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" Two inspirations, really—for this is a cover of Kate Bush's classic paean to Emily Brontë's evocation of all things ghostly and moor-ish. It's something of an oddity—Kelly has described it as a Marmite song, one to be loved or hated. For this reviewer of a certain age, whose memories of Kate Bush's original run deep, the experiment is an honorable failure: Ramm's keyboard uncharacteristically fails to capture the atmosphere of the tale and Kelly's vocal lacks Bush's spookiness. Frank who posts as "Jefferson" on alt. support. found here. A long time ago, in a universe far, far away, hospitals had relatively small administrations, usually lead by a older physician or nurse who served as executive director or superintendent. With the rise of generic management, hospital management grew, and became dominated by generic managers who were trained as managers, not as health care professionals. So it should be no surprise that the current CEO of the American Hospital Association, Richard J. Umbdenstock, was formerly " executive vice president of Providence Health & Services and president and chief executive officer of the former Providence Services, Spokane, Washington. Foremost on my mind today is the cancer which is growing daily in my step-father's abdomen. Resistant to radiation and chemotherapy, the mass has reached its tentacles of new blood vessels beyond the pancreas, encapsulating crucial abdominal blood vessels, siphoning off his very lifeblood for its own parasitic purposes. Now, a clinical trial is on the horizon, with the promise of an experimental drug to stop the tumor's growth of new blood vessels, also known as "angiogenesis". These clinical trials are often the last stop in terms of known therapies for patients still looking for cure or treatment, and we have illusions that it will buy us much more than few months. But who knows? Miracles do indeed happen. As the "family nurse", it's a challenge to know when to turn off my "nurseness" and simply be a son. I am constantly wondering about treatment options, resuscitation status, hospice referrals, funeral arrangements, symptom management. Well, it's been another great year on the Art Trail at Hunter's Moon, with lots of great work from talented artists and loads of positive feedback from festival-goers and locals alike. Here is a taste of what we had over the weekend. Bold and striking paper cut-outs from Ellie Downey.

Sandra Lulei's delicate and beautiful installation of handmade paper keys.

Evidently more than eleven people are reading my blog, because last week I received a request from the extremely genial Patrick at Panda Club Productions. And I am most pleased I did!Years ago, a friend of mine gave me a baaaa-ing "sheep-in-can. " But after moving across the country twice and living in four provinces, I discovered that my "sheep-in-a-can" had gone to that great coyote lunchbox in the sky. No more did it "baa" its plaintive "baa", seeking release from the can. No, it crapped out and for quite some time, I have been bereft, left alone in the world without my disembodied farm-animal-in-a-can. But now I can smile again, because not only do I live on a real farm with a bunch of hooligan chickens, I can now whip out my iPod Touch and experience the joy I once only felt when tipping my sheep-in-a-can.

That's because I am now the proud owner of iMOO.

You install the App, fire it up, and then turn your iPhone or iPod Touch upsidedown, then right-side up. Jordan Wosmek attempts a drive along the baseline for a reverse layup late in the second half of regulation tonight in Willmar.

Two free throws just seconds into the overtime period was all the B-B-E Jaguars boys' basketball team could score after regulation against the BOLD Warriors tonight in the first round of the Willmar Christmas tournament.


tip off on Saturday back at the Willmar senior high school. . The season isn't over and I have another tag to fill. but it's a good feeling to have some venison in the freezer for this winter. hanging in the old shop. Something about bringing in the Native Americans and Americana that works every time. It's a time we all love and dread at the same time! I am often asked if I miss the store this time of year and I have to say no, sorry, I do not. I think I still remember the pain more than the joy. Apparently Link is 'left-handed'. Enjoy. Strange as it sounds, In a way I almost feel like I've grown up along with Link, watching him transition from console to console, and all his visual styles in between. Looking forward to the new look. I like the hotel, but it really was time for a re-vamp. is most definitely one of my current shop crushes. They make some of the cutest accessories- I can't seem to pick a favorite. I've been veeeeery gradually getting back to spinning, and noticed the other day that I had a fine example of what pre-drafting is, why you do it, and what it's good for. For our discussion right now, I'm going to call pre-drafting everything you do between taking the fiber out of the sales bag when you get it home, and actually drawing it out into a ply at the spinning wheel or spindle. In a way it covers a lot of ground, but in a way it's all the same thing. People who aren't experienced are intimidated by it, people who HAVE done it are blase and dismiss it as a non-skill. My intention for this blog is for it to be a place where I talk about the creative process and my works-in-progress, offer tips and instruction for new art students, show some of my work, give new direction to my art career, meet and have discussions with other artists, and whatever else I can think of. I'm anxious to share what I do and what I know, and just talk about art in general. Either we're pulling together or we're pulling apart. There's really no in-between. Kobi YamadaSpeaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ. From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

I had dinner on Monday night with friends who moved to Guanajuato a few months ago.

It is always good to see them. The obvious topic of conversation was their impression of Guanajuato. And their answer was exactly why I like seeing them.

Depending on what you are seeking, there are good things and bad.

Before you reject that as some sort of Zen obfuscation, listen to it. This makes art flexible for people who are on the move or like the flexibility of changing their art. Hey everybody. I made an additional page to the sidelines section of the brflines site this morning. It's for Joe Cole. I have no idea who he is but he's cute enough and for the brflines site, that's all that matters. I am on a roll with my summer reading.

I just finished reading this enchanting novel - Stars Over Sunset Boulevard .

Stars Over Sunset Boulevard I just knew I would enjoy it after already reading a few of Susan Meissner's novels. She has such a talent for writing historical fiction and I find myself emerging from each book with additional knowledge about a specific era. This time, she takes us back to Hollywood's Golden Age and to the filming of the epic, Gone With the Wind. That is Andrew's fate as well, this being a working farm with Cloud already holding the only open male position on staff. I met Andrew because I offered to do any lambing work they needed with their two girls. This is Anabel's boy and she was nervous when I showed up with my Doctor's bag. I have an old lunchbox that carries things like tools for tail docking and castrating, needles and shots, vitamin paste and other odds and ends. Paper Bingo game box set created by Ayako Fujioka. Simian-like robot? paper toys in red, yellow, blue, and green colorway created by Vincent Adam. Andreas Vollenweider. a masterpiece. So I have finally created a blog. I promise to do my best, dear reader, to keep this digital home interesting, unique, and tidy. I hope to blog on many of the things which interest me, however, I plan to focus on Natural Family Planning as the President of the Upper Merion Chapter of the Couple to Couple League Inc. Tell All Video as promised! Jenn here from Jax Bean Stalks. I am so excited to finally get this technique on film. hope you enjoy my tutorial. I have used Really Reasonable Ribbons Chevron Striped Twill in Yellow because it matched the embossing folder background perfectly! Love this ribbon because it is so easy to tie into beautiful bows! Thanks for watching! Jenn. For further information on these Scams, please Read West Africa Import/Export procurement scam: . I assembled an AR a few years back, and I love it.

It shoots very accurately, but, I can not get it to go into full auto mode.

However, when I hear the gun experts, today it was Hillary, braying about the idiot that shot up the school with his AR full auto assault weapon, I just had to look again. I know someone that has all the years of experience that Clinton has and wants to take on the NRA must know all the facts. I may just have to take it to a gunsmith and see if he can fix it. A horrible tragedy took place today in Aurora, Colo. Our hearts are with the victims and their families as they try to cope with unthinkable trauma and loss. The victims were regular people going about their regular lives – not doing anything risky or dangerous.

This makes many of us question, “Could something like that happen to me?” We have received several inquiries today about how Kansas City Police might handle a similar incident.

While we pray nothing like this ever will happen again in Kansas City or anywhere else, KCPD is very prepared if it does. One of my strategic objectives when I became Chief was to enhance the police department’s ability to respond to critical incidents. This morning, we arranged for increased police presence in and around movie theaters. These police will be both in uniform and covert. KCPD also uses an Asset Protection Response System for several local facilities. Through this, police have blueprints and layouts of many locations in Kansas City where large groups of people gather, from schools to hospitals to businesses. Officers can pull these up in their police cars to help them better navigate a location and get to a threat quickly. .