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I was working security for a Drunken Barn Dance on Saturday, and an inebriated local businessman sidled up next to me.

"'D'd'ja hear wha' happened to our economy yesterday?" he asked me, with fumes of Bud Light stinging my eyes. "You mean the downgrading of our loans by S&P from triple A to double A? Yep. Heard that," I said. "Well, it means. we're screwed," he wheezed. Mom riffs on this topic some:"Yes, I do believe everything happens for a reason, but I happen to think some of the reasons are pretty horrible. And some are just cosmic. And I don't believe that myfaith will protect me or set an umbrella over me and the ones I love. But Idon't see any reason to be fearful, either. "Go read. beautiful simplicity in green, black, white and natural tones christmas decoration as I like it so much. just admired the beautiful home of Norwegian stylist Per Olav Solvberg and his family and I just loved the festive styling, stilllifes and creative ideas as we can see them at the site of Residence magazine see more of this amazing home here and be inspired! photos Kristofer Johnson. The project unites set building, photography and erotica. This project utilizes a variety of methods to assemble the locations, areas and details to gather a surreal feeling about each photograph taken. Six books for shy readers in The Guardian. One of them is Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca: Rather like Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, Mrs de Winter wins her confidence when she tames a wild husband. Unlike Jane, she never gets a first name.

On the other hand, more familiar figures such as Tocqueville, Flaubert and John Stuart Mill get somewhat short shrift.

Sorry for the infrequent posts. So here's a quick peek at what's been going on and I know that there have been more things added since I started, but I'll catch them on the next dash around as I have to do this quick and go shovel the snow. Ruth has a brain teaser on her blog. In response to the question how do you re-create a crocheted bullion stitch, Ruth has posted a picture. Now she has us guessing as to how she did it.

Now I know Clearly Besotted is on a break at the moment, but that hasn't stopped Jenny from doodling in her spare time! I adore pugs and when she showed me the rough sketches of these following characters, I knew I had to release them in time for Christmas.

And here's what I've made with them. "Police are looking for a man suspected of fatally shooting another man in West Philadelphia over the weekend. ". It was sort of grotesque, even by Ronnnnnn standards. Between all the personal porn and gushy ass-kissing, the public missed out the real story: what's up with Ronn and his future at KGO. Moreover, and this is the big reason that no one wants to put out: Cumulus is fearful of Owen's ongoing battle with Parkinson's disease. It's no coincidence that Owens waited more than a decade to disclose his medical condition: don't think for a moment it wasn't timed. I have been loving all of the framed rock/geode/crystal art that is popular right now.

Trouble is, it's pretty pricey.

Which gave me an idea. Kipling captured the very heart of the British Army and the subtleties of the Raj in his writing. Connery and Caine have the British NCO characterized to a fair-thee-well. And, the movie is simply magnificent:One, two. "Hats Off!"And, of course, it always helps to structure a good contract in proper legalese. We have dropped the pricing on the lines we import directly from Europe: Eligor, NZG, and Siku! The Dollar has gotten considerable stronger against the Euro which has allowed us to do this. We will have more on this in tomorrow's report. We hope that the Remparts do the smart thing and make Bourque sit out at least a week or until he is symptom free. As we mentioned yesterday, the OHL has a very different schedule system for the playoffs and the Petes took advantage of it using their home ice to tie up this series. Before we start, a more general discussion of plant fibers can be found in my epic article at Knitty. This is deliberately about the weird stuff. Of course it's weird. We live for weird around here. I strongly suspect that the reason a lot of these. At the SLGA AGM I enquired if a County Medal would be the classified the same as an Open Day for the calculation of a different CSS for the home players and away players and the answer was YES. Since then we were informed at the handicap seminars that by ticking a visitors box this would allow your record to be changed. However on trying this it still did not work. Whilst we have coded this, we haven't yet released it. I think we probably will release the next build later this week though. All users who are connected will automatically get the update. Yeah, it's been that kind of day. I'm going to bed. Good lord, Fabio Fognini is hot! I added ten new pics of Fabio to his page in the brieflines archive. I highly suggest that you check them out. Stay safe. Jasper hasn't gotten a lot of play on the blog lately, but he is a part of my farm life here, has been since he arrived last spring. His story is interesting. For those new to the blog, Jasper was bought off Craigslist from a pony dealer in Belcher, near Hebron here in Washington County. He came out into the ring driving a cart, and was being sold as a cart pony. The previous owner said he was "too wound up" for children, and he is. You need a pony calm as cold coal to have children driving it in road traffic. When he arrived at Cold Antler he was underweight and dirty. In truth, he was a malnourished, fly-bitten mess. Something with Political Implications!. Only a few more days left in October. if you can believe it!!? So that means that if you are in LOVE with this month's Kit of the Month, you only have a few days left to head over to Unity and sign up to get yours!! My KOTM is one of my favorite parts of Unity. happy mail each and every month!! I love it! Check out the CURRENT KIT: Totally adorable, right?? I got to playing with my August KOTM. It's like the election and reelection of Obama opened a portal to hell:. Of course, innovator/explorers/investors would need to get government bureaucracies out of the picture. Hearty with chunks of beef or lamb, plenty of vegetables and a bit of pasta, this Moroccan soup gets its rich, golden-orange color from turmeric. Heat oil in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Tie parsley and cilantro sprigs together with kitchen string and add to the pot. Well, we've had other DIY LFCAs, but we've never tried this before on a day that I can't post. And since I'm on the Hill today for Resolve's Advocacy Day, it seemed like a good time to give this a whirl. Choose a category: Miscellaneous News, Birthdays or Anniversaries, Loss Remembrances, Loss Announcements, Miscellaneous Support, Bed Rest Babes, Pregnancy Announcements, or Birth/Adoption Announcements. Link to the blog by using the format below. Obviously change the category name, blog url, and message to suit your blurb. This is just a sample. Some more pics of Evan. Photos by Per Bernal. I would be willing to guess that I am not the only educator that feels this way.

Below is a hypothetical letter that explains my rationale.

Dear Principal/Superintendent:Good morning! You are probably wondering why you are receiving this letter out of the blue. Let me quickly explain. Recently I began blogging on my experiences as a Principal at New Milford High School with the hopes that my ideas and success stories could help other administrators in some fashion. A blog can also be used as a fantastic public relations tool in your school/district. If you were like me a year ago you are probably cringing at the thought of blogging. The results that I got where pretty interesting, so thought I might as well share them. Also note that this post might be a bit more technical than the previous. The good thing with these renderers is that they both share the basic material data. When setting up the test I went with a very simple scene, it just the same box model rendered several times, a floor and lights.

Some times it is best to test with proper game scenes, but I wanted to something that could be easily tweaked and gave simpler output.

So usually benchmarking has some kind of fly-through, but that is of the scope from what I intended to do. In Dr. Did it cause heart disease- this point is debated still. Did patients with heart disease and enlarged hearts develop LBBB or similar EKG patterns as their disease progressed? Some patients have LBBB secondary to coronary artery disease and an infarct involving the interventricular septum,some have heart failure and some "just" have a LBBB, the so called lone or isolated LBBB. In LBBB they do not- the right contracts milliseconds before the left. So there is inter-ventricular loss of synchrony. But if you just look at the real world out there, the only thing that's going to happen is a fiscal bloodbath and a White House train wreck like never before in U. S. " As Greg Hunter writes, former Reagan Administration White House Budget Director David Stockman says financial pain is a mathematical certainty.

Stockman explains, “I think we are likely to have more of a fiscal bloodbath rather than fiscal stimulus.