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In retrospect Far Guy says he wonders why in the world his Dad liked to hunt up one hill and down the other.

I said "Perhaps he wished he was hunting in Montana. " It is beautiful back in those woods, they seem so different from our area that has so much brush. The Columbine or Aquilegia canadensis is blooming all over, we saw one area just covered in blooms. The Wild Phlox or Phlox divaricata has popped out of it's hiding places. via. . Congratulations Erin! Your name was picked randomly out of a box- you lucky girl! You will be emailed shortly. Thanks so much to the wonderful ladies behind the project. Be sure to check out their new collaboration right here which just premiered today. So, so lovely. I’ve been thinking about this month’s project for Allie’s Christmas Through The Year. It is so cute!These are the coasters. This set was quick and easy to make. I made everything, the caddy and the coasters, in one morning.

You probably wonder why think about Christmas now.

Like Allie, I’m not going to wait until the last minute this year. Images - Wild at Heart. There is a tale that a man wrote to Mark Twain. Not knowing the address, the man marked the envelope: "Mark Twain"God knows where"He received a response from Twain: "He did. "Now, I don't know how accurate that tale is, but it is often trotted out by the United States Postal Service to show its efficiency. You know them. They are the folks who cannot figure out how to deliver mail on Saturdays. But I have a tale of true postal efficiency. And the USPS does not figure in it. When I returned from Oregon at the beginning of February, I found two Christmas cards in my Mexican postal box. No box number. And the incorrect postal code. When Andee recruited me into the ranks of bloggers, I had no idea what a rich experience it would be. For two weeks in April, I was effectively out of touch with the blogs that I read on a daily basis. I felt like I had lost some of my closest friends. Not being able to post made me feel almost as lost. I have tried to explain these feelings to my non-blogging friends. They just do not get it. For that reason, I am feeling a bit guilty about being back home for almost a week without posting anything substantive. If you would like a preview, I posted a review on Cruise Critic earlier this week. If any of you have any specific questions, let me know. via. yipeeee!!!. nuovi arrivi. Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Hello, everyone! I'm still here, just not sewing very much these days. My part-time job is going well. I don't know how people find time to quilt after working full-time. This job thing is really cramping my quilty style! I needed to buckle down last weekend and make progress on this Stacked Squares graduation quilt for a friend. I picked up a fresh box of safety pins yesterday at my LQS that will be closing soon. It was quicker to buy new pins than to finish that other quilt. Anyway, the batting is in the dryer to relax the folds, then I'll be ready to baste this one. By the way, by cousin received his blue Stacked Squares. I have two copies of Aidan Harte's Irenicon up for grabs, courtesy of the folks at Jo Fletcher Books. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. The artificial river, created overnight by Concordian engineers using the Wave, runs uphill. But times are changing. Concordian engineer Captain Giovanni is ordered to bridge the Irenicon – not to reunite the sundered city, but to aid Concord’s mighty armies, for the engineers have their sights set firmly on world domination and Rasenna is in their way. What she can’t understand is why Giovanni is trying so hard to stop the feuding, or why he is prepared to risk his life, not just with her people, but also with the lethal water spirits – the buio – that infest the Irenicon. Times are changing. For more information about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. R. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. I made these adorable gift sets for my friends. They do not know what they are having. My other girlfriend is expecting a girl. I borrowed this "Baby Firsts" set from my friend Elisabeth. The edges of the envelopes are stamped with the baby's face in matching pink or green.

The clear boxes make them such nice gifts.

They are from clearbags. It's done in memory of a little boy who passed away due to illness and loved tractors. The money goes towards scholarships for high school seniors. Jay had this crazy idea that he needed a "new experience" and asked to push them. So he did! The boys did great. Jenna was the first girl to finish the race! Must be those long legs. les scans sont de lui ! Nous.

pas de chance.

I had to buy mine. Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to Jess David, and exquisite online jewelry boutique.

All items at jessdavid.

Amethyst and Blue Topaz Multi-Stone Sterling Silver Ring. Amethyst and Blue Topaz Multi-Stone Earrings. Lemon Quartz and Amethyst Teardrop Earrings. Lemon Quartz Infinity Link Sterling Silver Bracelet. Smoky Geometric Mosaic Mother of Pearl Bangle. Dig this assortment of ads for Merry Marvel merchandise. I still have the books and calendar, believe it or not!. This is nasty stuff. There are rumors circulating that Paterson will either announce a selection of a lieutenant governor to break the stalemate or threaten to do so. Which is absolutely fine unless you plan to make jewelry with them. Which I do! See?! So, I replaced the photos and got to work. What FUN!! I'm going to give the new owners of these pieces the option of having the front cover of the lockets removed. I think they necklaces are much more beautiful when the photos inside are showing. And, I'd be sure to send along the covers. I made sushi yesterday but before I get to that, I thought I should show you how Teddy is doing her part to help in this frigid weather. She is doing her version of snow removal, a few square feet at a time.

When she is not helping outside, she is doing cleanup in the kitchen.

But mama, I am bored. Back to the sushi.