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She is so charming that I have to tell you that I have fallen in love with her.

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I'm probably going to catch some crap for this post, but here goes. She dumped him. She was in a line of western girlfriends he's had before that also dumped him. I didn't know him. Riproposizione di un vecchio memorandum tutt’ora attuale…. AMBIENTE - Una nuova alleanza con la natura: ambiente e territorio per lo sviluppo. Le Eolie dotate di ricchezze culturali ambientali e sociali sono uno dei centri propulsori del turismo siciliano. Check out: the beautiful accessories by one of my best friends in the world, Amy Nieto of Little Bright Studio.

Okay, Monday was Halloween, so please indulge this great grandmother for one blog post.

Above is my great grandson Carter in his costume. I think he's supposed to be a swamp person or zombie or something scary. Whatever, it is scary, which is what he wanted. Here he is in full costume! His father brought him to my house. Dad passed out candy to the neighborhood kids, while Carter and I walked around begging for candy. What fun! All the kids were so darn cute, but I had to ask this little girl to let me take a picture of her. I asked her to explain her costumer to me and she said she was a VooDoo doll. Note the pins sticking in her heart. I wonder if her mother made this costumer. I have a hard time deciding what to post here when the choice is all ours. Finally settled on this shot of Machu Picchu taken from the top of Huayna Picchu. I "borrowed" it from my daughter Lila, whose birthday is today. Presumably carved by aliens, and available at their online store. Yes, I was getting a bit tired of my beigy blog colors. and so I spruced it up a bit!I loved this digi kit by libby. her digi stuff is amazing!I got the kit and wanted to create something fun. A Handmade Life Our recent spell of shockingly glacial temperatures saw us snuggling down in our beloved burrow, and quite happy to be doing so.

Not long after The Songwriter and I married, I became besotted with the idea of “creating” a home for us both.

Like Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant before us, we set about weaving our souls into the fabric of our home and now, many years later, we live in a highly personal pastiche in which we feel both understood and charmed. There is a lot of us in these rooms. I knitted the pillows that sit on the tartan chairs by the window. The Songwriter made the front porch gate. There is a real problem with creativity in today's furniture world. It's copy, dilute, reduce. A few things that have been OD'ed on are the spare look of iron or other & reclaimed wood. Who knows? What looked fresh last market is now watered down to the point of mud puddles. Another sad thing was the shock of ORANGE in the Global Views showroom. Wow talk about overkill. Orange got squeezed into every possible nook & cranny- and on every possible body type. In order to drive home the Orangeness of the place-all the sales reps. Izithakazelo zakwa-Ntuli Godide, Mphemba, Ndlela kaSompisi, Sothole, Gudukazi uyiNcwayo, Khuboni, Sompisi owaphemba ngamakhand'amadoda, Abanye bephemba ngomlilo, Nina base Lenge, Enabonakala ngefu lezintuli, Kwabe kunguSompisi kaGuqa, kaMasalela, Mazimuzimu enidla'abantu, Mgwabini wemikhonto, Umahlatshwa ebuhleni njengethole, Umagaju njengengwe, Inhlangu eyeqa iphindaphinda, Umanxeba angamanxuluma, Kwasa bemhlaba uGwabini, waphika, Lang'elaphum'endlebeni yendlovu, Nyaka wumbe, Lophum' endlebeni yengwenya, Unonjiyelwa, Kulala uhlangothi lubomvu, Ugodo olumuka namankayiya, Langa!. by Frank TurkI'm going to lead off with my goofy analogy so that when I invoke it in the post, below, I hope you'll have had time to, um, digest it and not be distracted by it. That should make Phil happier about my distracting analogies, anyway. Think about Jello for a minute. Jello looks a lot like dust when you open the packet, and if you blow on it, it will dust up your kitchen real good. And just like it is, Jello out of the packet is not good for much. It's a lousy dessert that way, even if you have room for it. No early morning heroics for me this morning after the forecast predicted heavy frost with a chance of freezing fog again. So I had a walk up to the shop to buy the Telegraph, sat at home with a coffee and waited. Part of the attraction was that moles had been very busy disturbing the ground, no doubt leaving plenty of items the birds could consume. A field or two away a farmer busied himself doing whatever farmers do in tractors but seemed too engrossed to stop and watch the Roe Deer not far away. Mainstream media Both Siderist fondue pot, Ronald Grossweiner Fournier, really, really wants you to read this article by mainstream media Both Siderist fondue fork Chris Cillizza. That’s a terrible thing for all of us.

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