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Five days ago it was NY Congressman Eric Massa under pressure about inappropriate actions with a staffer. Then it was a spontanous resignation for a sequence of reasons ranging from the pressure, some cancer issues, healthcare strong-arming and a conspiracy by the Bamster's legions. It peaked with a radio talk show interview that titillated with the images of a naked man confrontation in the Capital gym shower-room. Maybe there was something there. Yesterday Glen Beck brought Massa to his show for a full hour. I watched a lot of it. Although the country is trying to diversify its cash crops, cotton and gum arabic remain its major agricultural exports. Although gum arabic, a resin exuded from the acacia tree, is a little known substance to a majority of the American public, it affects almost everyone's daily lives. Gum arabic, a derivative of the acacia tree, is an important ingredient in various products ranging from soda and candy to pharmaceuticals. European traders, who imported the products from Arabian ports such as Jeddah and Alexandria, coined the term `gum arabic’ and most gum traders of the time were associated with Arab countries. It is also used in flavorings and in pharmaceutical preparations as a building and emulsifying agent. This ambitious book recounts a lifetime of work by Gloria Farley, an influential proponent of North American epigraphy, the discovery and decipherment of petroglyphic inscriptions in languages from the Old World here in the New World. Believers are convinced that evidence exists for untold numbers of visitors prehistorically to North America from many different parts of the world including Europe, the Mediterranean, and Africa. Beginning with a fascination with the Kensington Rune Stone, Farley went on to discover and record petroglyph inscriptions in western Oklahoma, northeastern New Mexico, and southeastern Colorado, that she believed proved prehistoric visitation by parties of explorers. Reading this book really brought me a sense for her passion for the search, and her excitement at new discoveries and inscriptions. I came away with a strong feeling for her dedication to the importance of her quest. The inscriptions discovered by Farley were, for the most part, deciphered by Barry Fell. It would be unfair to Farley, however, to blame her for all of Fell’s flaws. Unfortunately she believed in him implicitly. Submit Yours Today. A teenager came to his pastor for advice. “I left home,” said the boy, “and did something that will make my dad furious when he finds out. ” Sometime later, the boy reported to the minister, “Well, I told Dad what I did. ” ”And did he kill the fatted calf for you?” asked the minister. “No”, said the boy,” but he nearly killed the prodigal son. ” It is important for us to see that in this parable Jesus is not interested in teaching us something about shepherding or keeping our money or even being good parents. What he is trying to do is give us a snapshot of God. Cheers, German Karp" Thanks German!. nlsa. Please make sure to bring photo identification with you to the CLE as this seminar is being held in a secure building and photo identification may be required for admittance into the building. More Information and Registration FormSpeaker: Carol Sikov Gross, Esquire, C. E.

Buresh and Gordon touch on many themes and areas of interest vis-a-vis nurses and their relation to the public, to doctors, and to one another.

Doctors Cure, Nurses Care When I first heard this phrase, I was moderately disturbed by it for several reasons. Doctors, by and large, receive the lion's share of praise and gratitude when a sick patient is cured of an illness. The US Department of Health and Human Services offers this site in relation to today's events, and the CDC's information can be found here. While HIV/AIDS is decimating populations in Sub-Saharan Africa, infection rates in the US are still unquestionably high.

The popular notion that AIDS is now a chronic treatable illness has by some accounts emboldened certain segments of the population to engage in high-risk behaviors.

Many estimates have been proposed in terms of the number of infected Americans who are unaware of their HIV-positive status. Women's Rights and Woman's identity and roles in Society. Paper details Christabel Pankhurst, Alexandra Kollantai, and Marjane Satrapi meet at a party and begin discussing women’s rights and their approach to questions about the role of women in society. Illustrating its arguments with actual examples and using theory to make connections and unlock meanings, the book shows how in our constant anxious pursuit of work and leisure we are running on the spot against a scrolling CGI backdrop. This text rejects the positive script of the virtual state and suggests that in order to instigate genuine change we must refuse to go with the flow. This is a super easy number recognition and matching game that I found on Pinterest and adapted for our classroom. You could do more or less depending on the needs of your class, my guys really need to work on the teens. I made three game using three different colors so that I was easy to keep track of which number went with which game board, but if you are only making one the. This step would not be necessary. The children have to find all of the kisses that match their game board color, and then match each numbered candy to the corresponding numbered dot on the game board. My kids aren't usually attracted to typical math games, but I couldn't keep them from arguing over this one, maybe because it smells so good! And surprisingly not one of them even attempted to sneak a piece of the candy. The varsity volleyball team is selling cookie dough. The flavors are triple chocolate brownie, peanut butter cup, white chocolate chunk macadamia, chocolate chunk, m&m, and oatmeal raisin. "Labels: Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars football, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars volleyball. It's the coldest day of the year in Bunyan Bay when a slick karaoke salesman arrives at the bar and turns the locals' lives upside down. KTVU Original studio: One Jack London Square. Chocolate covered stawberries anyone? I used paint and re-inker to make the "chocolate", If I was to do this again I think I would just use brown paint. The re-inker is starting to eat through the paper. They are so danged cute. It's hard to think of them as brisket, ribeyes, prime rib or even tacos. She's a good momma. Little change from yesterday, but no sign of the Wood Sandpiper this morning. A Wheatear by the Flash is an interesting late migrant, particularly as it looked like a 'normal' British bird which ought to have been on its breeding grounds for the last six weeks.

I know I have posted about Vanilla Bug at least once before, but I recently rediscovered Amy's shop and fell in love with it all over again.

These handmade necklaces are certainly the sweetest- so creative and quite beautiful. Gave up on the circle cardigan again. I finally got it to a point where I could try it on.

and I don't like how it fits.

When the Goober's a little bigger I'll finish it for her. At the rate she's growing, give it another year or two. In the mean time?I'm still trying to stick with the 'finish stuff' theme this year. This is an intense, saturated lavender cotton yarn I've had for at least five years. I'm going to knit it into "Cameo" by Wendy Bernard. Here in Portland, we've had this big uproar over a large neon sign downtown.

At some point, someone plonked a red bulb on its nose for the Christmas season.

When the sign changed hands, the new owners were prevailed upon to keep the stag, even though they sold china, just so Portland could still have its nose.

I mean, folks were getting upset.

This was messing with tradition. I was looking through some of the photos I took this past weekend and came across this: It was patterned by one of the students in my workshop last Friday. When I took the picture, i just thought that it was an interesting and graphic pattern. I really didn't see anything else. Toward the end of the day, that particular student approached me and started to chat. She was pointing out some fabric she'd made and within a few minutes told me she was going through a very difficult period in her life. Based on what she told me, it's probably the most difficult time of her life.

I'd like to say I can't imagine what she's going through, but that wouldn't be true.

When I ran across this picture today though I was so struck by how different reality can be from our perception of reality. I remember noticing this piece of fabric, but entirely because I like text and graphic images, not because I thought someone was asking a heartfelt question of the Universe. I'm an avid collector of quotes and little truisms and this made me think of one whose exact text I don't recall, but it basically cautions against judging others because you don't really know their journey. Carol Whyte &Tracy Masterton – Daily Mail FinalistsWindyhill Ladies Prize WinnersThanks go to to Lindsay Mathie for all the news. Another update for today, still fit and good lookin' Todd Martin of the U. S. Same deal as Dent, one pic added to the brflines site, but also attached to this post, so no need to surf over to see the pic. Izithakazelo zakwa-Gasa Msomi, Gasa, Meyiwa, Thabela, Vezi, Nophacwa, Wena owaphica Umfazi kwasa ekuseni kwazekwa indaba, Onondabula zixuku zakoNdwandwe, Wena owehla ngomzungulu wasala wabola, Mndayi!. Debbie has challenged us once again to another copy cat post. So here is my copy cat. When I do my “Shopping on Driveways” workshop, one of the things I tell people is that to find great deals, you have to keep showing up.

Okay, that’s true for lots of things, including writing.

And there are people who seem to have the kind of luck that if they only go to one sale a year, they find everything they were looking for. But for most of us, luck is in persistence. Which is probably what got me out of the house this morning. Even the Queen of Fifty Cents weakens when faced with gray skies, cold wind and the forecast of snow outside vs. a warm snuggly puppy inside. A lady was leaving the first sale as I arrived and stopped on the sidewalk, clutching her estate-sale wok, and said hello.

Then she said, “Um, I hope this doesn’t seem too weird, but are you the person who writes the Queen of Fifty Cents blog?” Now, this is the kind of moment you dream of…a stranger recognizes you on the street from your blog! Maybe it happens thousands of times a day somewhere in the world.

by Charleyhorse, also sometimes known as Domaine. She has light brown almost blond hair and gray eyes with a catlike yellow ring in them. When we are around each other we still flirt as young lovers but our stars are always crossed. If I tol' him to walk over a cliff, he'd go" "I've beat the hell outta him. But Jeff Gural, who is on track to take over at the East Rutherford harness racing mecca, tells me he is seeking to soon be put in charge of decision-making while the attorneys and regulators figure out how the changeover will work specifically. Morris Bailey, a friend of Gural’s who is expected to run Monmouth Park, likely is not even as far along as Gural is, since he got started months later. In any event, I know this is a Friday card and I haven't seen the weekend purses yet. Every year I like to create a calendar. This time I created one with shabby chic style. Pretty vintage images layered over French post cards. The tabbed dividers will make it super easy to flip through and pockets on each page hold tags to jot down important dates. after all. scamwebsites. never-wire-money-to-strangers.

, are scams from West African scammers mainly from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana etc.

, living in various countries, most having entered those countries using student or working visas. Started out the day hitting the new Cabela's in Louisville. Got to see R Lee Ermey as he was visiting the opening. They had some nice guns in the gun library and I do believe I will hit them tomorrow for a smoker on my way home. The gun display was ridiculous. I didn't even bother looking at the new guns. They rope off the gun display and you have to get in a line and wait your turn to walk the gun display. Hardly anyone was looking at guns, but you had to wait in line to be able to have a salesman follow you through while you look. Sorry Cabela's, I will just go elsewhere for my guns. Enjoy your silliness.