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Vclifecenters. Imagine this - you are watching a heavyweight boxing match between the two best boxers in the country. One boxer has been on the attack for the first nine rounds whilst the other boxer has been grimly hanging on, hoping for that one chance to launch a rare counter attack. Then, round ten starts and, all of a sudden, the boxer who has been on the back foot for most of the fight launches a couple of upper cuts. The other boxer is stunned, not only by the force of the hits, but also by this unexpected aggression from his opponent. The aggressor is now defending, and the defender is launching blow after blow. This analogy really sums up what the current political situation is here in Australia. In scenes reminiscent of Groundhog Day, Abbott has been espousing phrases such as "we will stop the boats" and "we will get rid of the Carbon Tax" over and over again.

As well as reminding all and sundry about how the Prime Minister got the top job in politics.

The Government had no option but to go into defensive mode. Lane-splitting by motorcyclists in California is recognized by the California Highway Patrol and helps ease traffic flow. An aide to state Sen. B. The bill, introduced Feb. Nick Haris, AMA western states representative, noted that lane-splitting has been an accepted custom and necessary strategy to ease traffic congestion in California for years.

Plug in your irons.

The first one is the Hampton Ridge BOM quilt that I was working on as a shop sample. I enjoyed working on this quilt and love the more vibrant colors of these reproduction fabrics. The mitred stripe border adds so much interest to the edges of the quilt and went together a lot easier than I had expected. Here is a picture of the quilt top. It's not on a flannel wall but hanging from a wire - which is why it looks a little "drapey". Check this club program out at your local quilt shop. If they don't carry it you can find it HERE. In past years, blog readers and webcam watchers have been generous in their support and we hope that your resources are not exhausted because the project does need continual funding each year. To find out how to make a donation see financial support. It has numerous video clips of the whole breeding season and features not only the project team but also Chris Packham, the well known BBC Springwatch TV presenter. To buy a copy, either call at Derby Museum shop on The Strand in Derby, or The Silk Mill Museum on Cathedral Green, or get one from The Cathedral Centre opposite the Cathedral on Irongate. The DWT office is open in office hours, Monday to Friday. Now, thanks to the generosity of the producer, once the costs of copying the DVD have been covered, the project gets the whole of the money left as a donation. So you get an excellent DVD and make a small donation to the project at the same time. courtesy of on. The film had less shows than its opening day rival MORTDECAI, but it left its rival in the dust in terms of admission at every show as it became the single day Hong Kong film box office champion. Dominic two nights ago attended a surprise audience appreciation event with director Au Cheuk Man, Hazel, Ronan Pak Kin Yan and La Ying. When the audience saw the actors screams of "Duck King" arose. The actors gave away film posters and memorabilia. From a program early in the afternoon at Minnewaska Area High School: By the way, seniors Tyler Tensen and Patrick Rooney are wrestling at Nationals this week. I'll post more information on that on Sunday. Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa wrestling, Pope County MN. I appreciate the votes of support from all of you. Proof that I cook too much. Hope some of my outdoor cookin' has helped or given you ideas of your own to try. Today wasn't that exciting. food wise. This morning I made my final batch of jam. After the afternoon tea, M drop me at City Square where i went to relieve myself and walk one round before i went back Singapore. Below are the Chinese New Year decorations at City Square. Engvall says that stupid people should be given signs that warn the rest of us that they are stupid so we are ready for them when they do something stupid. Bruce Boudreau here is your very own "I love New York" sign for you to wear on Wednesday night. Messing with the Garden was just so dumb an idea. What in the world was he thinking in trashing Madison Square Garden? Oh Ranger fans are smart enough to realize that what his real goal was to get the focus on him rather than why his Washington Capitals were having so much trouble with the Rangers. for now i've created my fantasy vintage back-to-school list. Mark Reckons and Darren Bridgeman report on last night's Cameron Direct in Reading. Allan Lamb on grit. Nothing British examines the BNP's defence policy. Iain Martin on Scottish Tory muppetry. Charles Crawford on how to start a speech. The weather was very warm which was great!We had a lot of fun!! Andrew waiting for the fun to start.

Trying to figure out where everything is.

Helping Daddy build a fire. Enjoying some early morning hot chocolate. Waiting for brunch to be ready. Jeff and Rebecca making waffles. Enjoying the food.

Our kiddos Having fun on the play structure.

what?I loved CM.

Congressman Butlek entered the windowless room and locked the door behind him. " "That's excellent! What happened?" "No crops to pick. So that is potentially a downside. I've brought in Dr. Doomer of the EPA to bring us up to speed.

" "I thought we finally got rid of all the scientists down there.

I am amazed that anything gets done in Mexico. Or more, particularly, I am amazed at how I manage to get anything done in Mexico. On Tuesday night I was waking to dinner. And I was on track to get there on time.

She is always punctual.

Then out of nowhere, a parade of children appeared at an intersection. And not just any parade. I have been running with the bulls. Make that singular. Bull. My neighbors follow a very simple maxim. There is no sense in celebrating a saint's birthday unless you can maximize the possibility of maiming, trampling, or blinding a few innocent spectators each evening. Perhaps in the hope Pat will wow us with his ability to produce a miracle or two. The local boys may show their bravery by running under the dying shower of sparks on the castillo. But the rest of us are no less brave for simply standing around in the jardin after the corona crashes to earth. Snø, regn, sol og slaps, været i februar altså. Bilde fra Yr. no. All this week, I have been previewing some fun, quick and easy embroidery kits that are for sale in my web shop today. Here's the last design - it is called "Vase and Flowers". I had to include some flowers and a piece of pottery - they are such stalwart decorating accessories in our home. Or you can go further as I did - adding cross stitches to the gingham fabric and polka dots to the "wallpaper". Fun and simple summer stitching when you don't quite want to tax your brain too much - or are just beginning to learn to stitch. A perfect project for kids too. Acclaimed Scottish actor Brian Cox has been busy cataloguing the history of a number of substances for the BBC in a series entitled Addicted to Pleasure.

They are all very watchable and mostly devoid of the usual health hysteria, but his denouement for the episode on tobacco might be of particular interest.

C today with more arriving every minute. That was the National Park Police's estimate early this afternoon, which they qualified as "probably being low". Some of the videos I saw were pretty impressive. There was nothing about it in our local paper or on our local news. I don't know about the million muslim march. Polar bear tours in Kaktovik Alaska are well underway, with up to fifty bears reported feasting on the bowhead whale carcass. Came across some news about the bears in Southern Hudson Bay, looks like some of them are finding ways to hunt bearded seals in the ice-free season – whether this means that bearded seals are drastically over-populated or moving into coastal creeks or just a few bears have ‘clued in’, who knows… pretty interesting though. by Dan PhillipsCan you name dates on which your life literally turned around, forever?Significant dates. Pardon my duh, but the most obvious is one's birthday. That's rather a sine qua non, on a personal level. We'll just stipulate that we've all had one, and move on. For those to whom it applies, another has to be one's wedding anniversary, and I'd certainly second that as mine approaches. Though a lot led up to that date, for a Christian, the date itself signals changes that affect virtually every region of one's world. I was hoping to have Johnathan's cotton cardigan finished for Christmas but it is not to be. I foolishly mis-read the pattern twice! and I had to unpick a sleeve when it was almost finished, twice. So now I'm doing a bit of cardigan knitting most days and since the cricket started, it's been what I pick up when I sit down to watch. What a pleasure it is to watch cricket, knit and snooze. Yesterday, when we were looking after Jamie, he and I had a sleep after lunch and at one point, I looked over at Hanno, who was also watching the cricket, and he was sleeping too. Life is slow and gentle here and it doesn't matter if we doze off. There was a time when I couldn't sleep in the day time, even if I wanted to, but now all I have to do is to sit down for a few minutes. It’s been a truly awful week of weather and a struggle to get meaningful birding in.

This morning promised a window of half decent weather before more rain arrived so I set off for Pilling.

There was a Buzzard flying alongside Head Dyke Lane and near to two small copses again, a regular location for a pair. And then the usual Buzzard at Fluke Hall disturbed by someone or something unseen, the hawk calling in protest as it flew inland a couple of hundred yards or more to its alternative daytime roost. I watched a Sparrowhawk flap glide high across the stubble and off towards Lane Ends to try its luck. After the week of rain the stubble field now has a number of good looking flashes of water, puddles that held a hundred or so Black-headed Gulls, a dozen or more Skylarks but no waders as yet.

The woodland seemed very quiet with the usual mixed tit flock, a calling Nuthatch and several Chaffinches.

The Chaffinches were nowhere near the number of a week ago and there was no sight or sound of Bramblings today. Seven or eight Tree Sparrows hid in the hedgerow. Most of the Rookie of the Year candidates were immortalized on cardboard that year. A reckless, tantrum-throwing child with way, way too much power at his disposal. Sound familiar? "I object to you. I object to intellect without discipline. I object to power without constructive purpose. " - Spock to Trelane Happy birthday, Star Trek. Marchesa Notte one shoulder cocktail dress. Nightcap Clothing one shoulder dress. Ramy Brook Coley one shoulder dress. Shoshanna Sadie one shoulder dress. Matthew Williamson feather-trimmed silk-tulle dress. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Aster stretch-jersey dress. Esteban Cortazar asymmetric cutout satin and leather dress. The theme at CCT this week is Something Shiny. I treated myself to this super cute Mama Elephant stamp set called Arctic Penguins and they were sat on my desk so I decided to use them for this weeks card. The stars are cut out of the navy card with a Die-Namics die and I put some silver mirri card behind. The penguins are coloured with Copics and I used a Lil-Inker die for the snow drifts. The sentiment is Stampin Up. Don't think I've ever made a Christmas card in April before!. - The race I would have been the most excited for this weekend won't happen due to the bad luck of the draw. Somebeachsomewhere and Art Official will race in separate divisions of the Bluegrass Stakes at Lexington's Red Mile.

Since Art Official will not race in the Tattersalls there next week, the two may not meet again until the Breeders Crown at the Meadowlands in November.

Not that I would have seen Saturday's race anyway since it's HRTV which has that track's races. which tracks do they not have?Well, Santa Anita for one, at least during the Oak Tree meeting. The first day of the Pro-Ride era went off without any apparent hitches. I had a request for poached eggs for breakfast this morning. In case you don't know an easy way to poach an egg, I thought I would show you how it can easily be done. One of the keys to a perfectly poached egg is the temperature of the water. It should just have bubbles forming along the bottom of the water. will do. Break your eggs into individual ramekins then swirl the water in a circular motion. Let the egg slip out of the ramekin into the center of the little whirlpool.

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The following post was written by Laura Fleming who is the Media Specialist at my school. It is also cross-posted at her blog Worlds of Learning. Here Laura describes our philosophy and journey to create a Makerspace for our students. Setting up a Makerspace has been a priority of mine from the moment I started here at New Milford High School, and it’s already well on its way to being achieved. Having a school principal who provides the perfect mix of encouragement and autonomy has, of course, been a great help, but it has also been very much a team effort: the school’s tech team and custodians have been very supportive and cooperative, along with a diverse variety of students interested in ‘making’ experiences. The standard is make up of three key elements: exploring, building and connecting and focuses on reading, writing and participating on the web. As it is shaping up so far, all students will have access to a Makerspace where they can collaborate on STEM-related concepts and ideas through lunchtime activities, independent study, and classroom collaborations. .