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Life has been a little too consuming in the last week, but getting there now. This home in the latest issue of Livingetc is just fantastic! . This chapter is part one of the introduction and origin of Sinistro, Boy Fiend which was written by Grass Green and illustrated by Henry Scarpelli. Enjoy!. Scan from the new issue of British GQ. The play's director Sally Cookson explained that the novel was originally adopted by the feminist movement because the central character "aspired to achieve" and "to find fulfilment on her own terms". Lividlili reviews the first half of the production.

WhatsonStage interviews two of the actors of the production Felix Hayes and Madeleine Worrall: M: No this is not tea sets and country dances, it's a world much angrier, bleaker, more vivid then that I think.

F: It's a kind of real story where people get it wrong and they are broken by things and that I think is fascinating and people will be drawn to those types of stories forever, they do have a timeless -quality. I think Rochester is fascinating as a character. On my first reading of the novel he was so different from the Rochester that I had imagined, he's such a broken person when you first meet him and the discoveries that you as an actor have to make and carry with you throughout the play, to find out why he acts in the way he does and all those things are fascinating, its been an incredible kind of building of him for me. He's rude, he's funny, he's got such a wit that I think is brilliant.

The result was a proposal to the Administration for a three-year pilot program.

thanx dudes!. I had been interviewed in the report's preparation after a Gartner principal had seen my essay on the Web. Some quotes in the report echoed my essay linked above. In the section " Underutilization of analytical tools to review clinical study data will obscure the risks of approved drugs " the report states: - The swift and severe judgment in favor of the plaintiff in the first Merck Vioxx trial sent a shock wave through the biopharma industry. It shows that biopharma manufacturers must do more to ensure that healthcare providers and the public have an accurate, ongoing assessment of medication risks.

Posting clinical trial information on a web site is one step towards greater transparency, but does not provide information in a way that enables.

courtesy of singtao. No wonder he has been named a honorary resident. courtesy of mingpao. Y. O. B. A Sheriff’s Corrections Officer was arrested early today by Key West Police for driving under the influence of alcohol. m. After police observed his apparent intoxication, they administered field sobriety exercises, which Jaroszewski could not perform sufficiently. He was arrested, charged with DUI and booked into jail. His employment status is currently under review. My friend Penny drove up from Vermont yesterday to visit me and the oinkers! They just love to untie her shoelaces. But they don't chew through the laces! Everybody was enjoying the sun yesterday, snoozing or taking dustbaths, In this pic we have a duck, chickens a guinea hen and a piglet for your viewing pleasure. Mr. Carol giving me the eye. I am teaching him to be a respectful rooster and he's doing very well! He is an OSPCA rescue too, from the same barn as Ophelia. Cordelia, blissed out. The whole piggy family! Mama trying to get away from it all.

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our earthly home.

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Ben-Amun Deco crystal necklace, at shopbop.

I have got an order for a card and also a few people took my little flyers with my blog addy etc, so hopefully I'll get a few more orders in the near future.

Supplies Stamps: Magnolia, Sailor Tilda, Old Bench, Birds, Goblin Grass, Autumn Leaves Sentiment Tools: Nestabilities, Cuttlebug, Embossing Folder, Stampin Up Spiral Punch, Distress Ink, Prismacolors, SansadorCardstock: Bazzill, Creative Smooth, BazzillDP: MagnoliaEmbellishments: Raffia from stash. Dr. RW's post referencing Dr. Fred of being basically a disgruntled, out of date, grumpy old doc who-in the words of one such writer-never practiced in the real world. Ad hominem arguments are -well -just that and usually do not warrant detailed refutation. Fred seems quite aware of the calling-the-shots nature of managed care and the time restriction brought about by the third party payers' domination. He says that the HMOs force physicians to care for a maximum number of patients, in a minimum number of minutes for the lowest number of dollars. His rant is about the decline of clinical skills and the factors responsible. .