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Well, not at an advanced rate, anyway. My PSA looked better than any he'd ever seen. They checked my blood pressure again, and again it was good. And the good cholesterol was a little low. No diabetes, which is good. Given that a couple of close blood relatives have it, I'll admit to having been a bit worried about that. Talk about contrasts! Of course, the big temperature swing means that snow is wilting like a flower under a heat lamp. Rivulets of water were streaming across frozen turf and ice all over town yesterday, making for large, deep pools and slush with dirty crap from Winter laying on the bits of pavement newly exposed. Mud- yes, that stuff we haven't seen for several months, has started to rear its nasty little head now. The mixture of Spring and Winter always means "slop season" is underway. I was ready this year.

It's a weird contraption, but you can ride it quite smoothly, without the sequence of jarring bumps that you might expect.

The secret is in the shape of the road over which the square wheels roll. The author aboard the Macalester square-wheeled tricycle. Photo by P. Zorn. A square wheel can roll smoothly, keeping its axle moving in a straight line and at a constant velocity, if it travels over evenly spaced bumps of just the right shape. This special shape is called an inverted catenary. Exciting times. It was expected that this would be a cycle price low but its shaping up to be the opposite. I suppose June would be a good month to go short depending on whether indices start making new highs and others don't creating a bearish negative divergence. But that hasn't happened yet, so probably hold tight until some divergences appear. If it pans out there is a lot of potential gain to the downside. If not, set your stop accordingly. Here is a bit of evidence of divergence. we saw these beautiful bald eagles the other day along the side of a river where we were canoeing. a baby moose can anyone say "CUTE"? We wanted to take this little baby dal sheep home with us. within touching distance. the boys were all dying to go out and get acquainted but mom was NOT into that plan at all. This thesis is concerned with the meeting point between theatre and religion in the mid-Victorian consciousness, and the paradoxial responses that this engendered particularly in the novels and thought of Dickens, Newman and Charlotte Brontë. There are two dimensions to this study: on the one hand it is concerned with the broader cultural anti-Catholic mood of the period under consideration and the various ways in which this connects with anti-theatricality. I argue that in the search for a legitimate means of expressing religious sentiments, writers react paradoxically to the latent possibilities of the conventions of religious ceremony, which is felt to be artificial, mystical, transcendent and threatening, inspiring the same contradictory responses as the theatre itself. As I blogged last week, it is liver fat not, as we have been told for years, visceral fat, that appears to be responsible for the metabolic disorders associated with obesity. Elisa Fabbrini et al. Fortunately, you can read a clearer explanation of what this study found in this report in Diabetes in ControlDiabetes in Control:Liver Fat Has Greater Impact on Health than Abdominal Fat A new study reported last week gives important information about an important factor that causes fats to be deposited in the liver: Fructose. Fructose overconsumption causes dyslipedemia Lê KA, et al. Am J Clin Nutr. This is the first Sat morning i have been home in the longest time. talking on msn. doing nothing. Annotated BibliographiesPaper details An annotated bibliography is not just a summary, but a critical evaluation of resources. Ask yourself whether credibility, reliability, and validity are present. In this selection from his archive, Dennis Morris gives us a beautifully well-judged and eloquent portrait of the black diaspora, frozen at a particular moment in time. We are invited to read these images backwards and forwards. Stuart Hall Growing Up Black charts not just the history of Black Britain but Britain itself. Dennis Morris started his career as a photographer at an early age. As a young boy in the church choir, he was given a camera which was to spark his lifelong passion for photography. Yesterday I shared some questions to ask that might inspire a cloud investigation. Today I wanted to share a couple of ways that you can have the children document their observations.

I should start with this warning: you can't really put these activities on your lesson plan because you have to wait for a day when you actually have clouds to observe.

I can't tell you how many times I've planned this activity and there were no clouds in the sky, or the opposite happened and the sky was covered by one great big cloud, which makes it difficult to observe. Just take my word for it and let this be one of those spontaneous activities. That doesn't mean that there aren't a few things that you can keep in mind in order to be prepared! I always like to start by asking the children to lay down on their backs and look up at the sky. This is generally met with looks that let me know just how crazy they think I am - what adult in their right mind actually wants children to lay down on the ground?! Once you reassure them that it's really ok most children are pretty willing, but some really don't have experience with laying on their backs on the ground, so be prepared to join them. After they've looked at the clouds for a while you can have them document what they're seeing in a couple of different ways. If you're a fan of drawing, have the children draw the clouds that they see. I've done this with blue paper and white crayons, but any drawing materials would be just as effective. It's helpful to have clipboards available for the children to draw on. If you have access to a digital camera let the children take photos of what they've been looking at. Get the look. ps- J. Just sayin'. Without further ado, let's get right to this week's Frugal Round-up. First up, I thought this Harvest Circle Felt Leaf Pillow by The Sweet Survival was just lovely! I think I might have to make me one of these beauties. I loved this cute plate wall from Domestic Imperfection. The mix of colors and patterns is just charming! Next, Lake Girl Paints shared a great tutorial on how to paint birch trees! Birch trees are so popular right now, and I simply love this little table. One thing I’ve learned from being a Mommy is that if you even mention the possibility of doing something fun or even suggest it, then kids will treat it like it’s a ‘done’ deal.

In their mind, there is no “maybe” involved.

On one hand, the kids need to learn that sometimes plans do change and we need to be flexible. The sorting begins this weekend. I have decided that I want to do this only once. I just need to be brutal in getting rid of things. After all, when I start trying to fit the remainder into my Escape for the trip to Mexico, I will be happy that I tossed or gave things away. Det ser da frodig ut i kjøkkenhagen. All regn som har kommet og varme dager der emellom virker grønnsakene like. Til venstre har erter, sukkererter, bønnevikke, jordskokker , bønner, lukterter og solsikker laget en djungel. De er alle godt over mitt hode og inneklemt står mine mais som jeg hadde trodd skulle bli høye, det er de ikke, rekker meg toppen til brøstkassen. Rødbeter og sallad vokser, dem burde jeg sikker spise snart. Broccoli har vi spist men de ser ut å ha stoppet i voksten. Sjarlottenløken er delvis tatt opp og henger til tørk, de andre har vi snart spist opp. Hvitløken ligger også til tørk på benken, de små løkene skal plantes igjen bare potetene er tatt opp. As I told in a previous post, I consider the unix tool screen essential for my work. You can find the full story here. Wishing all of you a healthy, happy and merry Christmas. I loved getting to know you and sharing our lives. Thank you for your support,your laughter,and your kindness. Suzan. Murcar Links are through to the last eight of the Mail on Sunday women's inter-club championship. Hey guys. Are you ready for a new player? Well, he's a hottie. He is Maxime Texeira and he's from France. Hope to find more pics in the future. Thomas A. Brown. Profit from the guidance of series editor Dr. Edward Goljan, a well-known author of medical review books, who reviewed and edited every question. Only until Sunday, so hurry up! Here's the blurb:Crossover is the first novel in a series which follows the adventures of Cassandra Kresnov, an artificial person, or android, created by the League, one side of an interstellar war against the more powerful, conservative Federation. Cassandra is an experimental design — more intelligent, more creative, and far more dangerous than any that have preceded her. She deserts the League and heads incognito into the space of her former enemy, the Federation, in search of a new life. Her chosen world is Callay, and its enormous, decadent capital metropolis of Tanusha, where the concerns of the war are literally and figuratively so many light years away. But the war between the League and the Federation was ideological as much as political, with much of that ideological dispute regarding the very existence of artificial sentience and the rules that govern its creation. Cassandra discovers that even in Tanusha, the powerful entities of this bloody conflict have wound their tentacles. Many in the League and the Federation have cause to want her dead, and Cassandra’s history, inevitably, catches up with her. Cassandra finds herself at the mercy of a society whose values preclude her own right even to exist. Hey Hey guy !. What, are you trying to tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing? Unless, this your first rodeo, in which case sit on down and I'll explain how things work. Question one: Did you bring cash?. Happy Stamping!. Balenciaga cutout leather wedge pumps. Paul Andrew Athena gladiator high heel sandal, at paulandrew. Total covet! Sergio Rossi cutout leather pump, at shopbazaar. Botkier Trigger small satchel, at shopbop. The bird was in the orchard at Selkirk College, just off Welsh Rd. The bird spent most of its time in the trees in the open area of the orchard but it also ventured into the thicker part on the south side. The bird has not been relocated since after several and thorough searches by multiple birders. This is the first record for the province of British Columbia. Park at the end of Welsh Road. Map Here The trail starts at the end of Welsh Rd, heading west. For further information on these Scams, please Read . Touchwiz-Resurrected ROM is a stock-based ROM which provides a new gingerbread user experience. This ROM breaks the barrier of gingerbread's limits, providing a new "era" of modifications.

This is not an official release by Samsung, but just a custom ROM which would require a custom recovery in order to flash the ROM zip file on your phone.

Disclaimer: All the official firmwares, custom ROMs, software updates, themes, mods, tools, apps, or anything provided in our blog belongs to their respective developers. Earth has asked and the stellar councils have granted an evolutionary leap. Over the last millennium Earth has been preparing for our advent. We congratulate and salute those of you throughout the universes who have volunteered for this assignment. It is also one of the few systems where telling the truth is covertly considered a creative act… This mission is not about separation.