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Friend birthday and friend requested to eat Hairy Crab, we went to this Capital Restaurant to celebrate friend birthday.

First, from USA Today: A bumblebee is now on the endangered species list for the first time in a "race against extinction," the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Tuesday. Thank you all for participating in the blog give-away.

I'm still chuckling over Stina's confession that she hides her fabric in the laundry basket because she's the only person who would ever look there, and Shogun's wish to win the cat pictured on my blog header if she didn't win the book.

That cat happens to be my sewing assistant. She loves to sit on my sewing table when I'm working. And the quilt that she chooses to sit on is always the one I'm trying to push and pull through the sewing machine. This is an older picture of Maggie trying to help by "pressing" all the neeatly cut and stacked pieces of fabric in my basket. I just didn't have the heart to dump her out. More of my homily notes. Before you read this, realize what they are: they are notes. You may or may not see connections between these notes and the homily that resulted. One reason I share this is because not using it doesn't mean it might not be worthwhile to someone.

Why would a girl from Portland, Oregon go all the way to Maine to see a meteor shower? It's a reasonable question.

Walter and Linder had arranged for a bunch of us to spend a week in a magnificent house on the coast, where we had mid-Augusted before. That gains everyone a few new hours a day right there.

Someone always steps up to make something deadly for dinner, and the rest of the day is spent as we wish.

We became accustomed to the local soundscape: the chirruping of the osprey in the cove, the hootling of the loon in the reach, the clattering of the helicopter in the meadow. If you have new formats for Sales/Purchase/Quotation confirmation/Picking/Packing/Invoice. New Report design can be executed from use Print management from Inquiry journal forms or during posting by selecting Print management destination. A terrific Tuesday to you! It is time for another blog hop with RRR. You should have found your way here from Kathy's blog. If at any point you find yourself lost just start back at the RRR blog. This month's ribbons are called "Crazy for Christmas". Perfect name for this sweet selection. I recently found some adorable vintage goodies and decided to pair them with this month's ribbons. I used old papers from my stash, vintage paper coasters, bells, and mistletoes to decorate my creations. I'm currently on a major blue kick. It's nothing new. I've loved it for a long time, it's a classic in my book, and most of my downstairs is painted light blue/gray. But for some reason it's kicked into high gear lately.

I think it's because it's spring.

I also love green, but I was sick of looking at the same green linen/burlap fabric blog background that I've had for more than year. So I switched things up and added a light blue/gray linen background to the blog.

Very fitting for spring.

There were great things on the blogs this week and I have to give some major props. Here is my "Hey! You're awesome!" round up of things that made me look twice. Sherry shared an update of her ah-mazing guest room. I couldn't stop staring at it!Chassity shared her home on Made By Girl. I was smitten with her nursery, her den and her entry.

What little girl wouldn't love this big pink pouf from Full House??Amber sent me such a sweet email with her blog and asked me to check it out.

Thea VisitsSeveral years ago, I gave almost everyone on my Christmas list an angel.

Not just any angel either, a lovely handmade paper angel, with glittered wings and a tiny little ribbon sash on which was written “Sweet Dreams”. They were so beautiful and an absolute treat to give as presents. Fast forward to a night some months ago when I was wandering down unfamiliar blog streets and came across Thea Beasley. Don’t I know her, I thought? I thought some more. And then it came to me. The artist who had designed my lovely Christmas angels was named Thea Beasley. Nicoletta. Mzimela Abantu bakwaMzimela bakanye nabantu bakwaMsane. Bakanye futhi nabantu bakwaMfeka nabakwaVundla. Bakanye futhi nabantu bakwaMakhunga kanye nabakwaDidiza. Indlalifa kaDidiza kwakunguMaphuthwana. UDidiza yena uzalwa nguMakhunga kaNxaba kaMbekane kaVundla. Umuntu owagqama kakhulu kulaba bantu balezi zibongo engizithuntile nguNxaba kaMbekane wakwaVundla engisazobuye ngixoxe ngaye uma sengilandisa ngomlando wabantu bakwaVundla.

Elinye iqhawe labo kwabe kunguMgobhozi ovela entabeni wakwaMsane.

Zihlobene kakhulu kakhulu lezi zibongo futhi zisabazisa kakhulu ubuhlobobazo. Hello Ai Fans !! October is Breast Cancer awareness month , this card was made in honor of all who have fought the battle and to remind the rest of us to have your yearly screenings for prevention. I lost my best friend and my grandmother to this terrible disease and I pray that they find a cure soon so our daughters and granddaughters may never have to go thru this fight. I added a pink glitter bow to the middle. This week our book study will be on The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. I just wanted to share a mini book study that I have created to use in my classroom. I do not often search around on Ebay, it tends to be bad for the health of your bank account!! However, knowing my interest in old Filofax or Lefax radio documents a couple of our readers kindly messaged me pointing out the sale of Lefax Data Sheets by a seller in the USA. I left it a couple of days to think about it a bit, and then purchased them on 'Buy It Now', the seller packed them very well and they arrived within a week. The outer cover is made from card. Removing the fasteners and the pages this is the cover. The pages are in fact a large selection of booklets, some single pages, others are multiple page format booklets. Each one is on a different radio related topic. They have all been formatted in a similar way with the order number, the Dewey classification number at the top, the title and the source of the information and the date of the original publication. This one is six page booklet that looks like this folded up. Here's the blurb:Long ago, so the stories say, the old-fathers came to Nanagada through a worm’s hole in the sky. But not the swap choice. My in color club ladies got these with their orders this month. Raspberry Ripple, Gumball Green, Primrose Petals, Summer Starfruit, and Midnight Muse. Have a GREAT DAY!!. Chock-full of jokes and entertaining twists of the tongue, this lighthearted but scholarly guide to humorous language is a sure-fire hit with word lovers. The examples are entertainingly bawdy, with a delightful narrative voice in word sleuth and author, Jim Bernhard. He provides examples and puzzles, teaching a smidgen of historical and etymological scholarship, but above all, amusing his audience. and the reactions are what we could expect from the libtards. I've been scanning Huff and Puff for days now to see if they would say anything about the Gruber tapes. “I would just advise every press outlet here: Pull up every clip and every story. By boyballkiller Kathy moved a week after what happened at Jennifer and Cory’s house. Her parents were too embarrassed to live by anyone who knew what went on. They moved to a city only six hours away, so they packed up their minivan and a U-HAUL and were on their way. The house they had bought was similar, but smaller. They were tired the first day and unpacked only the beds and a few blankets and pillows. Kathy and her brother Jared slept in the same room. Jared was eight years old, just like Cory. Don't you just love baby toes? There's hardly anything sweeter in my opinion. They do need to be covered by a quilt made by their grandma, though. So, that means that I need to get busy and make a baby quilt, because we will have a new grandbaby in our family in September. We just found out that my stepson Cory and his girlfriend Mandy are expecting. They live in Colorado, so it will be a long trip to go see this new little bundle of joy when it arrives. - Early Saturday evening, I had TVG on and Formulator open, but the audio was on mute, and the phonograph was playing. As some of you may recall, when CD's first came out with its promise of pristine sound with no hiss or crackles, some audiophiles swore that vinyl remained the superior format. They said that digital sound was cold and mechanical, and lacked the depth, warmth, and grit of analog. I was undecided at the time. At least, that's the way I hear it. There were some classic cars on display at the twins fest. The town has some lovely old homes. Apparently,. We left before sunrise, but as the sun came up, I had this view of the trees on top of the mountain. And a lot of scenes like this for most of the trip. The market was crowded. And well stocked for the holiday.

So much to choose from.

There was one whole case of stuffed olives. Lots of fresh fish and seafood to choose from. Everyone here is so friendly. The connoisseur of olive oils. I always check out the allies behind the market.

They tell a story you don't hear inside.

A model train runs on top of this booth. Everyone was decorated for Thanksgiving. .