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Check out these bad ass Kustom Mercurys. This is me in my dreams. tanned, thin, and bikini-clad would all be nice, but for me, the dreamiest part would be to relax in the summer sun with a stack of books. The sunbather and her various accessories are all part of My Favorite Things' new Catch Some Rays set. The papers are from the Bloom & Grow "Grow" kit by My Mind's Eye. I did my coloring with Copic markers and Prismacolor pencils. The increase in torque is not due to backpressure, but to the effects of changes in fuel/air mixture. There’s not much left except a few timbers, stones, a few holes in the ground, and an occasional building. A high school science teacher in New Underwood, Swanson was born in Deadwood and grew up in the northern hills – developing a keen interest in the history of this region. After working on oilers for several years, the younger Swanson says he came back to the hills and is proud to carry on the tradition his father started. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department released a photo of Daniel Roseboro Friday.


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Include as much or as little detail as you like.

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We were challenged to make a card for our Dads last week, which of course, means something masculine, so I dragged out my button box and a roll of string and started to play. The card below is what I finally ended up with.

Next time I think I might pay a little more attention to keeping the strings straight and evenly spaced.

do you think Dad will notice?? . Remember when I harvested my potatoes recently? Well, this is what I turned some of them into. Butter poached potatoes with parsley. My mom used to make these when I was little and I loved them. Mix together everything except the parsley and bring it to a boil. Hello, creative friends! How is your week going so far? I have a card I made with this oh so fun Yellow Plaid Ruffled Ribbon. I'm addicted to it. When placing it on my card I just put a piece of double sided tape on the top and bottom of my card and then let the ribbon fall and stick it to the bottom part. This way the ribbon is loose and you really get the ruffled effect. Hugs, Mindy. .