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I love to knit toys, and my kids love them.

I've made a few lately, but only one has sat for a photo session. This is Topsy Turvy.

I used a pattern from one of Jean Greenhowe's books.

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It's raining.

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Montesinos is critical of those who want to stop rat-tossing.

"We can't lose the very thing that makes us unique," he said. How wonderful is our God! So wonderful, that he sent His only Son, to be born in a dirty stable amongst farm animals. Yet, this special child would grow and be loved, adored, rejected, hated and despised. This special child would eventually be brutally killed upon a wooden cross and victoriously rise again on the third day! This was so that we may have the opportunity to obtain eternal salvation. Don't let yourself get so caught up in the "things" of Christmas that you miss the real reason that we celebrate life every day. It's not the day that matters, but our God and His Son, and their love. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Next Sunday, Father Ang and I, in our homilies, will “set the tone” for these weeks of fasting, praying and caring for the needs of others. In this bulletin is a handout with many Lenten opportunities. Monthly prayer. En utbygget espalier betyr plass til atter en Clematis.

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And we all know how well that system worked out for the masses.

By contrast, if there were such a thing as a true laissez-faire economy, everyone who genuinely wanted to work would be employed. The problem in today’s socialist America is that people do not have to work if they don’t want to. Millions of perfectly capable individuals have the option of remaining unemployed because of “jobless benefits,” minimum-wage laws, food stamps, and other forms of welfare. Wind is still lightly side-shore and there are a few waves with surfers in the water. Good morning! Go GIANTS!! Another beautiful sunny morning with mild temps and streaky skies. Winds are side shore which is causing ocean texture but the weather is relatively nice and dry with no rain. Surf is a bit smaller than the last couple of days. Swell has dropped and both spots are showing waves in the knee to thigh high size. It is a little bumpy/choppy out there due to the wind. Channel has lefts that are longboardable and thigh high at best. Patch has rights that are longboardable and knee to thigh high. Bring your longest board for best results today. I missed out on this awesome photo on Ebay but have to admit its amazing. List of all articles and pages on this site. Use the links below to access the posts. E. Kurdish media reports expected that President Masoud Barzani will attend the meeting, while others said the head of the Kurdish Presidency Divan Fouad Hussein will attend. .