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This is not necessarily one of my favourite posts, but it is the one which started it all! I had just discovered that I, like all the best people, Honoria and Sandra included, am an INFJ. Saturday: Saturday was a travel day to get to Dubuque and get registered and settled in for the event. Mrs. That was a pretty significant increase over last year. Triple D is kind of an amazing event in that there are four different disciplines with four different finish lines going on all at the same time. How Mr. Well, anyway, then came the search for food. Mrs. Guitar Ted and I poured over the choices and debated what might be good. The November issue is always a big issue, and coincides with the release of our annual Fishermen's News Calendar, as well as Pacific Marine Expo. It's the largest issue we've ever produced. Those subscription forms you have all filled out asking for your industry affiliation are checked against our claims to ensure that we are indeed reaching our target audience – the US Pacific Coast wild seafood harvester. I couldn't help noticing that Saltwater's spring collection glimpsed below had been shot at the home of Atlanta Bartlett, someone I could call my true style icon. You will absolutely have to take a look for tons of beauty and her latest creations. And I see she has recently brought out a new book!En voinut olla huomaamatta, että alla esitelty Saltwaterin kevätmallisto oli kuvattu Atlanta Bartlettin kotona, jonka tyyliä ja tuotoksia herkeämättä ihailen. Samaan hengenvetoon löysin hänen kauniit kotisivunsa, jotka eivät ainakaan ennen olleet tulleet minulle vastaan. Käykää ihmeessä kurkkaamassa, sieltä saa paljon sulokkaita maistiaisia.

Uusi kirjakin on häneltä näemmä vasta ilmestynyt!Images: Atlanta Bartlett.

Hello, everyone!! Today we have the Intro to Cole's ABCs video! Woohoo! You can watch it below or at our You Tube channel. They were all enjoying the updraught by a hillside, swooping and soaring with very little effort. The peregrine repeatedly dived at the ravens, causing them to croak in mild annoyance and sometimes to turn on their backs to fend off the peregrine, which was clearly just playing casually with the corvids. I suspect the bird was from a local quarry where they breed and probably not a cathedral juvenile since these birds seem to stay in the Trent valley as far as we know. though we don't really know much about the movements of the juveniles of course, having had no positive sights away from the cathedral since they fledged. One seen near Spondon a week or so ago could well have been a cathedral bird but unless someone glimpses the colour ring, we can never be sure. The photo, by John Salloway, shows the moment back in July when a buzzard flew past the cathedral and was attacked by the female peregrine - notice how the buzzard has turned on its back to defend itself with its feet, just as the ravens were doing yesterday - though they lack the sharp talons of the buzzard of course. Continuing Educational Services provides seminars geared towards the economy and real estate with a special focus on mortgage lending. Khash Saghafi is also an approved instructor by the Ohio Supreme Court in regards to his expertise in the banking and mortgage industry. A Marathon man was arrested after he fled from law enforcement, crashing his car in the process. m. The deputy followed, activating his lights and siren in an attempt to pull it over. The deputy stopped his pursuit of the car, but continued in the direction the vehicle fled. We have what are quite possibly the most spoiled pets in the world. My in-laws, sadly for them, have no grandchildren. The line dies with us. Kartini the gecko was a wedding gift to us, and the hubacious one and I honeymooned in southeast Asia, including Indonesia. I wished I would have gotten these done sooner. but the idea just came to me today as I was preparing a lesson for church tomorrow. All scripture references are from the New Testament, King James Version and although I belong to the LDS church and pulled reference and text from their website, it's content is applicable to all who believe in the Bible and in the ministry of Christ. It's larger than a bookmark, but will make a great scriptural reference card - as well as a good map for getting into the true meaning of Easter this week. I just printed on regular white paper, mounted on pastel card stock and laminated. C'mon folks. Can we get real here? A pair of shoes is not going to make you the jive-ass king of the 'hood. Charlotte Loses It Over SneakersAtlanta Gots to Have AirTukwila? Where Da Hell is Tukwila?Bay Area Bang Bang For BootiesDetroit Break-In If we want to get into a discussion about total societal breakdown and what it looks like, this might be a good starting point. Anybody remember what Christmas is about? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?. And that is a huge, gigantic if, if there ever were one. Do you need that last minute gift? How about an e-Gift Certificate! e-Gift Certificates are easy for you and fun for them. I wrote this article a while back and it has been published in several places. Thought it was about time to share with my blog buds. The job market in the US is relatively easy. Even if you don’t have a full-time job, you can always find something part time or on a temporary basis. I knew the rules of the game and how to play them. Send out a few resumes and you would at the very least get an acknowledgement card, if not a phone call or interview. If you signed on with several temporary or contract agencies, you could even bid yourself against them to negotiate a higher hourly rate. Saw in Akira blog that he did this quiz, so i thought of giving it a try too. Currently, Dr. Dr. Because this find will be of interest, not only to Egyptologists but to ancient Near Eastern scholars as a whole, AEO managed to contact these researchers to find out more. Up periscope. Can anyone name the prolific Jess Franco actor/friend/colleague in the above image? You can also attempt to list the numerous appearances he has made in JF films over the last four decades. If that's too daunting a task how about your favorite performance by this very capable and underrated actor. Leading the attack on the village. Long story short:Potential disaster averted by this young man and histalented colleagues. But if I hadn't had an external hard drive, I would have lost everything. Hope you have one!. YouTube link.

This is the kind of thing top-level Tetris players do when they're bored, and/or want to prove that they are truly the best in the world.

Lanarkshire Kennedy Salver Team Yesterday at Elderslie Golf Club Lanarkshire won the Junior Inter County matches for the Kennedy Salver. And now for something totally different…. Last weekend I was at Webs teaching Creative Embroidery on Knits to a wonderful bunch of women. We had a nice afternoon, even if they did walk out a bit exhausted trying to take in all they learned. They left with beautiful little samplers of many stitches. It seems that one of the most frustrating embroidery stitches to learn is the French Knot.

” “My knots always disappear.

” “My knots look like a little speck. ” I never let anyone leave my class without knowing how to do this really versatile stitch. For you all, my loyal readers, I have made a little French Knot Video Tutorial since you weren’t at my class. Enjoy! And please spread the word to any of your friends who have experience French Knot Frustration……. Hi guys. I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas. Tommy Robredo added a couple of pictures and padded his lead over Rafa. Other than that, it's more of the same. The whole list is below with the number of pictures in the archive for each player in parentheses. m. Mulock Craik. Yes, your heard me right. It is not your typical manufactured home, this one is actually modular, and it is also an environmentally friendly home. The iHouse offers two intuitive floor plans with additional flex units.

The web site offers potential buyers the option of picking out your floor plans, features and pricing.

I enjoyed my tour of this home. If you get a chance, it's worth taking a look. The Downton Abbey marathon has begun. I brewed a pot of Earl Grey and made some cinnamon toast with the crusts cut off. I am ready to snuggle in and watch until the new episode of the final season begins tonight. Clic Clic Clic !. Please keep it above the navel. I'll kick off with:- Thunder and Blunder and Little Cuts Off His Willie. The first twist is that they will appear on cards that coincide with the year they were inducted into Cooperstown. The second twist is that these are not the teams they are best known for playing. The Phillies thought there still might be something left in the tank and picked him up. Making circles with the TAB PUNCH. I know this must be true cuz I read it at Hullabaloo. Yowza!This, sez I, is a wonderful development.

Monsters are out to get you, but your Imperial Masters will wrap you up in their big, strong arms dripping with blood, fill your lungs with the death fumes of unending slaughter, and show you exactly the great time you've been dying for.

"Dying" being the operative word, natch, okey-dokes, and right on!You want more evidence? You're a buncha sadomasochistic freaks. Christ, I wuvs this country so much! Try this, sweetums. I can add to that, cuz I was a bad, bad boy so I hadda listen to Stephanie Miller myself yesterday and today.

I dug out one of my old Penny Black xmas stamps and stamped it with black Versafine and embossed it with Crystal Translucent embossing powder.

I have added lots of Glamour Dust as well so it really sparkles in real life. SuppliesStamp: Penny BlackTools: Copics, Glamour Dust, Martha Stewart Punch, Gems. If you are a bit pumpkin crazy like I am at this time of year, try this recipe. It makes some of the best bread ever. Everyone with any interest in the proposed health care legislation should go here to read DrRich's latest blog entry in which he tell us what the ambiguity in the house bill is really all about. As DrRich points out it is ambiguous for a reason. The reason is that the lack of meaning will be supplied by the rule making processes of the various government agencies and this will be an unending process as opposed to a one time rule setting. Ambiguity is a topic that has been discussed from time to time in the law journals. See here for a recent article from the Stanford Law Review. Legal scholars talk about the willful insertion of ambiguous language into statutes as opposed to the inadvertent insertion of ambiguity. This has NOT changed. If you don't ask for the higher rates, they will not offer them to you. This has NOT changed. This has NOT changed. This has NOT changed. .