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This is Sasha:Sasha had surgery today.

She had to get a tumor removed. I am quite attached to Sasha and her surgery was a little risky because she's getting to be an old girl, so I was a nervous wreck until the vet called to tell us that everything was fine. When I picked up Sasha from the vet, she was all dopey and looked almost dead. I picked her up and held her to my chest to keep her warm and she stared up at me with her big, confused eyes because I'm sure she had no idea what was happening but she was glad I was there. It was like watching a small child trip on acid. Not that I have ever done that or would ever do that, but I can certainly imagine that it would at least somewhat resemble what a rat on Isoflurane and opiate pain relievers looks like. My point is that it was heartbreaking. My sympathy has faded a little since I brought her home. Robert Dodson posted this video showing some trail cam photos of what appears to be some sort of hand grabbing the camera. Watch the video and see if you can help him figure it out.

Our walk to the honeybees was just a short walk from the house.

It's not an unfamiliar sight to see bee boxes around here as the farmers use them in their orchards to pollinate the fruit trees, but being up close and personal was pretty exciting. The bees were buzzing wildly under the warm sun. Although the honey bees were quite mesmerizing, we decided to continue on with our walk. LOVE to explore the horse stables. And a stable is not a stable without a few stable cats and several varieties of stable dogs. This little guy below was fierce. Never said a word but stood very strong. Great riders shots from Good Sleep at Mooneyes last year. Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Johnnie ToLouis Koo spares no effort to promote film courtesy of on. The event announced that Fresh Wave will leave the Art Development Council to develop independently. To Kei Fung, the Performing Art Academy film and television academy chief Shu Kei, Koo Tin Lok will form a board of director. To Kei Fung said, "At the tenth anniversary of Fresh Wave, I wish for another ten years! From now on it will develop independently. I didn't have so many opportunities before, but now with the government's strong support young people can receive financial assistance. I will see how the young people will demonstrate their abilities. courtesy of mingpao. As single mothers, they both hoped to share the message of women needing to be self reliant through the interview. I never hide my pursuit of awards, I want to be able to maintain quality with every film. Please provide a definition of the nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio scales and develop a simple chart with an example of eachQuantitative analysis requires the use of numeric data to describe and interpret the results. The types of numeric data collected will determine what statistics can be utilized. Please provide a definition of the nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio scales and develop a simple chart with an example of each. I chose to use Pink Paislee's Fascinating line. Next, I cut a strip of the polkadot paper for the bottom piece and added a ribbon to the bottom also. Then I adhered a black chipboard leaf and a flower cut from the Irresistible paper. I added a rub on saying to another one of the chipboard pieces and a bracket. Lastly, some bling and letter stickers to spell "you". Photos via: Just Jared Mary-Kate spotted out in NYC bundled in black fur, a leather coat and croc embossed pumps. Get the look. " Either way, KPIX has another disgruntled anchor who has worked her butt off and labored hard to make the Sunday show a good local alternative to the national talking-head programs. I GOT ANOTHER E-MAIL. IT WAS ABOUT MY "SAVAGE FETISH. Was I irritated, no. I get a lot of e-mail, no biggie, part of the trade. How do I know? Have you listened to the current tripe? Are you kidding, it's not even close, but we'll leave it now for the Bay Area. He can be irksome, slightly crazy, in a sort of entertaining way but he gets you. That's a pretty damn-good template. In far contrast, we have here in the Bay Area a bunch of self-serving, narcissistic, impish posers with a pimple of Savage's talent. Restoration House shared her pretty spring mantle with a link to the tutorial for that fabulous driftwood candle holder. Love it. illustrationfriday. It's a cool site, check it out sometime. Another place that is open only before Chinese New Year. Rain some more. I used to think I was made of sugar and would melt if I went outside when it rained. My hubby is not even mildly fazed by our SoCal weather. I'm so thankful because on Friday, I had an itch to visit a couple of my most favorite thrift stores. I had been thinking and WANTING to see what was waiting there for me all week, but each day I had a reason why it was not a good idea. Some technical problems, Pouring rain. Wet shoes. Joey taking a tumble on Final Countdown, got up and laughed. what can you do?Just one of those nights!!!The crowd was great though even in the bad weather. Thanks FinlandSee you soon/ Europe. A none-quilt moment. tonight at Westminster Dog Show Roundtown Mercedes of MaryScot will be representing the terrier group. That is right. From sheep to chickens. she's seeing it all here in western Massachusetts along with a bit of yarn. Follow her adventures here. It's been raining for days but last night the sun finally broke through. Observation:Paul tells the Ephesians that they should put off the old man and put on the new man. The way to do it is by being renewed in the spirit of your mind. Romans says that we are transformed by the renewing of the mind. We have been trained by this world system to think in certain ways. As a child of God, we must begin to think differently, then we will live differently. I can't wait till you all get famous and go on Letterman or Leno. My brother Scott:He got over it. Then he went and did this:Why Dom's my girl:My buddy Dan:This is Andy. He's Australian. Me and Scott needed pictures for a Visa to get into China.

They let us in.

Happy Monday it's Stephanie here. Today I am sharing a card using one of my favorite KOTM and that is the October kit. I cannot wait to send this to a special friend!!!You can find out all about the KOTM club hereHave a fabulous day!!!! . his, in Paul's own words, is what it means to "preach Christ. " The verse is set in a context where the apostle Paul is describing his own role as an evangelist and ambassador for Christ. This is his one-verse summary of the evangelistic message. "That is the plea of the gospel message. That's the simple truth that ought to be the heart and the focus of everything we teach.

In that sense, the principle taught in this passage is the very heart of the gospel.

The ramifications of this passage are far-reaching and uniquely rich.

So our friends will be celebrating independence day in the USA today. have a great holiday. But as usual here are some Filofax posts from the past week for you to enjoy:Filofax saves the day. Again! - Lauren Barnard Filofax Dreams About Jon - Imysworld. Flex by Filofax - Sharon's Blog Which Filofax should I use. I see here that Phillip Smith is on a hunger strike at Pare. Anyone care?. Some people give sacks full ofhammers a bad name. Such a person is the Electoral Office official who has been done for influencing a vote by a rest home resident. Isn't it funny how there is no reporting of any misdemeanors by the officials of the leftist parties? But when you read on down you find the newspaper is lieing. The official dd NOT cast a vote against the lady's wishes. Once challenged, the JP followed correct procedure by spoiling the paper, ticking every box and issuing her mother a new one, which was then marked according to her wishes. Someone please tell Faifax the election is over and they lost. So now we are finally getting out of the doldrums of winter and into the bright colors and mild weather of spring. Each year I wait impatiently for the first trees to bloom and am never disappointed at the show they provide! Bring this same color and spring flair to your table settings with vintage teacups. There are sooooo many different types but, I think I prefer the beautiful translucence of bone china. If you hold them to the light, your fingers just barely show through the porcelain. Setting a spring luncheon or brunch table with the flurry of color and styles that are available to you with vintage teacups can be a fun experience. You don't even have to make them match! Putting miss-matched settings out is perfectly acceptable these days. Don't give away a teacup just because it does not have a matching saucer! These little "orphan" cups make great nut/candy cups for weddings, birthday parties, garden parties, etc. Phil Ruffin, Businessman Ruffin is an American businessman with diverse interests in real estate, lodging, manufacturing, energy, and retail enterprises. During her tenure, she has focused on defending Florida’s constitutional rights against the federal health care law. Yesterday I was in the yard taking pictures of my waterlilys when I decided that the watergarden needed some snails. We used to have numerous mature snails in there feeding on moss but when a turtle decided to make my watergarden its home, he ate all my snails and fed on my water plants. Now the turtle is gone and the waterlilys are blooming nicely so I thought it would be nice to buy more snails. Jimmy & I headed to our local pet store but they only had two snails in the store, but they had some tadpoles & very inexpensive feeder fish, so I thought to myself, "Why not?" We went home, set our purchases free and watched them for a while to make sure they liked their new home. After watching the two snails we decided that perhaps this job was just too big for just two small snails, so we made another snail run to the neighboring town where we found a tank full of snails and bought six more. I'm sure that by the time the snails multiply that we'll be overrun by snails, but then we can take them to the creek and release them, or give them to someone who might need some for their watergarden. Sorry no pictures of our snails. This bowl was so colorful when I made it that it had to be put on the blog. We loved the taste too of crunchy leafy lettuce and pear and the sweetness of the bananas. The cherry tomatoes were the sour dimension to balance the sweet. Here is how I made it. Tear out or snip up the leafy lettuce. Halve the cherry tomatoes. Cut cucumber into chunky pieces. After quite literally years of mulling over replacing my TV room furniture, I took the plunge and ordered new stuff. I wanted something that would work anywhere because I really want to sell my house and who knows where we will end up and what our future place might look like. I decided to buy leather this time. I like mixing formal furniture with rustic. Isn't it funny how you notice things in photos that you don't otherwise see. I have a clear bulb and a white one in my wall sconce. See that thing in the green bowl? That is Tommy Tumbleweed. Long ago on a trip to Taos, I made my husband chase this down the road and grab it. Well, today is my final post as Guest Designer for the month of July and I just want to say thank you to Bonnie for inviting me to participate with such a wonderful group of ladies who are so darn creative! I have enjoyed seeing all the beautiful projects that the Design Team has made and I just want to say that I. Really Reasonable Ribbon! After painting the letters, I covered them with Prima script paper, and sanded the edges.

On the "l", I added a Maya Road flower with my hot glue gun.

On the "v" I added a felt Heidi Grace butterfly which I hand sewed around the wings, and a pearl strand was glued on for the body. The antenna is a center flower accent that you can find in any florist department. There have been some reports in the media lately about the number of vacancies on our department. I wanted to provide some of those numbers for the sake of transparency. .