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I've had my beady little eye on this place in DUMBO for a looong time.

The top three floors of the building are one apartment— with slammin' views of lower Manhattan, and the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. If true: a bargain!. ohgizmo. A READER who signs himself “Still Waiting” wants to know if my friend ever finished the science fiction novel he was writing. I’m afraid not. That was about six years ago, and he hasn’t added a word to it since. He says it’s writer’s block, but I think it’s woman trouble. You can’t write science fiction if you’re having woman trouble. But never mind that. He says you can claim the beginning and finish it yourself if you want. Oh dear. But what's this? All those studies from the oh-so-scrupulous tobacco control industry have been overly-optimistic? Say it ain't so! Deliveries of tobacco to retailers in Australia rose slightly last year for the first time in at least five years, even after the introduction of plain packaging aimed at deterring smokers, according to industry sales figures to be released on Monday.

Whether or not you agree with her, Suze Orman is a well respected role model in the financial world.

The husband and I personally love her, and have her shows on tivo. I always tell the husband if we ever want something extravagent, we will write into Suze's "Can I Afford It?" section of her show. It's all about how to deal with the current economic situation. Happy reading!. IBM Makes Math Cool, Current. i think this kitchen is so peaceful. the calming color palette w/ a touch of the unexpected- yellow. and who doesn't love lights from schoolhouse electric?? i am still holding on dear to my catalog, looking for a perfect spot to place one of these beauties! btw, i found this image from oliveaux, one of my new favorite blogs!. You have been willing to make the greatest sacrifice to keep our nation free. Many of you have been scarred for life by the horrors of war. You have born pains many of us civilians will never have to know. God bless you and thank you on this Memorial Day. We are proud of you! Hugs, Susan and Bentley.

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Sc. You will be creating during the workshop as you learn. ArtistWebsites. My dad and Linda also headed up there, so it was nice to see most of the family! North Mankato was having their fun days celebration really close to the Hunecke's house, so it worked out nicely. My brother was in full host mode. He's the only person I know that would put his grilling supplies in a tool box. We got up there on Friday and grilled out and were joined by our friends, Scott and Lisa. Saturday was the big parade. Buckle in, kids, because it's about to get very bumpy. Meanwhile, watch as your Crazy Uncle Liberty is effortlessly reprogrammed to dance to Vlad the Elector's tune. I love when I discover that I can do something new. These were not at all expensive and both my mom and mother-in-law were impressed by them, saying, "You made those!?" Yep. That's me. I can make earrings, apparently. All I needed to make them was a wire bending tool-thingy, which I already owned for some reason. Remember, I mentioned that Mother's Day this year also happened to be my birthday? So, of course, I needed a little something special for myself. The remaining three pairs will be perfect for end-of-the-school-year teacher gifts for Mia's kindergarten teacher, para-pro, and her tap teacher.

Let's begin with some headlines: Dog found raped, murdered and left hanging from tree .

Hi all. Linda here with today's project of how to use your ribbon stash to decorate summer goodie bags. For this project, I use left over ribbons from the July kit that you can purchase here. They are beautiful. Bizarro is brought to you by Poignant Clothing. Today's cartoon is about motorcycles and wheelchair ramps and daredevils and people who work at corny chain restaurants like T. G. I.


I'm getting a giggle from it. Pretty soon I'm going to start doing the occasional video blog. Do you think that would be fun? I'll just sit at my desk and talk into a home video camera about the day's cartoon or whatever. Let me know your thoughts. .