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So the minute I hung up the phone I went shopping.

Thought I would just peek at the Easter goodies, maybe find a new bunny, maybe not. Well guess what? I am addicted to bunnies! I can't help it. Given the chance and a credit card I can buy lots of bunnies in a very short time. Lasted for a day. Pottery Barn was my first stop and look at the bunny platter I found! It has little bunnies around the edge! How cute will my fresh baked tarts look on this platter? You can have one too! Just go to and do a search for "bunny platter". My mind is spinning. There is so much to process and pray about and I'm not quite ready to share all those things yet. There is one thought from the Sunday sessions that have continued to challenge, or better said, stepped all over my toes.

It has been an area that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember.

F. E. A. Can't you just feel the love?. Today Pigga the fluffy cat was lying on the porch, sleeping in a patch of sun with a big happy smile on her face. I thought, That's like me with all the children in school. Amy is teaching this year, full-time until college starts and then half-time. Emily, Ben, Steven, and Jenny are in school, under the tutelage and guidance of their dad and sister and another teacher, the sweet young Mrs. Baker. So they are not rattling around the house at all hours, throwing pillows in the air or arguing loudly about whether or not Emily was winking with both eyes at the same time. And I? I am home alone. It is wonderful. I have time to think. Today I closed my eyes for a while and listened to the clock ticking. Looking at a few posts and items on line this week there used to be quite an industry making and selling Filofax Add-Ons. Not just paper ones either. What would you like as an add on for your Filofax if you could get it made these days? But as it is Friday you are of course free to discuss anything Filofax related. The girls and I make sugar cookies every year at Christmas.

Mostly because Razor's mother got Licious hooked on them a few years back.

And because they taste good. Even the raw cookie dough is good. So I'm told anyway. ::Blink:: ::Blink::What??Wasn't me. Didn't do it.

Got any cookie recipes you wanna share?-dana.

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It is my day here at the Really Reasonable Blog.

Bright and happy is what I craved today. I grabbed oodles of lipstick red seam binding and matched it up with scraps, bingo cards, stickers, and anything that made me smile! I also used moss seam binding and green apple baker's twine for contrast. Several of the cards I also decked out the inside for fun. Great way to use scraps and tidbits. Sometimes I like to put my sentiment inside as well. The project is being run by Gavin Bradley, ex-Saatchi & Saatchi and the star of one of our country’s few sculpture theft events. Airport buff Sir Noel Robinson told the DomPost, “ It would be one of the great sculptures of the world”, so that’s good. Images: Top the Kapiti Whale proposal. Bottom: other whale-on-stick projects around the world. The photo above shows the car in its transporter mode. Alan sat on the floor between his mothers legs and his only view was treetops and the electrical wires. much of the expectation we've all had - was directly inspired by Abadi and Alak. They are the ones telling us when they were going to "start the project". .