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I arise todayThrough a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity,Through belief in the Threeness,Through confession of the Onenessof the Creator of creation. I arise todayThrough the strength of Christ's birth with His baptism,Through the strength of His crucifixion with His burial,Through the strength of His resurrection with His ascension,Through the strength of His descent for the judgment of doom. I arise todayThrough the strength of the love of cherubim,In the obedience of angels,In the service of archangels,In the hope of resurrection to meet with reward,In the prayers of patriarchs,In the predictions of prophets,In the preaching of apostles,In the faith of confessors,In the innocence of holy virgins,In the deeds of righteous men.

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I arise today, throughGod's strength to pilot me,God's might to uphold me,God's wisdom to guide me,God's eye to look before me,God's ear to hear me,God's word to speak for me,God's hand to guard me,God's shield to protect me,God's host to save meFrom snares of devils,From temptation of vices,From everyone who shall wish me ill,afar and near. Christ with me,Christ before me,Christ behind me,Christ in me,Christ beneath me,Christ above me,Christ on my right,Christ on my left,Christ when I lie down,Christ when I sit down,Christ when I arise,Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,Christ in every eye that sees me,Christ in every ear that hears me. "The Gospels speak of a time of solitude for Jesus in the desert immediately after his baptism by John. Mk. Jesus rebuffs these attacks, which recapitulate the temptations of Adam in Paradise and of Israel in the desert, and the devil leaves him 'until an opportune time. Jesus fulfills Israel's vocation perfectly: in contrast to those who had once provoked God during forty years in the desert, Christ reveals himself as God's Servant, totally obedient to the divine will. In this, Jesus is the devil's conqueror: he 'binds the strong man' to take back his plunder.

This is a reoccurring deal that I haven't seen for a few months.

Labels: grocery. Take a look at my favorite pieces. courtesy of singtao. Gong Li said, "I have always heard that wire work was very painful, but I felt it was much easier than being on the ground.

Nowhere on my body did I have to use strength.

I am all about dramatic play, but I struggle with making sure that my dramatic play centers are interesting and engaging. I like to change them up, but I don't like to spend a ton of money or store a lot of stuff. On Monday I shared some of my favorite tips for adding authentic items to doll-themed dramatic play, but there are so many great ideas out there that it seemed a shame to stop with my own personal list. So here are some other doll ideas that I've rounded up. This cute diaper-changing/hygiene station Easy DIY Diapers Doll clothes storage This amazing cardboard cradle! Dry bath time - that doubles as storage Did you see any ideas that spark your imagination?! These ideas are exactly what I look for when I want to try something new, I hope they inspire you too!. Today is the one year anniversary since my grandma died.

As you know, from the last post, she's been in my thoughts a lot lately.

Of course, me being a food-obsessed vegan, I've also been thinking about my food memories from her. The year I was born,my grandparents were doing the Peace Corps in Ghana, when she developed heart trouble. The doctors wanted to put her on heavy duty meds, with lots of side effects. She didn't want that, so she did a lot of research and landed on the Pritikin Diet. My whole childhood, she was a very strict adherent to this diet: no salt, no fat, no sugar. So, while most of you might have very fond memories of Grandma with cookies and treats, my food memories are a bit different. Canning my own no-sugar applesauce definitely makes me think of her. Fresh raspberries from her garden will always bring her to my thoughts. Today I made two other recipes that came from her. This just in from the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association:Bob Waldrop resigns as BBRSDA executive directorRobert Heyano, President of the Board of Directors of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, announced today that the board has accepted the resignation of its executive director, Bob Waldrop, who has served in that capacity since inception of the association. The board wishes Bob well in his next endeavors. The board has appointed Mike LaRussa, who presently serves as the Treasurer of the association, to serve as interim executive director until a permanent successor can be named. "Mountains," a typographic illustration by London-based artist Lizzy Stewart. Thus the Islamic monuments are threatened day after day by overcrowding, and the halls of mosques have turned into unlicensed open-air Cafeterias. "I saw a piece of stone break off Sultan Barqouq Mosque after a truck scraped its wall. The traffic movement negatively affects the archeological sites," Said the owner of a shop in the Islamic street. “Humidity could cause stones to fall from the mosque facade or shaking due to the traffic movement could cause damage,” said Mustafa Amin, head of Islamic Archeology in the Supreme Council of Antiquities. Amin added that some damage could be repaired. He continued there would not be a threat on the mosque itself as its substructure and sewer pipeline, fixed during previous restoration, were maintained but said car exhaust could damage the mosque’s facades. A few snapshots from May. I got to talk to Kiken on his way to Korea!!! Finally! Flowers on our tree. Block party! Jake helped with baby prep. Dinner with old Academy friends!!!. We wrapped up our trip with a laid-back Saturday afternoon at the beach. Just some beach chairs, waves, football, and some sunshine. It hit the spot quite nicely. Not doing so will devastate our world. They met with the President this week. Besides, it would lead to federal intervention in the state and local government's right to save a few bucks by poisoning the poor. And worst of all, this sort of thing could lead to the feds wanting to abolish slavery or grant equal rights to women and gays and, and, and. There's An App For That: Many “health” apps share – for which read sell, trade, or use against you themselves, your medical information. This is definitely a story-telling layout – one where the journaling and the photos tell the whole story. You could also choose to swap out the photos for paper or embellishments and place your journaling and photo in the center. I chose to picture the people that I listed in my Mile Dedication list during the Half Marathon. These are the people that are important to me and I just love this page. The great rain debate is on. Each summer I have spent here, a major point of contention, in any expatriate watering hole, is the rain. But our weather talk tends to get narrowed down this year to two parties: The Rain Is Late This Summer party, and It Never Starts This Early party. Both groups are at each other's throats like Shias and Sunnis at a Ramadan midnight buffet. Here we are in the second week of July, and, other than the inches we received from the hurricane Carlos spinoff, our spring and early summer have been almost bone dry. We have had a couple of nearly dry thunderstorms with a few teasing drops. But that has been it. The hurricane season here started with three major Pacific storms right out of the chute. Since then, the National Hurricane Center has been displaying the image you see at the top of this essay. And that is fine with me. But I am a big summer rain fan. When I first came to Melaque, we could expect a nice rain storm every three or four days. The theme of the show was Successful Young People. William Hague. A young man on the move. I've worn glasses since I was fifteen and while I tend to wear my contacts most of the time, I have always loved expressing myself with unique and fashionable frames. But I've got a little problem. I treat my glasses TERRIBLE! I toss then in my purse, store them in a drawer and pretty much never use a case. Typically I shop for glasses at my local optometrist but when luxury eyewear brand David Kind asked if I would like to try their "shop at home experience", I jumped at the chance to select frames in a new and wonderful way. It's a bit early for me to be thinking Christmas right now but when this delightful single stamp arrived this week I had to use it! But it has been a very merry week around here starting with a two cake anniversary gathering for me and my husband and ending with a trip to the county fair where Emma got her first taste of fried dough, french fries and vinegar and soft swirled ice cream! Hey I didn't say it was a healthy week - just a merry one! Here's Emma tasting that ice cream cone. and you also get a sneak peek of me and my new all natural gray hair! I am hosting this week at Freshly Made Sketches - hope you join us! . Oh the Pals are hopping into the New Year and sharing some delightful creations made from items available in Stampin' Up's new spring catalog and Sale-a-bration! Sycamore Street Designer Series Paper, Ribbon and Buttons make a lively Valentine card. The stamp sets Hearts a Flutter and Ciao Baby coordinate perfectly with matching framelits and mini punches. Such fun to play with and put together! There's a lot to see so I won't keep you long! Your next stop along the way is Lori Martin's blog - I am sure she has something wonderful to share with you! The line up is posted below - don't want you to miss anyone! Dawn Tidd at Tiddbits from Dawn Sherrie Gross at Stampin Sunshine Naki Rager at. notes from Naki Peggy Noe at prettypapercards. who doesn't like those old fashion Victorian images? Old world Santas and sweet cherubic angels. It is my day to share a little something something over at the RRR blog . I was having so much fun I made two cards instead of one. I used it on both cards. Love the iridescent quality it has. The first card I did with more traditional colors. Requested: A "nautical inspired" young boy's roomRequested: A "rainforest" inspired young girl's roomIt was fun doing children's rooms!. I joined the Block Lotto in an attempt to destash!This month's block is called Modern Clover and was designed by Kate. I didn't use a bunch of different greens like most people. I cut one strip of green and had enough squares to make all the leaves. I realized my stash consists of mostly medium hues. Maybe I'll win!. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. e are invited, brethren, most earnestly to go away from the old-fashioned belief of our forefathers because of the supposed discoveries of science. What is science? The method by which man tries to conceal his ignorance. It should not be so, but so it is. Forsooth, you and I are to take our Bibles, and shape and mould our belief according to the ever-shifting teachings of so-called scientific men. She'll be discussing what causes pastel pieces to "turn to mud" and how to avoid it, as well as use of a variety of pastels and their attributes, including Rembrandt, NuPastel, & Sennelier. "First They Came For The Dirty Hippies" Edition. For example, we actually remember what it has been like to be a Liberal in American over the last few decades. From the "In Memoriam" column for Mr. It was a life both short and loud. What began with a bad cough just after Valentine’s Day became a spiraling infection that ravaged Gilliard’s vulnerable heart and kidneys, and he spent most of his last four months hospitalized. They must have been confused when Gilly’s online pals, sickened by the way some right-wing bloggers were gloating over his death, advised them not to disclose where he was buried, out of fear that someone might deface the site. because you're being manipulated, propagandized, and lied to, and that includes anything I link to. Just because I link to an article does not mean I endorse it as true. It simply means it was something I found interesting and possibly worthy of vetting. When you also realize how dumbed down the average American is, you can see the problem. As Arjun Walia, of GlobalResearch. why? Lest you think me cruel and uncaring, allow me to say that what happened was terrible and I can't even begin to imagine what the family and friends of the victims must be feeling. The thing I find curious is the response.


and opened fire, striking the man and two other people. Oh, by the way, Chicago has very strict gun laws. Just wondering about these things. I sort of like what Rick Moran said at PJ Media: I would like to propose that anyone and everyone who writes anything about the massacre in Colorado save their work and, when the next mass killing occurs, simply republish the article, plugging in the new names, dates, and places where appropriate. Post Surf Update:Relatively clear skies. No rain, no wind, sun is out and cool temps.

Weather should hold for the day.

Surf is in the knee to waist to chest range with waves at the Boat Ramp, Channel and the Patch. Surf is fun and rampy with lots of little workable sections. Surf conditions are smooth and a longboard, shortboard or bigger fish will work. Check out this early drag slick by Cadet. This looks to be around the time Stan Dishong had his own drag slick vulcanized for the Indian Scout. Andrew Wilson reviews The Bible Tells Me So. Yet the book is also fundamentally imbalanced. Enns is so eager to show how “messy” and “weird” the Bible is that he frequently exaggerates difficulties, presents a one-sided picture, or neglects obvious resolutions to the "contradictions" he puts forward. So, for instance, he shows us differences between sacrificial laws in Exodus and Deuteronomy and calls them contradictions, without acknowledging that the former are given for life in the wilderness, and the latter for life in the Promised Land. g. Isa. His paraphrases sometimes create discrepancies out of thin air. This as youth group Anakbayan Cordillera demanded the government to cease their food blockade in war-affected areas in Abra like Malibcong as food is scarce among civilians in the area. The group said the Armed Forces of the Philippines is deliberately violating international humanitarian laws in the conduct of war, saying civilians are being deprived of their right to humanitarian aid. Imelda Tabiando, spokesperson of the human rights group Cordillera Human Rights Alliance said to date, no groups are allowed to go into Malibcong. The summers call for many drinks to cool the hot bodies. MaTha or herbed n spiced buttermilk is a sure way of quenching the parched throats. It's a much better drink than your sugar laden ones, I need not stress on that. MaTha tastes best when cooled in terracotta pots with the flavor of clay lending a nice aroma but unglazed terracotta is difficult to clean as it is porous so the next best thing are there ceramic tumblers. They don't lend the earthy taste but definitely take you straight into the lush green villages where the cool breeze blows and summer calls for sitting out on hand woven cots to beat the heat while everyone discusses life as it goes by at a snail's pace. MaTha is a lovely drink that refreshes you without giving you a sugar high yet the spices and herbs get your blood circulation going. I remember consuming bottles of MaTha when I used to visit Gujarat for work after sweating it out in the summer sun that blinded any one walking the Industrial areas. Truth is, he probably would have found himself in a similar position early regardless. A recent report by KL Kucera et al give details on high school and college fatalities related to head and/or spinal injuries. The head down-head first position was frequently implicated. I wonder what parents and grand parents of high school footballers think about the ambulances frequently parked off to the side of the playing field.

A recent article in the September/October issue of the Journal of the American Board of Family Practice by David Hildebrandt called attention to an issue with some answering services techniques that serve to prevent patients from contacting their physicians.

By simply being asked "Is this an emergency?", many contacts with the physician are eliminated. Patients often call their doctor because they do not know if the issue is serious enough to be considered an emergency or not. This "filtering" technique does not serve the interests of the patient. Procedural barriers limiting contact with doctors cannot be in the physicians' s best interests either. The small sample size precludes robust conclusions about how widespread the practice might be. .