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"Are we too late?" I asked the attendant at the gate to the South Rim. "Oh, no. Though you're probably my last paying customer," said the gate attendant in olive green, with a gold arrowhead on the shirt. "Nope. Just passing through. We couldn't pass the Grand Canyon without having seen it," I responded. "Well, you better hurry to the rim," she chuckled, giving me my change. "The sun is setting, and you don't want to miss that. "Indeed I didn't. Design is visible from both sides.

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If God judges on merit, where is the bar? Is it high? How do you know? Is it low? How low? How high? Does God grade on the curve? What happens to those who do not make the grade regardless of how low the bar is? Do they go to Heaven anyway? If so, then the bar has no significance. If everyone goes to Heaven when they die regardless of their belief or character does their character change when they die? How? Why? If it does not change then Heaven would be Hell. Heaven would be filled with immoral people. If, however, God has a high bar then overwhelming numbers of people are lost. If merit is the way then they have no hope. That is the way it is!Without the cross of Christ the bar is very high, so high that no one has ever made it except Jesus. “There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins. Last summer, the engineering people at Mercia marina took out one of Erin Mae's window, and fixed it properly so it wouldn't leak. Then Rich at Great Haywood did the paintwork the job necessitated.

All a great success – we had a nice shiny, dry boat.

This summer, at various points, A. Nonymous removed one or two items. At the safe Piccadilly Village mooring in Manchester, some well-heeled resident decided we'd be better off without one of our fenders. I managed to ride to work all week, but several parts of my body hurt and I was really slow. In fact, several times I felt sleepy, and so slow I thought I should go home from work, but I managed to keep going. One thing was waiting for me when I got back- a Salsa Cycles Cowchipper Bar. Many are wondering if it is a hybrid of the Cowbell and Woodchipper. The older the crab get, the more infrequently they molt, and very old shell crab do not molt, creating a more inviting environmental for barnacles, who cling to the shell, and use their appendages to reach into the water column to draw plankton and detritus into the shell for consumption. There have been a lot more old shell crab in the last couple of years, notes Bob Foy, director of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center Kodiak Laboratory. Old shell and very old shell crabs are more likely to have an abundance of barnacles aboard their shells, making them a less than lucrative catch. ""My phone is disconnected. ""I stopped taking my diabetes medications because I was mad that my blood sugar was high. ""I didn't take my medication because I was mad at the doctor. ""I was in New York/Puerto Rico/Florida/New Jersey for two months. ""Someone stole my phone. ""Someone stole my car. They were among the most renowned contemporary artists of Switzerland. The figures range from those rendered in meticulous detail, to coarse, sketch-like pieces. As is implied by "The World We Live In" – the title originally envisaged for the work – this panorama of interwoven happenings in the world arising out of the artists' subjective viewpoint, with its assembly of events both large and small, questions what it means to be alive. Listing for Thursday's Cine Salon:A weekly display of hidden or neglected facets of the magic lantern. The finest wines and cheeses shall be served. co. On valentines day, we attended a hockey game. Our granddaughters Savannah and Madison were playing. but she didn't make the cut off date. Paige plays also, but didn't have a game on Sunday. MadisonAll three of the girls love hockey. It is what they do in the winter, between practices, games and tournaments. The indigenous people of East Greenland made this sort of underwear, known as naatsit, by sewing strips of seal pelt together using a thread of reindeer or whale sinew. The naatsit above, decorated with glass beads tied onto seal-skin fringe, was made for women and worn under seal-skin trousers. Explorer Captain C. Inside the warm homes of the Greenlandic Inuit, a naatsit "was the only thing worn even when having guests or visiting the houses of other families," says Toft. I made a bit of progress on my list this past weekend. I trimmed the edges of my Bermuda Seaglass quilt and cut the binding. still need to sew it together. Goldie gave it her seal of approval by posing on it. Then I squared up the blocks for my guild donation quilt. This was done early in the morning. To think that the simplest RG model already required a lot of effort from assembling those numerous small parts, applying those fine stickers along the way to panel lining it. RG Zeta Gundam would surely set a new height to Gunpla building. . Newcastle United's resident bad boy, Joey Barton is the subject of today's brieflines update. Love the two new pics of him, hope you like them too! I'll see all of you tomorrow. Today is the debut of the new STI index by FTSE. Yahoo can't view it, Poems can't see it too. so much for a good start. Life is still weep-inducingly busy at Puddlecote Inc. Brochures are out to the printers but staff nerves are frayed at such a lot happening all at the same time. It didn't quite work out like that though once engaging in conversations. Although this site is still growing, and needs much more to go, we have so far received many responses by both pro’s and critics alike. PLEASE. The Biannual TaskI love living in an old house, but I have to admit that there are a few inconveniences, one of which is the decided lack of closet space. This necessitates a twice yearly ritual that I both look forward to and dread in equal measures. The switching of the closets. You see, I keep the current season’s wardrobe in my main closet and the other season in another.

So twice a year, sometime during the first real week during which I can feel the change in the weather, I switch them around.

It’s best to do this on a free day, nothing pending and no distractions, which is why I chose the task for this week when the Songwriter was out of town. The chosen day dawned cool and crisp and, after breakfast, I began. It is with great sadness that I must inform you of Thelma's passing. As some of you may recall, Thelma lived next door with her three sister hens. But Thelma decided to hop the fence one day and make her self at home in the our garden, much to Bentley's ire. Despite the fact that Bentley chased her, pulled out her tail feathers and tried to kill her on several occasions, Thelma still preferred to fly the coop for the greener garden of Ash Tree Cottage. Here she is enjoying her favorite spot on our front porch. Day after day she would rock away in my Grandma's old rocking chair. This free ranging chicken had the heart and soul of a free Spirit. by Dan Phillips Each of the terms in the title is problematically broad, yet both are unavoidable. So let's proceed. The concept makes sense, but the execution usually ends up being problematic. They might be clearing-houses for defense against cults, or response to scientistic attacks on our faith. I was recently reminded of a time I lost my Filofax. I left it by my seat at a nightclub where I was watching my brother perform, and drove home without it. Someone found it while cleaning up after the show, saw my name inside, and gave it to my brother.

I woke up the next morning, and panicked when I realized my Filofax was missing.

Thanks to the author and folks at Night Shade Books, here's an excerpt from David Constantine's The Pillars of Hercules, which will be released in a couple of weeks. For more information about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. You can also visit David Constantine's official website here.

Here's the blurb:Alexander, Prince of Macedon, is the terror of the world.

Persia, Egypt, Athens. one after another, mighty nations are falling before the fearsome conqueror. Some say Alexander is actually the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and the living incarnation of Hercules himself. Worse yet, some say Alexander believes this. That was the title of the post I was working on. I did not see how Shearer could survive that and I was proved right. And now he is gone, rolled, history, with some poor cleaner having to mop up all the blood from the caucus floor. The Labour Party could do a lot worse by bringing back Phil Goff. A safe pair of hands with vast experience of Government. He was never going to win the last election made even more difficult by the inept management of Trevor Mallard. He deserves a second chance. The war in Iraq is obviously dominating the headlines, but the country is facing a number of other pressing issues at the same time. The United States and Iran are playing out their rivalry within the nation. There are still on going disputes between the central and Kurdistan regional government. Prime Minister Haider Abadi is trying to push major institutional reforms. To discuss these issues is Dr. Abbas Kadhim. He is a senior foreign policy fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, and the president of the new Institute of Shia Studies. What was the mood in the country at that time? The fall of Mosul dismantled the narrative about the new Iraq. It exposed the deep divisions among the various factions of Iraq, the weakness of the Iraqi security system, and the fragility of Iraq’s alliances with regional and western partners. Wrightson's wry twist on the Loch Ness Monster legend. I drove my best friend, Anne, to the airport. She went to live in Belgium.

She'll be very happy and I'm very happy for her, but it sure won't be the same not having my best friend live two doors down from me.

Anne and I have always seemed to bring out the silliness in each other. Like the time we followed a car because a kid was in the backseat and a "suspicious looking" man was driving.

After watching the man drop the kid off in a trailer park, we assumed he was ok and left.

We later learned kids have to ride in the backseat. It's the law. Frogmore Stew, also known as, Low Country Boil, is a great way to end summer. Make this for Labor Day. Each time I make this I wonder why I don't make it more often. I snapped this photo before I ladled the broth in so use your imagination. This recipe is best with the freshest ingredients you can find. Hit your local farm stand and buy some fresh corn, shuck it and break it into thirds. Fill a huge pot half way with water. I didn't polish it because it's easier to photograph if it is not shiny. Amphora witch statueThis is a whiskey bottle. A window witch sitterArugula blossomWet pebblesClematisMorning mushroomsThe pansies have gone to seed.

Waiting to bite something!.

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