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By then, the crowd were all excited and ready. The route this year have been nicely modified to one which does away with the ECP stretch, and instead went through rolling slopes and the Tanjong Rhu area. Just popped down to Peterborough to repatriate my small loco depot layout/diorama that was built for display at Model Rail Live. I'll post more images of the layout as and when I make progress but, for now, here are some pics of the main scenic feature: the MPD. I especially liked the roller shutter doors and optional graffiti. I couldn't print out the supplied glazing panels on clear film as my printer wouldn't cooperate. Instead, I cut pieces of clear Plastikard and added thin strips of white insulation tape.

Having thoroughly urged the Corinthians to persist in their generous giving Paul continues on by appealing to them to take his words and teachings to heart and not just think of them as “suggestions.

Paul implores and begs the Corinthians to not blow off his words from his letters but to take those “bold” words as a sign that he will in fact be bold in person if the people do not heed the stern warnings he has issued. He has issued the warnings not because he enjoys doing so but because the standards of the world are polluting their faith. On the heels of much success overseeing the agency’s overseas marketing efforts, Alexa Tonkovich has been promoted to executive director of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. Her appointment was announced this past week by ASMI board chairman Barry Collier, president and chief executive officer of Peter Pan Seafoods, during ASMI”s All Hands meeting in Anchorage. Tonkovich, who majored in East Asian studies at Colgate University, joined ASMI six years ago. She served as ASMI’s Asia and emerging markets manager before being named international program director two years ago. Former executive director Ray Ruitta, who returned to his post on an interim basis this summer, has now retired anew. Ruitta had retired previously when retired Coast Guard officer and marine affairs consultant Michael Cerne was hired as executive director. When Cerne left abruptly in July, Ruitta agreed to return until a new executive director was appointed. Tonkovich, who grew up in Juneau, said she is very excited to be leading ASMI, but acknowledged there are many challenges ahead, the biggest one being the Alaska state budget, which has been hard hit by a drop in oil prices. ASMI’s multi-million budget includes funding from industry and state entities, plus matching federal funds. MsoNormal, li. MsoNormal, div. I turn, zoom into the area where I "feel" it is. The view finder is two small to see much detail so I just file it away in the "I will check it when I get home" category. Appears there was something there. A couple spots a bigfoot in a clearing late at night off the side of the road. RMSO reports:. I recently see everywhere the nude and festish model Forest Alexandra. working with several photographers like Mark Velasquez, Chris Fitgerald or Ward Robinson. select territory_short_name from applsys.

Writing intro and historical analysis part of a larger novel review.

Blige feat. Killer Mike - The Whole World","Paulmac feat. WHO: Me. M. WHAT: Signing books and chatting with readers. HOW: With my silver sharpie. Say hi. I'll be the tall one with the short black hair. via. Shoes Books and a Bike allows you to frame your bike and gives it a deserved place of honor in your apartment, like a trophy in a glass jar. Via Design Don't Panic. -priscilla giler. But it was so crowded that it's so difficult to walk and really look around what's there. Hello Kitty is there for a Meet and Greet sessionChristmas Decoration at Nex :. Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are. John Wooden…. Many of the jobless were discontinued, not downsized. One out of three mortgaged pieces of the American Dream has turned sour. Tell me about the bonus room again. The Power of the Press : The government's outpouring of funds – the bailouts, the stimuli, the cash for this and that – have had an effect – it's driven up the stock market. estoy inmersa en dos proyectos largos, por eso no doy muchas señales de vida. blogged here and here. Observation: God is speaking through Isaiah concerning the people of God and of the world creating images of their own hands and then praying to them. Turning to Him is repentance. God wants all to repent and realize there is no other way except through Him. Application: God's will is for everyone to repent and be saved. As a lay person to insurance, it is not easy to ‘break into’ the knowledge banks of insurance. While I profess that I’m no way near a level where I can tell people what to do with their insurance, at least for now, I understand my own insurance needs and plans – which is the raison d’etre for wanting to know more about insurance. Let’s just talk about the difference between a whole life plan and a term plan. Never a truer word spoken by Andrew Alexander in the WailAlas, there is something about smoking which damages the mind - of anti-smokers. Normal as they may be in other respects, they rave and rant about tobacco.

And never again will he be proven so spectacularly correct in as short a period of time as today.

Not at all. "All I can say is good luck to his children in trying to avoid lung cancer""What an imbpcile. It's, without doubt, a form of child abuse""thats disgusting, weve just stepped forward with the smoking ban and he wants to go backwards!" "Why does the Mail editor let this tripe to be published!?""the man is a idot when i wasa kid my dad smoked in the car he has stoped now the smell made me sick""I think people who smoke in cars with children should have their licences taken away. Child cruelty!""People like that should be castrated for the good of all children. "Right. I have some meetings to run to this morning, so I don't have much for you. Footer, We've got to stop meeting like this! Ms Footer: But Stacey, I want to know everything about you. Stacey: But My Dear Ms. Footer, People are talking! Ms Footer: Darling, I know! Isn't it exciting! Stacey: No! No- I declare it is not. You must know how discreet I am about my clients and the work I do for them, glorious though it may be.

The winners will be announced Saturday night on the Unity blog.

Here's a list of all the pretty faces in today's blog hop: Hope you all enjoy the hop. What do you give to the sweetest little dog in the world for his birthday?Why a box filled with peanut butter biscuits of course!Happy Birthday my sweet boy! Momma loves you!!!Hugs,Susan and Bentley. Aside from his thirst for experience, he has good reason to return to the past—his friend Kate has a curious, half-burned letter dated from that year, and he wants to trace the mystery. But when Si begins to fall in love with a woman he meets in the past, he will be forced to choose between two worlds—forever. Called “the great time-travel story” by Stephen King, Time and Again is admired for its rich, painstakingly researched descriptions of life in New York City more than a century ago, and for the swift adventure at its core. With newly digitized art, you will fall in love with this refreshed classic all over again. You know things are really bad for the government when the PM feels obliged to say this:. Prime Minister John Key said. there was no war with the media and that the Government had a good relationship with the fourth estate. It's like that old one about "I know he doesn't fuck pigs, I just want to hear him deny it. " Interesting, though: of course Judith Collins wouldn't intervene when a journo talked to her as Police Minister about a family member's dealings with the Police, but of course Maurice Williamson would intervene when a wealthy National Party donor asked him to interfere in a police investigation. So. I am a writer. I was once a lawyer and once an elected official. I have always voted Republican. I have tried my best at times to justify those things I thought I could justify or ignore those things that should be ignored in the spirit of helping my team and my side.

But I have met the proverbial bridge too far with Donald Trump and I am ashamed and horrified at friends of mine and party leaders who will look the other way to justify Donald Trump.

adoring this shape!J. S. London Fashion Week was so much fun this year for Bloggers as we prepare for Paris Next week. Mia, one of London’s Fashion insiders, her hat was fab. And as you can see, she has a great sense of Style…Dashing from Fashion Week to change for the Brit Awards later that evening…. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Chicken cornbread dumpling soup. This peasant soup was taught to me by an old lady who has been cooking it for longer than I’ve been alive. Packed full of white beans, corn and black cabbage, it’s meant to be rustic, so I didn’t change it much – just a little polish here and there. I have to admit, though, that the addition of the chicken dumplings really brought the dish to a whole new level. .