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This is for the Munck family, thank you for the cute shirt!!.

There are times when penology seems to be a perpetual circle, forever revisiting previous ideas, practices or ideologies.

Psychologists infested prisons, tasked with attempting to cure us of our criminogenic ways of thinking.

Fifteen years later and hundreds of millions of £'s spent and the utility of this effort is still debated. There was one immediate effect, though. The provision of trade courses - bricklaying, painting, etc collapsed. Across the whole prison system, the rehabilitative eggs were placed solely in the psychologist's basket and other avenues to shift us away from crime were neglected. However, a conversation with the Governor today revealed that he is reinstating trade training at this prison. New single from Merry. CREDIT: DaInReU The Cry Against. The Cry Against. Fingers crossed for lambs!. Izithakazelo zakwa-Machi Goba, Lawu, Lisela, Ndenza, Mbonwa, Mbusi kaJolwayo!. There is no better feeling in the world than riding your bike in the late afternoon, the breeze gently touching your face as the last rays of sunlight paint it with an orange glow. Riding your bike is not only relaxing, it is also healthy. I have been riding bikes since I was little. Whenever I needed to get away to that special place, whether it was a small pond or the other side of town, my bicycle was always there to take me. No gas or batteries required, just the power of your legs to get you there. You're not thinking about your unemployment or lack of money or anything else when you ride. Nowadays I try to get out and about often on my bike. This feeling has inspired to replace short trips to the gym or the grocery store with a bike instead of the car I usually drive. Like me, there are others who are starting to take this trend. Steep drop in coastal fish found in California power plant records - latimes.

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Hello my dear friends, I'm still working on my new thread Winders, and today I want to show you some news. Those sweety Rocking Horses!!! Aren't they pretty??? I painted them in soft light grey blue and I can imagine them hanging somewhere in our home for Christmas, even they'll be so needfull in our sewing basket or a treasure gift for our best friend!!. Next 'll be other thread winders in red!!!. so keep in touch my friends!!!. have the best stitching day my dear. angela here. from my new cozy little home office. monday-wednesday- friday. i know, you are thinking - but it is THURSDAY. yep. i took the home office route today as well due to the fact. i am sick. Many lodge the charge that some or all of the contributors at BioLogos either weaken or deny inerrancy, either openly or tacitly. My contention is that they affirm inerrancy, every one of them. As surely as Phil does, as surely as I do, as surely as you do. Everyone is an inerrantist. The only question is where we locate inerrancy. What of the BioLogos types? One might argue that they locate inerrancy in the scientistic fad du jour, the fad of uniformitarian macroevolutionism with a light dusting of God-talk on the top. by Frank TurkI’m taking some flack from readers because I’m only posting at my personal blog rather than here at TeamPyro, so on the one hand I’m thinking, “Who knew people read teamPyro for my posts? I thought I was filler of the sake of stringing people along until Phil can paste a post together. ” On the other hand I’m thinking, “Geez, I don’t want to end up like Pecadillo as a sort of token blog member. ”I have been blogging about a couple of things over at my site – like Baptist prohibitionism and the matter of whether or not most people exercise or demonstrate the actual doctrine of separation rather than some thin-skinned phobic response to imperfect people. And for the record, these topics are mostly denominational, which is why I have sort of not blogged them here – we’d like to have TeamPyro be a little more broadly-interesting than Southern Baptist navel-gazing. You know: especially since I’m the only decent Southern Baptist on the team. Anyway, I had something that I have been mulling over since yesterday which started when I told Ed Komoszewski that Daniel Wallace was a Greek scholar and not a NT scholar – which was a rather glib statement, I have to admit. This is where I am Right Now What I’m thinking about is this: we would all be served much better in our Christian walks – especially when we are talking about discernment issues – if we spent our time reading and thinking about things in the way they are intended to be received rather than getting very geeked up about something which, superficially, sounds pretty bad. Let me give you two examples. The bird is on Diddington Pit in the SW corner. View carefully from just after gap in hedge. The original quote reads: “Fischer’s adversaries knew that he derived unwholesome pleasure from ravishing them.

“I like to see ‘em squirm,“ he famously said.

"To the wicked, everything serves as pretext. Good morning, happy Monday. As the fog is burning off at the shore we have mostly sunny skies right now with only a breeze. There's a NW swell showing in both the patch and channel this morning. The patch is around thigh to waist high as well. Nice glassy conditions. All that remains to be seen is who the artist will be and the exact release date. My good friend Penny taught me how to make these wonderful centre step cards that stand up beautifully for display. You can make these cards in lots of different shapes and sizes by altering the measurements and fold placements, but I'm going to show you using the same measurements that Penny showed me. Use a craft knife or a trimmer to cut along the cut lines. Score along each of the fold lines. Use the fold guide to fold along all the score lines you made earlier.

I made these last year but I thought they were worth showing again.

This is a Greek dish called Dakos.

If you can't find these dry Greek rusks I am using here, you could just use a nice piece of toasted bread.

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