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Do not provoke your children to anger,but bring them up with the training and instruction of the Lord. God's parental tenderness can also be expressed by the image of motherhood, which emphasizes God's immanence, the intimacy between Creator and creature. The language of faith thus draws on the human experience of parents, who are in a way the first representatives of God for man. But this experience also tells us that human parents are fallible and can disfigure the face of fatherhood and motherhood. We ought therefore to recall that God transcends the human distinction between the sexes. He is neither man nor woman: he is God. He also transcends human fatherhood and motherhood, although he is their origin and standard: no one is father as God is Father.

Senator Joseph BidenUnited States SenateDear Senator Biden,I deeply appreciate the collaboration your office has extended to me and my brother bishops in advancing legislation which is beneficial to the poor and the destitute throughout the United States, and, indeed, the world.

I learned recently of your visit to the diocese during the political campaign and that you attended the celebration of Sunday Mass in a local parish. Sunday Mass provides Catholics with the nourishment to live in the image of Jesus Christ whose mission is directed to the orphan and the widow, to the poor and the vulnerable. Thus, human life is to be respected from the moment of conception until natural death. The Church has taught this from the beginning,and civilized societies live by this principle. So, now we know. “We are excited to see some new faces in the Sea Grant fold and some new research approaches,” says California Sea Grant Assistant Director Shauna Oh. Some of the new names – people who have never before received California Sea Grant research funds – include Diana Steller, a marine biologist at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, who will be studying red coralline algae nodules around the Channel Islands. “It’s so cool,” says Steller, an avid diver and head of Moss Landing’s research diving program. “It’s like we found a whole new habitat to explore right out our door. ”Another new addition to the Sea Grant portfolio is Jesse Dillon, a professor in microbiology at Cal State Long Beach. Showing some weakness in the weekly. Trying to form a floor. Not looking great. Up/down volume patterns do not inspire bull confidence. Here is a technical article explaining the overall market situation:. Check his blog streetracker for much more. Last night I read the Asian Literature text that I got from my senior friend, Safa. He asked me to read the text in advance as the early semester is the only free time I have, though I think I am not that free now, haha. Oh well, getting back to the Asian Literature text, I started to get depress even on the first short story, Amelia. I don’t know if you have read it, I guess you have, and I wanted to share how I feel about it at least with someone. In the short story, I see reality. Maybe not that much but I have seen it with my own eyes and it depresses me. I was so upset by how a man put himself higher than a woman. Management scholarship has evolved from a study of pure technological infrastructure and the economics of the firm, to an exploratory medium which engages all facets of the human experience in the workplace. M. C. O. C. K. P. via. It has been used so often by the Bamster that it has been elevated to meme status, one of those cliche soundbites which apparently justifies the abuse of Obamacare. 'This is sort of similar to the bill that Mitt Romney, the Republican governor and now Presidential candidate, passed in Massachusetts,"There are two problems with that.

Recognition of either one will clearly show that it is a poor rationale for federal action.

Since there is no enumeration of a responsiblity for provision of healthcare to the masses, then it is a retained state power in our federal system. There are pros and cons to a federal system. One of the regularly cited positives is the crafting of localized solutions to problems. A state can serve the people of our diverse nation better than a one-size-fits-all national program. Additionally, the states provide a proving ground for innovation and evaluation of policy solutions. That last part leads us to the second problem with the meme. Massachusetts program is drowning in debt and dragging the state down with it. Worse than that is it shows us today where Obamacare will take us tomorrow:MA Governor Patrick Cuts Prices for Insurers and ProvidersIsn't that the standard fourth down play of a Democrat administration? Price fixing of free market providers to drive them out of business and tax cuts to supplement the balance by taxing the successful. Then talk of profit and business and check the shift to personal attacks and ad hominems to quell the debate. Want a job marketing lots and lots of Alaska fish to China and Japan?Check out this want ad. Luxor News BlogThanks to Jane Akshar for publishing a virtual tour, in video, of the tomb of Djehuty on the above page.

If you speak Spanish full details of the Djehuty excavation can be found on the Project's website.

A briefer English version, which includes yearly reports, can be found on the website here. Wall StickersQuick & Easy decoration ideas on EtsyECO CHIC OLD - PAINT- NEW AGAIN. Yesterday we participated in the second annual NICU fashion show, Fashionable Growth: Something to be Thankful For. The girls modeled at last year's show.

This year mommy was a model also.

Daddy was happy to participate, but wasn't into modeling the fashions. One of our neonatologists and our pediatrician participated with their three girls. Our rainy season usually arrives in the summer along with high temperatures and even higher humidity. The second is both utilitarian and aesthetic. Without them, our farmers would be plowing dust rather than the rich loam of our alluvial soils. What was brown turns green. We then live in a jungle. Ferien har begynnt og været har vart snillt med meg. Komposten er endelig tom, eller rettere sagt klar for å fylles opp igjen, og full det blir den. Jeg har fortsatt skjøvle alle stauder som jeg har et overtall av og nå ser fremsiden tom og trist ut. Fast egentlig ikke, ikke når jeg står nere på bakken, det er kun når jeg står oppe på terrassen og kikker ner. Da ser jeg alle tomme flekker av jord, som jeg sikker får lyst å fylle opp snarest hvis jeg blir stående her lenge. The council’s justification for this was to limit the congestion caused by people cruising around looking for a parking space. Looking at it another way they are trying to reduce congestion by allowing the cars that are moving to stop and getting the cars that are stopped to move. In the words of Thomas Schelling they have fallen foul of “the inescapable mathematics of musical chairs” as all they have done is change the categories while the total number of cars remains unchanged. More on congestion later. The new rates are based on the carbon dioxide emissions of the car rather than the size of the engine which was the determining factor under the old system.

When announced in Brian Cowen’s last budget the stated aim of this new system was to assist the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

I drove by the post office yesterday to see the firemen putting the flag at half staff.

I know why, but I'd rather think in my mind it was in tribute to the greatness that is Mr.

James Brown. I'm sitting here listening to "Popcorn" right now, thinking when it's my time to go, wouldn't it be great to have a show-out like his. A few months ago I wrote about receiving a wonderful book from an anonymous person. The book called Golden Fleece by Hughie Call is an account of a city woman marrying a rancher in Montana and all she learned living on the ranch. There is better medicine but all in all, it’s basic animal husbandry and getting along with nature. As I read the book, I kept wondering who sent me such a gem and after posting about it near my birthday in October, the mysterious woman identified herself. I met Julia when I was working for TYC – she designed many sweaters for our collections. Unemployment IS rising. Stay safe. Our Block Of the Month programs and clubs are something we truly enjoy offering. We thought we would take a look back at the most popular programs we have offered. Blessings of SpringBlessings of Spring has been a wonderful block of the month program for our customers. The signups for this program were tremendous and it was sold out in no time! This program was the first one offered in the series and the interest today from quilt shops and customers alike is still very strong. Blessings of SummerBlessings of Summer was the second quilt to be released in the Blessings Series. Releasing the program this last summer was perfect timing! Featuring the little red wagon full of flowers, and the Sunflowers too, it's the perfect summertime quilt! Full kits and pattern sets are still available for this quilt. "Serpentina!".

Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer going big in Virginia governor's race - POLITICO.

“Radical environmentalist Tom Steyer will be a strong addition to McAuliffe’s War on Coal, which will raise electricity prices on every Virginian and destroy the economy of Southwest Virginia. ”. i've finally gotten off my butt and started working on some things around the house.

latest addition, a bedskirt to match tay's headboard.

It started with this. painted and altered paper. and this. "Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand. Da' money goes here:. from Vimeo - and we thank them Well worth a watch.

Today the Code Pink lovelies, you know - the ones who dress up as vaginas, loudly proclaimed the National Rifle Association was responsible for the Sandy Hook shootings.

What kind of twisted logic is that? I will borrow a favorite phrase of our current president by saying, "Let me be clear. " It is time to stand up to these filthy vermin whose sole purpose in life is to crush any semblance of order, beauty, and decency in this country.

Their perverted stew of soul crushing garbage has been simmering in a big pot for way longer than most of us have been alive.

We've allowed them to throw paint on a canvas or stick a crucifix in a jar of urine and call it "art. Be sure to visit the Reverse Confetti blog for links to all the designers posting peeks today. I really wanted to showcase some of the fabulous patterns in the Fright Night collection, so I first created a simple background out of four of the patterns. I heat embossed a Treat Yo' Self sentiment in white onto the black polka dot pattern. Hello, friends! I wasn't able to post last week when the current Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge, Bouquet, was unveiled. photo source: designlovefest. - Trouble at Freehold Raceway, the daytime half-mile harness track in the New Jersey town of the same name. That's right, they won't take the dough.

Tom LaMarra reported on the situation for Bloodhorse.

This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read and you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam! Dear Victim Thanks for your interest in employment at Montage Hotel U. S. Go through this online application and interview form and fill carefully before sending your answer back to us for our kind perusal. The Appointment/Offer Letter will indicate the job role and the amount that would be given to our selected candidates. V. If you are qualified withexperience as crew on Sailing yachts, fluent in English, anotherlanguage is a plus. Please reply with your updated CV, passportphotograph and current remunerations to the contact details belowSuccessful applicants will be contacted directly. The thinning river of humanity Black muddy bank of reality Throbbing sleety rain of tears That green safe cover that it was Is now a deserted land The helping hand that was Is now dried up rock Things we cherished depart day by day The fear looms that we shall too perish soon A murmur from the place between life and death A cry for life A fight for right Nothing changes The new year brings no new hope Its just another day For every Nirbhaya alive. Well today, I'm like everyone else. Frustrated. Disillusioned. And most of all, bored off my rocker waiting for the new world to more publicly replace the old instead of listening to Donna's repeated campaign slogans and Intel gurus droning on-and-on the same old tidbits that don't really mean anything. .