just added the snowmen with foam tape!! Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Stamping!! InLinkz. Whoa. it is MONDAY already! it can't be I swear the weekend just started. Oh well. I sure hope it is the begining of the most WONDERFUL week ever for all of us. I'm excited to be sharing some cards from this month's kit of the month. I started this drawing a while ago with plans to do it as a print or something for a convention. You can see in the rough drawing above that there will eventually be a second figure. Excelsior! j. So Tuesday will have to pretend to be Monday for my sake. Frankly, it's the least Tuesday can do after all I've done for it. This is the image which you can find on the CafePress Store clock. minus the numbers. Souhaitons un joyeux anniversaire a Barry Gibb. On ne se lassera jamais de cette version en concert de GUILTY avec Olivia. Once you've begun your pinwheel construction it is easy to do them assembly line style. And before long you've got a ton of pinwheel blocks. The final quilt will be eight blocks wide by eight blocks long. Pinwheels are directional. First things first, darlings! The winner of CC's StockinGirl. Aquilano. Boulee Parker dress. Gryphon Glitter dress. Tucker long flowy skirt. A. DetacherAcneAnne Valerie HashAzzaroBebe/KardashianChanelCynthia SteffeD&GDavidelfinEmanuel UngaroG-StarJasmine Di MiloJenny Packham, via nymag. Halston Heritage print backless jumpsuit. Diane von Furstenberg drpaed stretch-crepe jumpsuit. - It's supposed to snow and sleet around these parts on Thursday, so chances are there won't be racing at the Big A. NYRA will sometimes cancel early if the forecast is grim, thereby sparing fans the inconvenience and saving a few bucks. What you don't see in the pp's is the way he dropped a good length or two off the lead around the turn, switched to the outside, and came back gamely for the win while zig-zagging a bit through the lane. Second place finisher Two Double ran a close second in his next race. There you go, that's my best shot. It's officially count down to Xmas time so I got my vintage Santa measuring spoon holder out. He has a spoon in each hand. And two sticking out of his back. Today the after school kids are getting a very hearty, healthy soup. I started reading this book, Fall In Love For Life, and I've been excited about it. I will be sharing more things from this, but one thing she says deals with affairs and also with tuning in to your partner. On having affairs "Some people have affairs because they tell themselves that they deserve more attention than they get at home. Or maybe they get annoyed because they feel that all of their needs aren't getting met by their partner. You are not perfect, and neither is your partner, but you can make a very pleasant life together if you are both serious about providing the love and support that go along with a marriage. " I do believe it's true that we can't be expected to meet EVERY need of our spouse, but we need to remember that as human beings, we NEED TO FEEL LIKE SOMEONE CARES about us. And I believe that so many affairs could be prevented if both spouses felt like their partner was truly TUNED IN to them.

Cutie Cooper also says : On tuning in to your partner "I think the place where good marriages break down is when one or both parties begin to take the other person for granted.

It was the last day of the Elnora Indiana steam show today. They have a huge flea market, an antique tractor section, an antique car section, a working machine shop, a working wood shop, a pioneer village and lots and lots more. Very entertaining. I first heard about it last year. It is now an annual trip for me. Here is a small section of their antiques on display. They go on around the room all the way to the ceiling. Another room has an old train layout, quite massive. This is an antique horizontal saw, with a grinder in the immediate background. Here is the drill press. They had it running for display. Here we have the drive for the whole metal and wood shop. KTFA Please excuse any typo’s. Thank you for the opportunity to transcribe this call.

All I can say is “WOW”.

To Frank, Tink, Teams, Delta, Walkingstick, and all of our Admin’s, Prayer Warriors and Newshounds…words cannot describe my appreciation and love for everything that you do for me, my family and all of us here at KTFAlways. Now last we we told you that Trump suggested, actually he pointed the finger straight at Iraq and said to them you…you know something as he was talking to the CIA… You know something, I think we should have just kept Iraq’s oil. He suggested “stealing” Iraq’s oil. .