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Jay Allen’s Road Show is motorcycle history meets the ultimate biker party. Keeping it real and grass roots in style, Allen is essentially taking his live free, ride hard personality that he infused into the Broken Spoke brand and delivering the experience to customers worldwide on their turf and their playing grounds. "Keeping the motorcycle tradition alive and entertaining the customer with an exciting, authentic lifestyle experience has always been at the heart of everything I do," explains Allen. "I’m keeping it real times ten and delivering an experience that customers crave. I observe their needs so that I can anticipate their fix. " Jay Allen’s Road Show at Sturgis has found the perfect home. In the past few years I have found myself asking basic questions several times a day.

These questions are always asked when I am driving my car.

They are: Where am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? How do I get there?The questions are asked because I do not know the answers. Looking at my surroundings, I find where I am. A little reflection tells me I am there because I am going some place. Today – another first. A fisherman told me to go faster! I thought I was being helpful by not chewing up his turf. He apparently thought I was taking too long to get past it! Win some, lose some. Going faster would have been the preference for both Sam and Elissa as well. Elissa: Today was quite a quiet day. Me and Sam was just inside drawing while Gam and Grandpa was outside steering the boat. Note the upper monthly BB. Note MACD history bars showing slowing momentum. Additionally note the Fib numbers I placed on the chart. We sang in several new areas/churches which meant meeting new faces and making many new friends! Tear down time! Mitchell & Hudson putting away instruments after a concert. Of course we like to keep things fun. Didn't y'all know that carts were originally made for riding like this? The fact that you can also store groceries in them is totally a bonus. Sometimes we tear through the stores at the speed of light and mom lingers far behind so no one will know she is related to us. In Cumberland Gap, we spent a few hours one morning at the Abraham Lincoln University. There are more than a few folks in Texas who are worried about the new open carry law that goes into effect the first of the year. My wife is one of those Texans and no matter how much I try to ease her concerns, she still worries about seeing all those guns when she goes shopping at the mall or grocery store. The whole idea behind open carry was to give law abiding citizens a fighting chance in businesses and places of entertainment like movie theaters, if a crazed gunman walked in and opened fire on innocent people. I am one of those Texans who believe more guns could help save lives, but this new law is not working out the way it was intended. While this is totally okay and permitted by law, the fact thousands of public places will not allow open carry is defeating the whole purpose of the law in the first place. How many of you like mystery stories? I certainly do. When I was younger, I loved watching mystery TV shows such as the “Perry Mason” movies, “Columbo” and “MacLeod”. Even now I like watching TV shows such “CSI: NY” and all three versions of “NCIS”. This reading is a prayer of praise to God. It ascribes glory and worth to God’s name. The question was asked and I repeated it on the tatting lists, what to do with finished motifs. Here are some of the answers:Scatter them around decoratively on shelves and tables as "mini-doilies". Put them on cards. Add a thread hanger to make ornaments or sun catchers. Join several motifs in a straight row for a bookmark. The American Constitution Society is pleased to present a panel discussion addressing the difficult issue of Title IX and sexual assault in higher education. As part of this effort, the U. S. Department of Education has reinvigorated its enforcement of Title IX, issuing guidance letters and conducting investigations on a growing list of higher education institutions. In response, academic institutions have ramped up efforts to investigate sexual assaults and make their campuses safer. courtesy of singtao. On Jai said, "I am very happy to hear the news, it is the result of the entire team! We will guard the Hong Kong post and promote even harder. ". Being on a leave of absence presents a series of challenges, most of which I would deem "problems of luxury", yet their problematic quality is still worthy of my attention. And it is these challenges which occupy my mind most vividly from day to day. First and foremost, during this time of rejuvenation and mental/emotional recovery, I am faced with the question of whether or not to return to my full-time job. So, the questions remain. As seen on Sky TV. UK Soul Jam captures the energy and musical talent from London’s Contemporary Soul Scene. Bringing together singers, players, & connoisseurs of Neo Soul, Nu Jazz, Credible Hip Hop and RnB, Brokenbeat, Reggae, Gospel and Soulful House scenes in London.

A platform for new & established artists.

Open Mic / Jam is open to the public.

INTRODUCTIONA plasmid is a DNA molecule that is separate from, and can replicate independently of, the chromosomal DNA. They are double-stranded and, in many cases, circular.


The number of identical plasmids in a single cell can range anywhere from one to even thousands under some circumstances. It is now that we need to give power to our pupils. m. Good morning all. It was another long day yesterday and the same again today. Teapots didn't happen, nor small plates, but I made a few dishes and some tiles for an order.

Lots of finishing and decorating to do today.

There's not time to make much more for the wood firing, so soon I'll clear the decks and set about glazing everything in readiness for the big burn next week. I'd like to try and make a few hump molded dishes before then though - maybe today if there's time - we'll see. I'd better get to work or nothing will happen at all, unless the pixies have been round in the night. Put your money in Portuguese language course futures at Rosetta Stone! There's gonna be a rush to learn how to say "Bom Dia!". Recently Cathy and Robin asked me to help out at a local Montessori school. While searching for samples, I found the above modern block. They seemed confident in their abilities and I was impressed with their creative, no-fear attitude. There were three females and two males in the class. Above one of the male students uses the sewing machine for the first time. Another male student lays out his wonky town. Then he placed the buildings as he wanted them onto a dark background fabric. Note the airplane flying over the town! One of the female students had made this theater building as part of her town. The last several weeks have been a flurry of 'work': yarn dyeing and article writing. I've got a lot more to do.

So, this weekend I've done nothing.

I knit some, watched some movies, read a book, and slept late. Back to dyeing and writing tomorrow. I’m finding my way in this new land of mommy fashion which more often calls for flats and jeans than I was previously used to.

A skinny cropped jean is always a great choice – stylish, cute, figure conscious and an easy way to show off a good pair of shoes.

Heels will always remain a staple in my wardrobe, but I’ve started to carry with me an extra pair of flats so I can switch to a more practical shoe when needed. Scrap Goats: The Democrats have suffered “another electoral drubbing at the hands of the most cartoonishly evil, corrupt, inept gang of thugs politics has served up since” the last time the same bunch beat them about the head and shoulders. And they are shocked, shocked that the electorate – which is overwhelmingly liberal on most issues – rejected them, just because they no longer remember what they stand for. The reasons the Democrats were crushed and the lessons they'll draw from their defeats are not the same things. They're not even distantly related. “It's a basic truth in life that when everybody you meet is an asshole, it's time to look in the mirror.

” The people need a party.

Austerity works, just not the way its backers claim. Flag of Convenience: The hordes traipsing about Washington this weekend, protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, are missing the bigger picture. Yes, mining of the oil sands should cease. So should burning coal. coloursteelsexappeal. nickholmes. I owe an anonymous woman in Ajijic an apology. She wanted to know if someone was going to put together a Canada Day celebration in Ajijic. The question surprised me. There just seemed to be something unusual about celebrating a national holiday in a foreign land. Most of my years overseas were in the service of the American federal government. We were taught to keep a low profile. Of course, there was always a Fourth of July party at the American Embassy. I felt rather smug in my logic. Until I was confronted with one of my first social engagements in San Miguel de Allende. Did I want to attend a Democrats Abroad Fourth of July picnic at a Mexican hotel?A deconstructionist could probably spend a week developing the odds on why I wouldn’t attend. As you may remember my dearest son is moving to New York City. This Tuesday is the day, and he and his girlfriend drove his car here last Thursday to store until they decide if NYC is going to work out like they have planned. We did have a garage sale Saturday to sell off his post college belongings that have been stored here for several years. The sale was only moderately successful, and two full carloads went to the Goodwill post sale. Holding a garage sale is not the most conducive environment for pleasant conversation, and then they were off to dinner downtown, so it feels like we have hardly visited. My workdesk is looking pretty bare at the moment. which is still waiting for photos of my drama student niece. who hasn't responded to my request, which puts me nicely in my place, doesn't it? LOLOn my other desk is some stash that fell into my shopping basket this morning. Some of our most popular flavors have been Tomato Basil, Mushroom Brie Bisque, Shrimp & Corn Chowder and Broccoli Cheese. I shall be joining in merely by way of duty, natch. Amy posted a bunch of photos of our time at the coast. Quote of the Day:Me: Jenny, it's time to get up. Happy Labor Day everyone! I have a quick question for y'all. Do you follow the old fashion rule of No white after Labor Day Or do you ignore it now? Just wondering. I will be spending some quality time with my dear hubby. He works hard all week, and we are just going to spend some fun time together today. So no projects, no blogging parties. We will return to that schedule tomorrow.

Ceekay of Thinkin of Home left us to be with Our Lord yesterday.

On the windowsill above my kitchen sink I keep a mini kitchen because it just makes me happy. Here it is all decorated for Christmas. Late last evening after the dishwasher was loaded and the kitchen was all cleaned up, I took these pics to share with you. Just a little bit of magic to keep the child in each of us alive. Home and Garden Thursday Open House Thursday Vintage Thingie Thursday Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley.

My column in the current March/April issue of Cloth Paper Scissors addresses the benefits of art journaling, of which there are many.

This issue, btw, is the first in a new redesign throughout the magazine. A brief excerpt: A journal is a place where we create only for ourselves. There's no pressure to show our work to others and, without the weight of outside criticism, journaling can free us to release our creativity and enhance our artistic skills. This for-your-eyes-only journaling, coupled with the focus on right-brain activity during the act of art journaling, allows you to be less critical and rely more on intuition. You take more risks, and that helps build self-confidence and personal satisfaction. There are others that would fit. I shared those thoughts with my betters here, and Phil and Frank added some of their own. It's collaborative, it's an ensemble! Like Seinfeld. iggybacking on the theme introduced here by Spurgeon yesterday, I want to say a word about the Lollards today. OK, this is actually a not-very-subtle way of sneaking one of those confounded this-is-where-I-am-right-now-type posts in the back door, because today Darlene and I are in the English midlands, and we visited St. Mary's parish church in Lutterworth, where John Wycliffe served as rector in the fourteenth century. On Dec. He died three days later. Wycliffe was a consummate scholar and churchman, so it may seem ironic that the movement he inspired was a campaign led by lay preachers without formal education, known for the simplicity and directness of their preaching, and who operated outside the established church.

The Lollards were one of the bright spots of late medieval church history, and they laid the foundation for the Protestant Reformation in England.

You can read about them here or here. Wycliffe, of course, is known as "the Morning Star of the Reformation. " He was a harsh critic of priestly and ecclesiastical corruption and an early advocate of practical and theological reform in the church. He was the first to call the Pope "Antichrist. " He taught predestination, opposed the doctrine of transubstantiation, and above all, believed the Bible should be translated into the vernacular. So long as you can mentally screen out his Nephilim hobbyhorse, there's some good material here on the Angel of the Lord as an OT Christophany:. I am half way home and still have so many pics of Salem to post. But I am pooped and want to spend more time than I have now when I post them. So I will give you some frivolous pics right now and post the others when I am home. BTW. I just loved what these people did with their house.

As I was driving all day I was thinking about the giveaway.

I am so happy that Rue won it but I also feel so bad that all of the rest of you didn't. I have never done a giveaway because I am simply the biggest giveawayer there is. Additionally, AXI’s new, more intuitive editing and exporting tools helps students showcase their academic achievements more easily. Educators involved in the beta process are already impressed with AXI’s capabilities. For example, Dan Armstrong, a graphic arts teacher at Lake City High School said: “Adobe Acrobat XI is a problem solver for educators –it’s simple to learn and easy to use. Acrobat also allows teachers to lock documents they don't want changed to help avoid cheating in the classroom. ”The top new AXI features include:Integrated cloud services: Administrators will especially love the new eSignature service Adobe EchoSign, which expedites document and Web contract approvals from weeks to hours. Teachers will equally be excited about the updated Adobe FormsCentral for simplified form creation, data collection and analysis. .