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We're not sure why but it might have something to do with the feedback they've received from individuals and businesses about why this bill can't be passed as it is currently written. . When they're born, we crop their ears, dock their tails, cut off their nuts, and give them tubals. We put in chip implants, rings through noses of bulls, and we cut out the claws of our cats. Let's not even begin to get into the ridiculous haircuts we give these animals. Human children. Babies. My kids are older than me, but I'm older than my baby. Thomas - I can jump down all the stairs!Mum- You're a super star!Thomas - No, I'm not. I'm motivated to watch The Haunting because of the Robert Wise Blogathon. It's a film I've never seen. I had thought I'd watch it during October but am moving it up on the calendar. It's not like I don't already have too many movies lined up for October. Moria says, "The shocks that Robert Wise crafts in The Haunting are some of the most sophisticated and finely constructed ever placed on film. Sharing Hearts This world would be a very lonely place if we did not share. There is a race in this world that is going on for many. A race to get to the top, A race to get to the finishing line. A race to be the first. A race to be the best or number one UNO. It is good to want to achieve good or great things! But we must remember those around us who need help. Some of us do not find everything easy, but rather difficult. But rather we must be taught and encouraged. Maybe you are in a place that you are having a hard time! Look, if you do not belong to every club or Bible study,or every exchange or party. While he is strong and maybe a little rough, he is interested in fashion and the arts. He will have a beer but also a really good book. He dresses well but is never a slave to fashion. Read the rest here.

The author talks about it: ‘Wuthering Heights’ was three sides of notes written about my wife’s impractical October clothing choices.

We wound the sheep tracks above Haworth, stepping puddles and shunning the grey clouds until we reached Top Withens. My wife had recently shown me Sylvia Plath’s poem about the site, together with Ted Hughes’ reply. The latter poem studied a wife’s fascination with a writer and my notes took a similar form, trying to explain how adoration can ignore, neglect or, indeed, rejuvenate it. I found it fascinating how she refused to see the moors as anything but harsh and colourless, Top Withens as anything but desolate and funereal. It was perfect as a Christmas present. Good morning Augusta. This morning it is partly cloudy with a chance of rain. Tonight it will be partly cloudy with a chance of rain after midnight. The website for our latest film, the ballad of vicki and jake, is almost online. I asked our webmaster, Matt, to create a director's blog for me on the website, and he suggested that I write one here at blogger. He thought it would be easier for me handle. What is that supposed to mean?We'll see how it goes. I feel rather exposed writing this and putting it out there for everyone to read. Is this how my subjects feel when I am making a film about them? All is fair in filmmaking, I suppose.

It reminds me of something I said during filming once that was caught on tape.

"How can we be out of line? We're making a film here.

" Is filmmaking an excuse to let out all the stops, to run through people's lives with reckless abandon? I hope not.

Hello friends, thanks for stopping by to read this blog. I came across an article that answered this very same question and I thought I would share it with you. Keep the following in mind. God is not trying to keep sex away from you. He just wants YOU to experience something special and unique!!!. "CHARLOTTE, N. C.

— A worship leader at a Charlotte, North Carolina, megchurch is home with his family a day after he was robbed and stabbed as he returned home, the victim's friends said.


To the Generator this evening to shoot footage for my work-in-progress titled Death Paints Red Daubings. I took a few photos and here they are:. Happy Friday! It may be summer, but Fridays are still just as exciting. There's something about knowing that the weekend is almost here that makes me feel great! This week has been all about ice cream. I shared Ice Cream Dramatic Play Ideas, gave you a new Ice Cream Recipe to try in the classroom, and shared my re-vamped Ice Cream Activities. Now I have a cute ice cream freebie for you too. This ice cream writing activity is from One Step Closer Teaching.

The MSHSL website says that the game was played in the FargoDome.

I have a hard time believing that, as last week I heard the "powers that be" were trying to move the game to a closer venue to those towns.

AWESOME! Some bench reaction after the final buzzer. M. Montbriand and Brian Goodwin each had two steals to pace the Jaguars in thefts. As you can see, it shows bycatch has been much reduced in recent seasons. Use the tools in the lower right corner to enlarge the chart. . With all this rain and new rainboots how could we, being the awesome & fun parents that we are, say no? Don't worry this was ALL rainwater headed straight for the ocean. These suggestions were initially rejected but later deemed necessary. For the naval department this meant kamikaze planes, suicide boats, submarines and human mines. While the kamikaze were somewhat successful the next most successful of these was the kaiten. The torpedo's pneumatic gyroscope was replaced by an electric model and controls were linked up to give the pilot full control over the weapon. The original designers and testers of this new weapon were Lieutenant Hiroshi Kuroki and Lieutenant Sekio Nishina. They were both to die at the controls of kaitens, Lieutenant Kuroki being in a very early training prototype. Red Swirly Dress: Go Jane. Bronze Heels: Predictions. I am enjoying the beautiful spring weather by wearing a beautiful spring dress! This warm sunny weather makes me such a happier person. Maybe I need to move south to keep the warm weather trend. Raise your hand if you already knew about this. Didn't think so. The Great Black Swamp. Finish each day and be done with it. begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. Ralph Waldo Emerson The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. Even after all these years, my fellow prisoners manage to surprise me on occasion. In a recent issue of our national paper, Inside Time, a con was deploring the presence of female staff in male prisons. I like women staff, in the sense that I'd rather look at something pleasing to the eye than suffer a perpetual vista of hairy-arsed men. This doesn't mean that I am immune from being prompted from groaning in frustration at the rare sight of a very sexy woman on the landings. But that is normal, it isn't as if I live in fear of my urges overwhelming me and leading to wickedness. Whereas it was a strict norm that women staff should never be subjected to violence, no matter how justified, the presence of women on riot squads makes that judgement a more fluid one. It makes me wonder if they live in fear of their urges, whether they wonder if their appreciation of women may take a deviant turn. So this Christmas, I decided to not put up Champagne Slim again. It was like Christmas at Versailles here. And no one even saw him. Ah well. This year I was too lazy to go up in the attic decided to go in a different direction: no plastic at all. On a whim the other day, I bought a little tree from Whole Foods. stays the same. Although there was not a huge number of votes, the majority asked for it to remain the same. So, it shall remain as is. No wonder why politicians don't listen to us. credit - erica's blog. Right now the farm is in full production. Everything I do is happening at once. There are vegetables in the garden that need weeding and harvesting. There are pigs in the pen, who need twice daily food and water checks. There are sheep and lambs in the field. There are two goats, one that needs to be milked regularly. I am busy but optimistic about this autumn. That breakdown last week, the tears and the reality check were necessary for this recent clarity. The past few days were eventful here. One day while we were playing the Fair at Pomona, Parley showed up to take pictures for the following year's Program. He asked for something unusual. Hello AI Fans!! Today I'm showing you a card I made simply for fun! This little cutie pie is hiding away in the Valentine's Day stamps called Show the Love set, but I think she can be used for much, much more!! I just decided to put her in purples and pinks instead of red, and plopped her beautiful image right on this every day card! I paired her up with the very appropriate sentiment of Don't Hate Me. Of course she required just a touch of bling, so I used just a smidge of Wink of Stella too. Zombies game. by Phil JohnsonReforming Evangelicalism?Too late. What's important to me are the principles of historic evangelicalism. I have explained a little more fully what those principles entail in an article posted here. Those wishing to delve into this theme more deeply should also read the document and subsequent discussion posted here. The question of whether the evangelical movement is dying, dead, irrelevant, irreformable, or whatever, is not my primary concern in the series of articles I've been posting. L. Each session will cover a different topic. Dr Robert Carter presents The Lower Sea and the Waters of Death: the Ancient Origins of Seafaring and Maritime Trade in the Gulf. The history of seafaring in the Gulf is of extraordinary antiquity, going back to the Stone Age. Subsequently, during the Bronze Age, the world’s first great cities and empires traded across the sea, moving great quantities of copper, grain, oil, stone and exotic luxury goods between India, Iraq and Iran. In this talk Dr Carter will describe these early forays into long-distance sea-trade, using the archaeological evidence found in the tombs and settlements of the region, as well as the Mesopotamian legends, and information from cuneiform economic texts.

Dr Robert Carter, Senior Lecturer at UCL Qatar, is an expert in the archaeology of the Gulf, Arabia and the Middle East, with long-standing interests in seafaring and maritime trade.

Passing the Allegheny mountains train bound was proving to be a difficult task for the engineers who were developing the railway systems. One of their final tasks to create a passage through these mountains was to construct tunnels. Getting through the steep grades in Gallitzin proved more difficult than anticipated, and the blasting began. My first tomato. He was purty, then I ate him. Almost instantly I considered it a Low blood sugar attack, but I wasn’t deprived of food, so it came to me, that this is good timing to shop for extra food Today, and Holy Spirit turned my fear, into deep gratitude, with a giggle, for transforming to my new co-created Loving reality. James Gilliland’s longer video the other day, also mentioned being prepared, instead of being scared, so I am sure these couple hints help me to share this possible news with family, and friends too. He referred to the elite keeping us trapped in the safety, sexual, and power chakras too, that seems so simple to understand our Collective divisive Consciousness this way.

Others contacted me back this time with gratitude about this news, so this tells me that others felt the truth of what may be happening too.

I renounce the visible World, as our co-created illusion of our collective fear consciousness, but as much as I Love turning within to experience Love, itself, without any more need to hold onto Worldly distractions, it may seem difficult for others to imagine how fully gratified I, truly am to be here, and support others who can see how much suffering it is to hold onto things of the World, that are so disappointing, and as temporary as we, snowflakes frozen in time are, ourselves. .