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Golly I miss them so.

can't think of a better reason to play!!And wouldn't it be brilliant if everyone put the link on their blog? I can imagine the array of beautiful butterflies we scrappers could create. Thanks Dan!.

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This card is an easy one. I just embossed in gold the Just for You. Added some gold metallic paper to line the envelope and wrapped baker's twine and a metallic button to the outside of the envelope. Products Used: Just for You stamp set Accessories- Baker's Twine, Metallic buttons, Gold Metallic paper, Gold embossing powder. It's so mild outside and I have spring fever and it's not even Christmas day yet! This unseasonably warm weather has brought with it thoughts of my potting shed. I was considering building a new one, but then I thought to myself why? Why not take the existing one and tweak it to my liking? So that's what I plan to do. In the meantime, I decided to spruce it all up for Christmas. The two metal chairs were alley finds back in Idaho. They are rusty and chippy and I love them. Thanks to everyone who inquired about Hanno's health. He's fine now, his eye has healed well and apart from eye drops every two hours during the day for the next three weeks, it's business as usual. I was really pleased that it rained while he was out of action with his eye. Had it not been so wet, I know I would have had Buckley's chance of keeping him out of the backyard.

When the eye healed and the rained stopped, he was raring to go.

We'd been discussing changes to the backyard to better contain the chickens and that has evolved into an extra vegetable garden and so now it's full steam ahead.

I'll write a post about the changes in the backyard later in the week. We went to the Landcare Conference at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre on Saturday. What a day! There were a lot of very interesting speakers and I met up with a few friends I hadn't seen for a while. "No offense meant, Captain Holden," Wendell said, "but I'm starting to wish I'd just shot you when I had the chance. ""None taken," Holden replied with a nod. - JAMES S. A. we're going to tantalize your taste buds and tempt your imagination with all of the scrumptious cakes throughout the year!This first post will take you on a little trip through the rarely seen back end of the bakery, where the master decorators are slaving away at their trade. You'll be seeing a lot of this guy, Tony, who has been an anchor in the decorative zone for decades. This baby features a beach scene. He works alongside his little brother Javier. Pour les photos c'est ici. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Clear sunny skies, another warm and glorious day in Bo.

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Though the recipe didn't call for cheese, I added some gouda to it.

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