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All during the Fall, I watch and wait. To see just when the time will be right, to not miss the best colors. I have done this for years, and since it was so nice yesterday, I took a chance that the day would prove to be what I was hoping. A reminder of the days when I was just getting into off road cycling.

Morning Light I took off right after I dropped my kids off for school.

As I approached the highway, the blat of a motorcycle profaned the balance of peace.

At least he was smiling, I thought, as I heard him fade into the distance.

Enjoy Fresh Herbs Everyday By Buying and Growing Your Own Herbs. Herbs are easy to grow and can be grown in any container or planted in the landscape. by Howard Lyon I just have a quick post for tonight. This painting was a ton of fun to create. Mark Winters was the Art Director for this one and he just knows what I love. He gave me the green light to go after a St. Michael and the Dragon type imagery, looking to artists like Raphael and Guido Reni. Michael Overwhelming the Demon - Raphael Here is the sketch I submitted: And the final, which I am excited to share was accepted into Spectrum this year: Here is a gif of the painting steps: And the image on a card for good measure. After some busy messy days some snapshots of the little things that made me happy today inspiration + simplicity Have a wonderful weekend. ps. ETA: Live for Films was at the same roundtable interview as The Hollywood News, but they have a slightly different transcript. A couple of the pictures were posted, but they are now in better quality Trasncript from The Hollywood NewsHaving trudged down a lengthy, rubble-strewn path in the baking heat to the train station, it’s safe to say I was in the right frame of mind to talk about THE ROVER. Director David Michôd and stars Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson were in attendance at a thankfully opulent and stress-free location for a quick chat with the world’s press. Laid-back, often amusing and crucially surrounded by free water, they gave us an insight into the making of the most intense Australian road movie since MAD MAX. DM: Take your sunglasses off… The flashes are so intense, so next time if I ever have another film playing Cannes I’m going to be that wanker who wears the sunglasses. DM: Yeah. The reproduction fabrics and elaborate hand quilting on this tiny piece definately helped - but I wanted it to look even more vintage.

So I went online and purchased a package of a product called Instant Vintage from one of my very favorite quilt shops.

I must admit - I was a bit petrified the staining would take away some of the charm of my stitching. The Berlin wall's fall was not inevitable When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. - Mahatma Gandhi The non-violent implosion of the East Bloc was not inevitable. Although Gandhi is correct in his observation that tyrants and murderers always depart the timing and means of their end are determined by human action guided by free will. Josef Stalin departed power dying of a stroke and delayed treatment with tens of millions of victims and a totalitarian state intact eight years later. The pattern is from Marilee Rockley, aka Yarnplayer.

She'll keep track of how much HDT is required.

Please visit Nurse LinkUp for my recently posted piece on the latest National Public Radio series covering universal healthcare in five Western European countries: Holland, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, and France. The stories are extremely interesting and well worth a listen. ". Get the look. + Super Sunglasses America Sunglasses + ASOS Blazer With Roll Sleeve + Rebecca Minkoff Love Spell Tri Zip Satchel + AG Adriano Goldschmied The Legging Jeans + Rocket Dog boots. I'm in St Louis today, visiting my good friend Elizabeth for her birthday and to play nurse maid as she has had some devastating effects to standard knee surgery.

With crutches, wheel chair and canes in tow I plan to zip her around the antique malls, restaurants and coffee shops to get her mind off things.

I got a chance to see her little house for the first time and it is just as wonderful as all her pictures in all the magazine show. Her husband Randy made us a classic steak dinner from a wonderful Julia Child's recipe. Yum-my. I was back on Friday to actually shop and as usual, found some great goodies there and at other First Fridays venues in the Bottoms. Wintersett Res: A male Cetti's Warbler was singing on the north bank.

It's a good plan, except for the specifics.

Yuan Fries With That? China's messing with the yuan's value was met with an early wave of joy, followed by a reality check. Salvation turned out to be a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Food For Thought: “Drilling two more relief wells might only result in creating two more oil spills. ” Striking the Strikers: British business leaders want the government to pass laws to prevent labor unions from effectively showing their displeasure at the massive cuts in wages and benefits business and government intend to impose under the pretense of strengthening the economy. Usual prize for anyone who can explain the logic of this. Enjoy Saturday!. We're going to Cali!!!!!! I'm so excited. I just bought our plane tickets yesterday. It will be our first official vacation with the girls. We've done a couple of weekend trips, but nothing too far from home for this length of time. I know it will be fun, and it will definitely be interesting. Straight from this morning's Times Picayune. A Metairie resident is recovering after a stranger bit a chunk of flesh out of his arm and swallowed it Saturday afternoon. m. when he noticed a man walking toward his house, shouting angrily, the report said. Lancellotti said he couldn't understand the man because he was yelling in Spanish. But when the man got within two feet, he slugged Lancellotti in the head, the report said. Lancellotti said he tried to defend himself with a garden rake. The Fell Pony Society madae this DVD to promote the breed and tell their story. I must grab a copy! The Fell is certainly the horse for me, and will continue to be the animal I ride, drive, and hope for. Merlin is the beginning of a lifetime dedicated to this horse. Enjoy some beautiful footage, and share in the joy. Hello there sweet Unity Friends! It's Karen, back again to sharing a framed card for Inspiration Wednesday!!! I love inspirational messages, flowers, and butterflies. So, I found a few lovely photos from Pinterest to help inspire me to create a scenic framed card. Inspirational Photo Credit Inspirational Photo Credit I created the little flutter of butterflies surrounding the beautiful "Go Get It Girl" image to create a whimsical yet soft feel to my card. Then, I colored the image with Copics, then added some machine stitching, distressing, Wink of Stella to the butterflies for some shimmer, and then placed it onto the printed flower background to tie it all together! Go Get It Girl Have fun searching through Pinterest to help inspire any of your Unity stamps! There's always something out there to get your mojo flowing! Hugs & Smiles,. Merry and Bright card Ingredients Cardstock: Whisper White, Real Red, Baja Breeze Ink: Soft Suede, Real REd, Baja Breeze Stamp Sets: Merry and type and Winter Post Accessoires: Polka Dot Ribbon, Polka Dot Brad, Dazzling Diamonds Glitter, Blender Pens< Mini Oval Folder for the Big Shot. Cthulhu paper toy created by Phillip Fickling. In the last little while many countries including the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have chosen to ‘rebalance’ their military. In doing so they shed manpower. Where the New Zealand Defence Force stands out is the way in which this process was mismanaged. The tone and style of the letters sent to those being let go were appalling in their lack of sensitivity. Those selected for the bullet were made to feel worthless and were let go without a by-your-leave or thank you. If that were the case then I would hope it demonstrates the danger of relying on faceless backroom staff attempting to apply corporate norms to an institution where trust and respect up, down and sideways should and must be paramount. The fireworks at the conclusion of the musical group The Who, performance during the half time show of Super Bowl XLIV NFL football game at Sun Life Stadium in Ft.

Today's free quilt pattern is Cross and Crown.

Today's been a busy day. I started out walking Boomer, then shoveling snow. Next was shopping for some new kitchen stuff. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope for the best. I don't have "good" china because my family are rather hard on dinnerware. I've decided white would be easy to replace, I can mix and match and as long as they are white they'll all look good together. It all started with a dame. A dame named Jenna Malone.

The day she walked into my office, I knew right away that she was trouble.

She was as hot as a pancake, and I was the butter that had to sit and melt as she was covered in another man’s syrup. This dame had the style and grace of a European noble, but the right dash of scarlet woman that would make you stand and salute even if you had lost your arms and legs. Her dress was the type of cherry colour that popped right into your eyes, lingering long enough for a guy she left little to imagine but a lot left to dream about. Then she spoke, with a voice like full of virtue but with a silent hint of vice. “I hear you’re the type of mick who likes to get his hands…dirty. ” Does this woman have a rupture that needs cement? I play it straight, as to not seem to eager. “It sounds like I’m your man, these paws are downright filthy. ” She looked at my like I was some sort of Del Veinni’s Code hidden in a painting. Easy fall crafts. Inspired by nature. -dana. ATeacherWrites. B. this picture is not the one used in the exam - hover over it for what's different. A typical friendly get-together goes wrong when a "friend of a friend" is invited. The party-giver may have regretted his decision to drop his defense. APPEARANCE Appearance deals with every aspect of how we perceive an individual. We form opinions about people based on that individual's appearance, smell, cleanliness, emails, and mannerisms. Appearance defines how we treat others or are treated by others. Appearance has a significant impact on your success in the workplace. Good grooming and appropriate dress inspire customer confidence and help to create a pleasant work environment for all. In the workplace looking the part is the key aspect of most forms of employment. Because of our actions and appearances others may form a lasting and sometimes detrimental impression of us. By not looking your best at an interview may cause you a hard time convincing the hiring manager you are right for the job. Governor Paterson may be out of the race, but that's not enough as far as the press and critics across the political spectrum are concerned. But this time, the paper doesn't even bother to mention the cash settlement she'd recently won from her landlord over an accident on the property. I'm not sure about that, though I understand his point. But were they really private if they affected his public work, as it certainly did in one case, as we all know very well. Spitzer spent ample time plotting his ill-fated rendezvous in Washington as a crucial deadline involving NYRA was being reached. For further information on these Scams, please Read . Agency: Grapefruit. a new world record, now at the top of my 'Most Expensive Motorcycles' list Two Vegas auctions in a year? Apparently so, at least under extraordinary circumstances, and the sale of the legendary EJ Cole collection from Texas was indeed worth the trip. He had been advised by his nephew, Lonnie Isam Sr, to purchase this estate in order to 'flip' it at a profit. Isam took possession of the collection with the intention of selling, but after a few days of no action, EJ Cole reconsidered the wisdom of a quick buck, and had the bikes delivered to his home in Texas.