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First up was a breakfast menu of Labrador tunnels, after paying a visit to the Dragon Tooth for a touch of good luck and safety for all the trainees. For most of the Sunbirds, this was a maiden experience to relish, interspersed with cool shade amidst flora and fauna, coupled with some down slopes and flat terrain for good breathers. It's supposed to be dark purply-blue with yellow windows, but ours is teal blue with white windows.

Oh well, you can't have everything! Still, it looked pretty spooky.

Here's how we did it. We sticky-taped glad bake into a cone-shaped piping bag, filled it with melted chocolate, and made chocolate spiders. I was visiting an old friend the other day, one who isn't really a "bike-nik" at all. Runnnit.


The problem with his thinking was, the summer camp he was attending was in the northwestern corner of Connecticut. Cinedigm, the US distributor of LIFE, just released the US trailer of the movie. No new scenes, but at the end of the trailer they give us a a release date.

See our review and trailer: pic.

Some cool car stuff from The Old Motor.

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i make purchase depending on the packaging and the sweet added bits of an item.

That wonderful UPS guy left me a box of new SU goodies this week that included new stamp sets and samples of all of the new In Colors! So I headed to my craft room and left this note for the other guy in my life: Hello Honey - I am upstairs sipping some Blackberry Bliss with a TangeloTwist enjoying the view of Lost Lagoon while creating a Work of Art! Dinner's in the oven - start without me. I merged the lovely image with a digital sentiment, printed and then coloured using alcohol markers. Keep on Creating! Jen Leeflang. Every day Annie and I go on a walk together. It is usually a mile or two, and we try to keep a pace that has both of us panting. I like it. And I like that it's just us girls. Gibson doesn't go on our walks since he spends at least two hours a day running as fast as possible around the farm while I do chores. He herds poultry and sheep, stares at goats, and taunts the pigs. He gets his jaunt in without trying, but Annie is ten years older, and she doesn't farm. She's a retired sled dog. So we walk in all weathers. I have been doing some sort of crafting since I was a child. My mom loved to make things and she included all of us in her hobbies. My father can build just about anything, and since he had no boys, us girls helped him on his projects. I have done some of everything from Sewing to Painting. I love to craft because it is a wonderful break from the craziness of life. Throughout my life I have been a good reader, but during the past several years, reading has taken a back seat. Recently, I renewed my Good Reads account. Since we are already half way into February, I have been playing catch up, but enjoying every moment. They were so enjoyable that I breezed through them so quickly. That book is Saving CeeCee Honeycutt. The characters have many tragic moments, yet the happier events that evolve kept me from crying too many tears. I suppose simple living is often been seen as a rural pleasure.

A way of life that makes sense in the country, or at least outside the city.

I think there are arguments for and against most locations, the key here is to work out where you have to be at a particular stage of your life and then make it work for you. Bloom where you are planted. I live in a semi-rural town about an hour's drive from our capital city and I'm very happy here.

There is good rainfall, we've built up our soil so it now produces abundant harvests, the sun shines most days and nothing much happens.

At this stage in my life, all those things are important to me. But public transport here isn't as reliable and frequent here as it is in the city, if we needed specialist medical services we'd probably have to drive into the city for them, and entertainment consists of beaches, cinemas and not much else. Living in the city offers good public transport, a wide variety of shops from which to buy groceries, a better choice of many things such as art galleries, exhibitions and schools. I'm a father of three kids and we all love Walt Disney World. I will attempt in this blog to jot some of my thoughts about Walt Disney World, both the good and the not so good. First, a little about myself. As I said, I'm a father of three and REALLY BIG Disney fan. I mean I REALLY caught the bug. Nine months later, we were back for Spring Break. these kittehs have the right idea. See you all later. P. S. Things are not always all bad. After seeing this acorn craft, I decided we would melt them and make some stained glass-like crafts. First, you may want to peel the wrappers off of your crayon bits as you collect them in your container. After that, I spent another long while making wax shavings with a pencil sharpener, since Mia got frustrated quickly while trying to help. While this was necessary for making the craft, I ended up with blisters, which I wasn't thrilled about.

by unknown It was a cold afternoon.

Everyone was sipping on hot cocoa and enjoying the fire. I was still feeling cold, though, and I asked my son to throw a blanket over me. When he came by and threw the blanket over me I didn't notice him and reclined back. Profuse apologies for my long silence. I truly am terribly sorry. But I haven't known what to say.

I'm in scarily horrible shape physically, incapable of little more than moving a bit around the apartment a few times a day.

It's taking me enormous energy and willpower to write just this. And I know most people want to be reassured, to know that I'm "okay. " I'm not okay, and I have no reassurance to offer. I’ve worked too hard for eons not to experience the peace, love, joy, and sparkles of New Earth in this lifetime. LifeTapestryCreations. Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information. Dear Ones, The next few days might be trying because some of you are shifting your being in ways you did not imagine possible when you entered earth in this lifetime – as if shedding your original skin to form a new being out of dust. .