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I don't think she even had a car.

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We'll be back next month.

link: CalVMX. When you live in a city or a large town, it is difficult to avoid the Christmas hype, which very often starts as early as the end of September. Here in the country it is different, Christmas arrives more slowly. It would be hard to beat the setting for a Christmas fair to the one of Barrington Court Mistletoe Fayre, which we visited yesterday. Most of the National Trust house have closed for the winter, but Barrington Court opened its doors this weekend, the first weekend of Advent. Once I got downstairs, I realized it wasn't mechanical at all, but more of a rhythmic rat-a-tat-tat that was occasionally followed by what sounded like frantic chirping. Oh, great, I thought. We have an animal caught in the duct work.

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Today's Bizarro is funded in part by a grant from the Consortium of Horse's Asses.

I can't remember ever doing a cartoon about centaurs before, so this may be my first. I've been fooling with an idea for a cartoon about a centaur birth, simply because I like the idea of a screaming infant on the body of a foal. Hello, my name is David and I'm the "General Purpose Visual Design" person at Frictional Games, and Art Director on one of our new projects. This is my workspace. .