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The real information you need can be found in several locations on the web for free and like the old saying "a fool and his money are soon parted.

I have to admit that this was the hardest lesson for me to learn but you know something? The hardest part was acknowledging right here when I was wrong about the prospects.

I had stretched myself a little more than even elastic girl could stretch. Honestly, I was tired. Home school lessons got a little backed up. And the dust on the bookshelf became a little too thick. I was no longer swimming. I wasn't even treading water. Launched from a trailer-mounted pneumatic catapult, it is recovered with the aid of arresting gear similar to jets on an aircraft carrier. The training program is mainly undertaken by civilian instructors. Experimenting is always interesting. Good morning, guys. I added some pics of Roger Federer to his page on the brflines site this morning. Players like Nadal and Murray can beat Roger on any given night, I believe Andy Murray now has four consecutive wins over Roger. But Roger will always be a great champion and for us, a champion of the briefline!. I've been busy tackling all kinds of DIY projects around the house and something I have been putting off for WAY too long is remaking our ottoman. From spilled juice to permanent markers, the ottoman was pretty disgusting and it was time to figure something out. Before getting rid of it, I thought I would at least see if there was something under the stuffing and fabric that I could salvage. I considered making a slip cover for it but I really wanted a coffee table with a surface that could actually be used. Much to my delight, there was a nice sturdy wood frame underneath.

The Tenth Month From off in the distance I see it.

October. New fruit appears on the trees now. My hands smell like oranges till long past noon. The Great Horned owls have begun to gather. Far up in the tops of maple trees only just beginning to think of changing their garments to the fall shades of fire, they land in the moonlight, silhouettes of legend, of wisdom, of dreams. A grey wind hinting of woodsmoke sweeps in from the west, painting sooty faces on the pansies and conducting the poplar leaves in recondite choruses that rustle and quaver as I make my way past. The utility said the rotating outages would continue overnight Saturday and into Sunday.

Ice and Cold: Global Warming Believers are Today's Climate DeniersWho is anti-science now?.

Hi everyone, Laurel here as my first official post as a Unity Design Team member and I couldn't be more excited! I am sure many of you know how much I love my Unity stamps so I was absolutely thrilled when Angela asked me to join her team! Today I have a layout to share and I have used some SMAK kit stamps. As a card maker, scrapbooker and more recently a Project Lifer, I love how the SMAK stamps add just the finishing touch and detail to my projects. For this layout I have used the My Point of View and Cre-ate kits along with a sentiment from the Insta-cute set, I love the subtle added detail of them. So are you a SMAK kit subscriber? If not, sign up now and you can start your subscription with this amazing kit The current kit Summer Lovin' is available now. Look at all those fun images! Have a great weekend everyone!. Hello Ai fans! Today I'm sharing a fun gift basket with you. His little arms wobble when you "tweak" them. I filled the gift bag with a bunch of chocolate treats. InLinkz. Sometimes we meet someone and like that person instantly. We share laughter, hopes and dreams. We share the good and the bad times. We share the same interests. But sometimes for unknown reasons that person just drops you out of their life. They don't call or write anymore.

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And it hurts. stuff. co. nz has a new video interview with GRRM in which he seems resigned to the possibility that Westeros will not die with him. Follow this link to watch the interview. Here's the blurb:In a time beyond the apocalypse, when the remnants of society are trying to restore life to the way it once was, three young circus children go exploring in the town where the circus is camped. This library is heaven for these child survivors of the apocalypse, but they may not be the only ones who feel this way. ― Sun Tzu, slightly updated From the State Journal-Register: Donald Trump scheduled to appear Monday at Springfield PCCC By Bernard Schoenburg, Political Writer Posted Nov. “It’s going to re-energize the troops,” she said. m. Monday.

Well kids, this is two days in a row! Shocking, I know.

I'm telling ya, it is parenting at it's finest over here folks! Ha! Anyways, about this time last week, we were at the beach. Sniffle. Which creature of the night are you? Your Result: Sorceror Control is the name of your game. You are a studied tactician and scientist and you seek a kingdom where things make sense, damn the morals, even if you have to create it.

You are cold, calm and calculating.

Vampire Incubus/Succubus Werewolf Ghost Cthulu Spawn Demon Which creature of the night are you?Quiz Created on GoToQuiz. We are in the midst of preparing for Mia's fourth birthday party "Under the Sea," which means we are making lots of crafty sea creatures. There are several versions of this toilet paper tube octopus posted online.

I used this as our starting point.

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Athletic Lace-Up Crop Top and Workout Pant.

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Anybody else laugh at the part about camera footage being "accidentally deleted"?UPDATE: WarOnGuns Correspondent Florida Guy sends word on a similar development.

The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field.

When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership.

Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Cyclesista: It's that time again! The latest cyclesista post is up. Visit to support bloggers who are actively cycling this month, or to add your own blog to the list. A couple of days slipped by and I had not visited parts of my garden. I went out early this morning and was shocked to see how much had grown in such a short time. I harvested some of my lavender. I've always wanted to learn how to weave those lavender wands so maybe I will look into that. This is a bit blurry but here is my first tomato!!! And what a cutie it is!!!The beginning of my eggplants. The first cherry tomato. Evidence that a certain puppy has been boozing again! Not really, I just used this as a slug trap. As usual, one image is the original cartoon, the warped image has been changed. Your mission, if you are heroic enough to tackle it, is to find those differences. NONE of the differences have to do with the warped nature of the second image. ALL of the differences are something missing, added, or moved, not just "bent" from the distortion. Like hundreds of thousands of other young men Herbert firmly believed it was his duty to fight when his country called. Herbert was born in Oldham, the second child of Thomas and Edith Ogden. Thomas was a successful licensed victualler and had sent his son to a boarding school in Scotland.

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Many of us firmly believe in the potential that technology has to transform the teaching and learning cultures of schools.

Even though I am preaching to the choir, many schools still treat education as an effort in preparing students for a world that no longer exists.

Technology is viewed as either a frill, distraction, or a non-factor in improving student achievement. The video below from Power On Texas provides a fantastic snapshot on how digital technology is transforming teaching and learning in Texas. The video hammers home the point that for many students school does not reflect real life. Our students want to be creative, collaborate, utilize technology for learning, connect with their peers in other countries, understand the messages that media convey, and solve real-world problems. .