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Must I read my Bible every day? - A little post about the difference between faith-based duty and legalism. Modesty matters - "Modesty is a virtue that shows love to others and brings glory to God through appropriate dress. " Helpful. Advice for email - "Think through your thoughts.

Then boil them down to five sentences.

"To the memory of JOHN OWEN who has wakened hope for many in the darkness of perfectionistic despair.

Speaking of books, if you look at the right of my blog, you'll see a new book list. Here are the books I'm planning to use this year to explore issues like godly womanhood, discouragement, honouring God with our thoughts and emotions, people-pleasing, self-control, and parenting. A hint about some of the topics you can expect posts on in the months ahead!!Right now I'm reading Edward T. You might like to read them along with me. Here's some pics from Saturday's Gangster Choppers Holiday Bash. He is an internationally acclaimed pin up artist who has explored all the intriguing facets of this very successful and popular genre. Moving from glamour to fetish, from pulp to fantasy, he always paints the most provocative girls in their most suggestive behaviors. He exclusively works with old fashion techniques as acrylics, watercolors, pencils and occasionally with oils. Deluxe Book PackI always wanted a LL Bean Bookbag. I thought it was the coolest thing ever!. This poem, I'm Scared of water, has been one of my most requestedpoems and I have always gotten requests from people to give it totheir partners etc. So i thought i would make it public. My onlyrequest is to please give me credit as a writer, that's important as awriter. I think this poem resonates with so many because it talks about ourdeepest fear of being vulnerable with someone we love, not beingafraid to say I really want you, want THIS. via. From studio dror. great design!via. I have really been inspired by all the paper with text on them.

They just add something wonderful to projects.

The new paper pack from CTMH Grace has a page with typing all over it. When I started this sketch for CPS, I knew that I wanted to start with that text page and stamp on it. I also like the lace image in the new stamp set called "Delightful Things" that I used at the bottom of the card. Supplies from CTMH-Grace Paper pack, Cocoa ink, Honey ink, Twilight ink, Twilight marker, Honey marker, Cocoa ribbon, honey brad, foam tape, delightful things stamp set.

Tonight I made dinner pretty late.

and I had a big Indian buffet lunch with my awesome friend Jen-Jen-The-Witch's-Hen. so I was in the mood for something light. I tried to remember an old recipe of my mom's. It's a salad with kidney beans, cukes, cilantro, green bell pepper, and corn. I cooked up a fresh corn cob. I have never joined a KAL so this is my first post! I based this doll on the dolly in Zoe Mellor's Nursery Knits. My daughter requested that she have no hat and hair just like this. Hair is always a challenge for me so having it specially requested was a HUGE challenge. My daughter also designed the color scheme for her clothes. It was lots of fun and my daughter loves her so it was worth the effort. I'm currently working on the Big Foot Bunny from Knitted Toys. I’d like to introduce you to Barb Vis. She has generously agreed to show us how she made her Scissor’s Fob or Scissor Keeper.

I think you first saw it here on this post.

She said she got the idea for a Scissor’s Fob when she was attending a Sew-In and people were getting their scissors mixed up. She decided to make a unique Fob so she would know which scissors were hers. We are getting ready, not only to have a baby in February, but to host a Married’s Retreat our Mother Church puts on every year at our church. It’s on Valentines’ weekend and since I love red and Valentines Day decorating, I really look forward to getting the church ready with decorations, treats or fun gift giveaway prizes. I love buying that kind of stuff from Etsy. Chris has been busy patching, painting and cleaning areas that have been on the church ‘to do’ list. Fun! My brother has six kids and Chris’ brother has seven and both of them are pastors as well, so there’s usually quite a bit to talk and laugh about. It’s really a good time for us. misscellania. I barely knew it. This new hammock. Or, at least, new to me. When my last hammock died, my landlady graciously donated this one from a house she had just purchased. We never quite bonded. The hammock and me, that is. It was smaller than the previous hammock and the mosquitoes kept driving me away from its more sybaritic pleasures. It is now no more. One morning I discovered that six of its ropes had snapped.

Theories abound.

At least my corpulence was not the major contributing cause. Years of prayers have been devoted to Kateri Tekakwitha, a woman that never let her faith waver despite persecution from her fellow natives. The “Lily of the Mohawks” will be honoured alongside six other people by Pope Benedict XVI who will preside over the ceremony in Rome. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind". Observation: The author, one of the wisest men to ever live, is letting us know that toil and achievement really spring forth from a person's envy of someone else. This is true. Most achievement is simply trying to outdo someone else's achievements. People work incredibly hard to break records and achieve higher and greater things in every area of life. It is usually someone's envy of someone else that leads the pursuit. Application: What if our achievement and work was not to outdo someone else, but truly to fulfill God's purposes in our lives. If anyone really believes that the Tories are going to be any better, I looked into the future and there is something you should know. Same shit. Different coloured rosette. Enlarge for the caption. I am going to take a couple of days off from blogging and will resume next week. However, as we move into this most holy of times, it is always good to know that there are those out there who claim to be morally and intellectually superior to those of us who are pro-life, but seem to have no problem making fun of a three year old with Down's Syndrome. I would like to take this opportunity to wish each of you a Blessed and Happy Easter. It's such a simple thing, to send a letter or note saying you are sorry and understand, but it can buoy a person towards a better day. It was so appreciated, please know that. photograph by Tim Walker . Banished sculpture remains in town, former mayor buys 'Global Warming' - Our Colorado NewsCastle Rock Mayor Paul Donahue this summer brought up his concern at a council meeting about have a sculpture in town hall called “Global Warming” and it was removed soon after.

This set featured retired players, managers and executives plus one active player, Ted Williams.

The Yankees stormed back and ultimately the Series was won on Mazeroski's memorable homer. Finishes After what feels like a lifetime of effort, I finally got the New York Beauty Mini done! I used it for FMQ practise - lots of radial line, bubbles, snail-shells, and my trademark 'fiery curls' Funny story: I broke the needle just as I was starting to edge this, and so I had to lever up the plate under the foot and needle. And found. quite a lot of lint. Had a go at it with the good old vacuum. See how you can create captivating small paintings for holiday gift giving or for your travel journaling. too funny! Cheerfully stolen from Creative Minority Report. Big Boy. While this has been fun and certainly meaningful, it wasn’t always satisfying as I tried to get tight groups with small and sometimes very high powered handguns shooting hot ammo. Time for a change and nothing is more satisfying than shooting a big service-sized. Now, while all of the pistols reviewed in this three part piece are a little too large for concealed carry, they are perfectly suited to the defense of your home. When night has fallen, the house is still and suddenly the dog jumps to alert from a sound sleep, there is no need to rely on the small pistol you carry concealed all day. At least fifteen bombs went off in ten different cities across the country.

In Baghdad, a car bomb detonated outside of the Foreign Ministry.

Another bomb went off by a Christian church in the Mansour district, there was an explosion in central Baghdad, and an attempt on the life of the head of the provincial council by a suicide bomber. Every month or so, militants are able to carry off operations like these, which are aimed at undermining the government, and gaining press coverage to make it seem like Iraq is an unstable country. One of the reasons why terrorists are able to successfully detonate so many devices, and get them through the numerous checkpoints in places like Baghdad, is the security forces reliance upon fake bomb detectors. Enjoy the Middle Eastern cuisine and learn how to make Authentic Moroccan soup. Add the spices and stir well, cooking for a further minute. Add the chickpeas, lentils, chopped tomatoes, diced lamb and stock to the saucepan along with the bay leaf. Sometimes I get a ribbon that I think is so beautiful, I'm not sure how to use it! I loved this scalloped green trim the moment I saw it, but I wasn't sure what I should do with it. Then, I was working on a card and it just needed something to visually define my borders. hugs,Gini. Victor Martinez Toney Freeman. I admit that this is REALLY cheesy to list what I'm THankful for on THursdays. But you're going to have to get over it because I am a nerd. I've had a lot of depression since finding out about the affair and I've had a hard time finding the good in my life. There have been studies that show that gratitude can be an antidepressant. Check out the following article for more info on that : I have heard this before. And of course we learn in church how much our spirits can be boosted by keeping in mind the things that you are thankful for.

But I have never been good at it!!! Yes, I know am grateful for many things, but apparently it helps to literally write them down.

So I'm going to try hard and do this at least once a week. .