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An interesting interview with Robert E. Lucas, Jr. Let's face it, the "Chicago School" of economics—the one with all the Nobel Prizes, the one associated with Milton Friedman, the one known for its trust of markets and skepticism about government—has taken a drubbing in certain quarters since the subprime crisis. Sure, the critique depends on misinterpreting what the word "efficient" means, as in the "efficient markets hypothesis. " Never mind. The Chicago school ought to be roaring back today on another of its great contributions, "rational expectations," which does so much to illuminate why government policy is failing to stimulate the economy back to life. Robert E. Lucas Jr.

View from the roof of the Embassy of Canada toward the U.

S. Capitol. Washington, D. C. Photo by I. Peterson.

Hey everyone !!,Just recieved more photo's of Fred Phillips very rare and in extremely original conditionbaja car.

A previous phone conversation with Fred has how he ended up with the car. Thanks for these Fred !!Bob. I've lost track of some of the photos, so I apologize if they were already posted here. courtesy of on. cc The Dante Lam Chiu Yin directed crime action film OPERATION MEKONG yesterday held a Beijing press conference.

Stars Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng Yu-Yan appeared in camouflage uniforms.

Zhang Hanyu while showing off his equipment also announced that OPERATION MEKONG absolutely was a good film that could break out internationally. Peng Yu-Yan also said, "I believe that if actors of the same period saw our film, they would definitely be very envious that we had the opportunity to participate in a movie like this!" Playing the drug enforcement team captain Zhang Hanyu had a heavy responsibility. Even "heavier" than the responsibility was the equipment that he wore. He had to wore the equipment and led the team all over the place in the high temperature in the tropics. Even a veteran like him was unable to handle it. A conviction of that crime carries a punishment of mandatory life in prison. ". Stock Island – A man wanted for escaping from a jail in Louisiana the day after Christmas was caught just before midnight after he crashed a stolen car on Stock Island. Key West Police radioed the Sheriff’s Office they were following a red Mini Cooper that was stolen and wouldn’t stop. m. , with a Key West Police car behind it. The deputies got behind the Mini Cooper with his lights and siren activated. At first it appeared the vehicle was going to stop in the parking lot of Dion’s Quik Mart, but then the car sped off, onto MacDonald Avenue. Today I also have a video tutorial to share with you that I created for the Label Tulip blog. Here is the card we will be making. Hello happy people! Today I'm excited to share with you my finished Farmer's Wife Quilt! It's been away for a while. being hand quilted by a group of ladies in Provo, UT that use their proceeds to buy supplies for patients at the State Hospital. I got it back mid November-ish and finished binding it over the holidays! It really meant a lot to me to have this hand quilted. If you want to name one after yourself, go right ahead. He cried, "If I buy stocks from the Sachs and the Kochs, Does it mean that I , too, have no soul-io? And Cognitive Dissenter gets the Bleeding Feather Award because she wrote a great limerick about the duckling cannibalism nonsense that went on last year: Hannibal Duck had no teeth Said "Thee how my pinfeather bleedth. " Amy said, "You taste nice!" And he yelled, "Jethuth Chritht! Thomebody call the po-leeth!" To top it all off, Ronna baked the most magnificent duck cake for the occasion: Inside it was checkerboard chocolate and vanilla. WOW!! If you want to see more of her amazing cakes, visit and like her Ronna's Cakebook page. A candy tree what could be better!I created a trunk with some branches and cut it out of Yummy Scrummy papers. Glued it to my card and sprinkled on card candy. I inked the edges of the scallop card and added dots of glitter glue at each scallop. Finished the front with a piece of patterned paper layered with a mini message. Inside the card, a covered mini elegant square and mini message. The finer details up close. I edged the tree with glitter glue and covered some of the card candy too. Change the colours to milk and dark chocolate and this would be great for a man's card!. Since we deal in fire and emergency equipment models, I thought it would be fun to witness some actual fire department related news. It so happens that the event was taking place right after I got out of my class that morning, so Katharine was nice enough to let me go and take pictures for you! You can check out some video footage of the event at the Joplin Globe Online. I honestly didn't expect this event to be so entertaining. I thought I'd snap a couple pictures and then be on my way. But it was more than just presenting a new fire truck. I have to take a minute here to warn my blog readers of impending seriousness. Around Liberation and National Days, I am planning to post some serious information about the Occupation. I remember distinctly what happened. My friends remember what happened. Our families remember what happened. It affected us all - both inside and outside Kuwait. No one who lived through those months of hell wants to talk about it - but it is so important! It has been a short fourteen years since Kuwait was liberated from Saddam - by allied forces including the USA and UK. After spending the morning shampooing the carpets at church, we decided to take the day off from school and spend the rest of our day having hot chocolate with marshmallows, reading books and drawing. YouTube link. This moth is Uropyia meticulodina, found in China and Taiwan. Real Monstrosities has another video showing the moth in flight. Via Neatorama. To teach is to learn twice. -Joseph Joubert So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. The end of my street right now. American Food I was dreaming of a city street in the rain.

Snug under a big, black umbrella, I made my way along the wet pavement, en route to an unknown destination when all of a sudden the buildings on either side of me began to melt like hot fudge - roof lines slipping, windows sliding - and an enticing aroma started to seep into my senses.

Unrecognizable at first. too rich to be flowers, too savory to be cake. Ah, fresh coffee. Breakfast. Parley Baer handled the Publicity and Sam Ward in charge of Promotion. Izithakazelo zakwa-Gaxa Gubevu, Nokhala, Msuthu, Giyana, Maduna, Diba!. Meet Karen: Here is a little something about Karen: "Hi, I'm Karen N and my blog is at . I am a happily married momma of four terrific young men. They are amazing and inspire me every day with their caring, honesty and hard work ethic. I work at a local university managing Arts departments. In my spare time, I craft, read and boat. I still have a lot to learn but I am growing. I hope we all learn from each other this week. We are continuing the North America Philofaxy Tour with Chicago. We would like to see who is interested in joining us so that we can get a good head count, so please let us know if you would like to attend. I'll be sewing, knitting, cooking and spending mornings on the verandah. Gracie is overdue for some training and I'll bath, brush and clip her too. Look after yourself, I'll see you again next week. Please support my sponsors: Bean Sprout Bubba and My Poppet, both operated by Australian mums from their homes. Rebecca at Bean Sprout Bubba is very knowledgable about nappies/diapers and I know she will help you if you have any questions or are unsure about what type of nappies to buy. Cintia from My Poppet is also full or wonderful ideas and is a caring mum. If you need help in choosing what you want from her website, just drop a line via email and I know you'll be helped. . Yes, it's the second post today but I wanted to write about a few additional things. The first is Julie's. Julie has been going back to basics and writing about it every day for the past month. It's very interesting and definitely worth reading. Read about her efforts here, and the very interesting recounting of her day on her home page. Kim's bog - Hedge's HappeningsMelinda at Elements in Time is grappling with the difficulties of her extended family's continuing consumerist lifestyle. We're waiting for you! Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette . but in one way many people might not have thought about very much. H/T Terry at Abbey-Roads. Greetings,Hey everyone. Just needed to take a second out of a busy day for a breath of air. And when in doubt, flipping through Matthew White's wondrous book, "Italy of my Dreams," always provides me with simple moments of calm and reflection. When the water starts boiling, stir in the meat and cook it removing the foam resulting on top. Stir in the cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, bay, onion, tomato, white pepper, turmeric, salt and black pepper. Reserve half of the stock to serve with the mandi later as a soup. Meanwhile, pour two cups of water in a big pot over high heat and stir in the rice. This post is about Lebanon Food and Dining. Lebanese cuisine is widely acknowledged to be the finest in the Middle East. A meal is always concluded with a wide range of fresh fruit, including melon, apples, oranges, persimmon, tangerines, cactus fruit, grapes and figs, which are all grown locally. Excellent Lebanese food is available everywhere. Wonderful Maamool with Pistachios which can be prepared at home or bought ready from restaurants. Knead well together. Cover tightly and leave overnight. On the second day knead again thoroughly and form into small balls. Hollow out their centers. Fill the hollow with mixture of sugar, Pistachios and flavorings. First off, I have to give a heads up to All-Clad. If any of you have any of this I want to point out that when they say it is guaranteed for life, they mean it. Recently I noticed a crack on the inside of one of my pots. I sent it back to them and they sent me a brand new one. I thought this was pretty terrific. I was ready to do some planting yesterday and I couldn't find my helper. Finally I saw her climbing up the garden steps. It's a long climb for a puppy with short legs and one bad paw. She takes a few breaks along the way to catch her breath. She finally makes it. Mash the boiled potatoes. Make a paste of salt and chilies in a grinder. Dunford to Meet with Russian Chief of General Staff DoD News, Defense Media Activity WASHINGTON, Feb. Joe Dunford will meet with his Russian counterpart tomorrow in Baku, Azerbaijan, according to a statement from the chairman's office. The chairman and Chief of the Russian General Staff Gen. Valeriy Gerasimov will discuss a variety of issues, the statement said, including the current state of U. S. Marine Corps Gen. Joe DunfordGeneral Joseph F. .