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Legal, financial threats against DC’s pot legalization. Sure is a good thing that people NEVER say the words "REPEAL cannabis prohibition. " Right? If you want to be stop begging to be. Pretty In Pink I awoke before the sun came up this morning, feeling the effects of a few things. First, the switch in the time for daylight savings now that really sets your internal clock off. We also, just finished a week of sleeping in our living room, as we were in the long process of painting our bedroom. So we had our King size bed set up in our living room. Now that was weird. But once again, all work brings profit. And we also were blessed to get new carpet. It looks amazing! God is so good, we were in need of a refreshing touch. I have been working hard to develop skills that are not natural to me. But I can see the lure of it because it is challenging. The Parade Magazine that came with yesterday's Sunday Boston Globe had a nice article by Lynn Brenner about a basic investing strategy: How To Be a Smart Investor. Watch: Cutting car in half with an AX Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. Watch: NFL player terrified of horses Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. Can be used on the front or rear tires. In this article from the Sacramento Business Journal, it appears that the clinical IT efforts at UC are subject to the same types of problems as other areas at UC, as posted by Roy Poses for example here and here. m. The bonus came on top of Dr. Even At Merck & Co. , Inc. Living room with built in glass shelving book case. Large built in hutch in dinning area. Beautifully updated kitchen with new stainless oven/range, hood, refrigerator and new counter tops. New ductless heating and cooling. Large back deck off of dining area. New laminate wood flooring. "Investigators eventually apprehended a suspect, identified as Kevin Fields. Detectives said Fields broke into the home through the backdoor and killed Allen via blunt force trauma and stabbing. He also stole the victim’s wallet and cellphone. ". It seems like only yesterday that we had Thanksgiving and now here we are at another one…where does time go anyway? Time stands still for no man or woman. This is a favorite photo of mine, I took it one very cold day with almost perfect light a few years ago. Happy Thanksgiving, may your day be full of family, sunshine and laughter!. see the interview HERE. Here are some jolly snowmen who make an appearance every year in our house. I don't go overboard with Christmas decorations, but I like to think these are tasteful. I didn't make them all at once, but one at a time over a few years. I think they look nice displayed on the mantelpiece with lots of greenery. And here's a friendly gingerbread man saying Hello. There are times when covering New York Ranger and New York Islander prospects that life can be so nice. Getting to watch players and teams giving their all is more a treat than a chore. I do have to wonder how people can not see the special qualities from some of these kids as I get treated to. I knew playing with fabric would make me feel better. I had seen the pattern for this star and decided to give it a try. I love how it turned out. Recently, when blog hopping, I discovered the Carmen Rose Prose blog and the pattern/tutorial for how to make this star. It’s been a good first season at the high school level for him even though his team hasn’t won as many as they’ve lost, but Parker has shown some significant improvement. He started out a tad shy with the coaches and now has running jokes between them and him. He chose track. Chris and I had a really nice time taking Parker out one late evening to buy him running shoes and track spikes.

And we took Charlie along for the ride.

It was fun and we had a good time having some laughs too. In order NOT to be recognized by the locals he put some make-up on and tried to dress casual. For some unknown reason he was very anxious to show his private parts in the picture taken here. Fortunately our fast-handed guitarist saved the situation. John later said:"This was the easiest cover I've eve done".

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D. Model: Daisuke UedaEditorial: The New TraditionalistMagazine: UnknownPhotographer: Weston WellsStylist: Randall JacobsGrooming: Justin St. ClairArt Director: Eric ColesSource: westonwells. On my work desk this week is the second project from the templates I bought from Beetroot Tree. yep, I got my sewing machine out and had a play.

it's not finished, need to add some bits and bobs to it.

Yes, it should probably say "Progressive's" or "Liberal's" instead of "Democrat's", but you get the picture. On the other hand, I guess that the Progressives and Liberals align themselves with the Democrats. Stay safe.


tweetchat. Two days ago my brother Fred arrived in his truck. He had just delivered a tanker trailer to Portland and was here to take Dad back to Minnesota. It took a few hours for Cleo to warm up to Fred, but then she was smitten for good. They decided to leave today to pick up a load in Salt Lake City. I took Dad to the warehouse to look around one last time. He's been intrigued with the rebuilding of Steve's pellet mill that burned in May, so we nosed around there, too. Thus, another set of pictures that's a little bit like Kim Jong Un Looking At Things. The boxy building in the center is where the pelleting machine will be. And just so you know, two people are watching us from the highest window in the warehouse, way back there against the blue sky. Here they were lifting a beam into place. There's a special emphasis on metal and other fire-resistant materials in this building project. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive.

he reasons for God's grace to us are far above all human reason, for he himself has told us, "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

"Nay, I will go further than this, and say that, not only are God's modes of reasoning far above our own, but they often seem as if they were even contradictory to ours. Where we should draw one inference, God draws the very opposite. The folks over at Vicious have hit the skids. Their main man, and head fabricator, Carl Schlemowitz went down hard on a weekend training ride on the road. The crashed was caused by an unseen pot-hole or some sort of road hazard. Check them out HERE. because the good Lord knows football must go on. Other than a swastika being smeared on a wall using some sort of excrement, the form of this racial harassment is unknown. No one knows who participated in the poop art. Somehow this is the fault of the university president. So these big strong football players said, "We won't play unless President Tim Wolf resigns. Oh, and on the why out we want you to admit your white privilege. Inspirational crystal quote of the day: “The cure for anything is salt water - tears, sweat, or the sea.

" - Isak Dinesen Dense fog sweeping over the hill tops, the foxes and squirrels are playing hide and seek.

Beautiful morning here in Bo. Strong swells heading our way today. Already packed out in the streets, looking like a fun day.

Know your limits and ABIDE.

CHANNEL: A bit sloppy but workable lefts in front of the groin pole. Middle Channel has some rights and lefts standing up tall and waist high +. Seadrift is not breaking yet but will be working later on today with a different tide. PATCH: Waist high waves rolling in with the current dropping tide. By BB Mandy did not see Jennifer and Tom fight the next day as Jennifer had promised, so she never knew if they had fought that the day after watching her brutalize Greg in her fight with him. She had fantasized about the fight that Jennifer and Tom might have had, had they let her watch, but it was not the same as being there. The thought of the two adults going at it in a no holds barred physical contest melted her insides as she envisioned Jennifer dominating Tom in a fight until he pleaded for mercy as Greg and other boys had done under her youthful punishment. When she thought about it she realized she had not seen them much at all since that day when Greg had crawled from her victorious field of battle holding his balls in agony as he moaned in humiliated and very pained defeat. It had not been the last time for him either. At night she had heard their occasional shoutings and some thumps and muffled cries of pain from next door, but those few times merely fueled her curiosity and imaginings. It was nearly the anniversary of Mandy's first ball stomping defeat of Greg when Jennifer saw Mandy outside as she came home from work and waved to her.

On the occasions Mandy saw Jennifer she was always struck by how beautiful she thought Jennifer was and sophisticated in her striking business suits.

Here. I refuse to publish the two words of that article's title on this blog. I provide the link so that those of you still capable of minimally rational, coherent and decent thought can see the depths to which many people eagerly descend. For much of human history, that is also where you can end. In that connection, I've written at length about the "apocalyptic crusader" psychology, one which has led to horrifying consequences in the foreign policy of the United States. + Curley's Wife Quotes in Of Mice and Men+ Background of Women in the Novel+ What does the title mean?Thesis statement:She's an antagonist in a way, powerful and weak at the same time, and also a victim. Yet, when she's found dead, Candy pours abuse on her. e. BUT she's also a victim of the tragedy. Her own loneliness is a driving force and that's something we should pity. How does Achebe use language to create a sense of pity in Mother in A Refugee Camp? The title of the poem starts with an indefinite article, by describing the mother in a refugee camp as "A mother in a Refugee Camp", this portrays the mother as The indefinite article 'A Mother' in the title portrays her as being non specific and generic, as a general type of motherhood, in an unnatural context: the 'refugee camp'. This creates a certain sense of distance, as if she is not an individual but also increases the pity that so many mothers and children are in this situation that it is a 'type'.

I wish I wasn't cheap.

Really enjoyed the photos in your prior post. I'm curious about the plaques too. Were they replaced by other markers and where are you finding them? You have such interesting collections and the knack for proper display. .