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Sleep has been hard won lately. This time of year is stressful for me, The Holidays. And I was up worrying about things I can't change or control for most of the night. When the sun finally arrived I told Gibson we were going to take care of the animals and then try to catch a nap when everyone was content. That was the plan. But farm's have a way of not caring much for the farmer's plans. A few weeks ago I posted about a little girl from an urban homesteading family in my hometown that needed your support. Thanks to your generosity, kind words, emails and calls. this family pulled through. Shellee wrote this to me to post on the blog so that all of you who donated and offered prayers and assistance can get an update. It heals. My husband and I would like to thank all of you for the prayers and generous donations that came our way through this difficult time.

image-thanks to a reader.

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One pattern is negative where the letters are cut out the other is positive, the letters remain.

This pattern is for the scrolled sign board only, you will use any font of your choice for the lettering. Leading up to Friday's big release, we have five fun release week sketch challenges you can play in for lots of chances to win new Verve goodies. The sketches and more details are posted HERE on the Verve blog. Peeks take place Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Foster was just sitting down in his tent after a fire watch when a weapon discharged. A. We were supposed to get cooler and though the temps are down a bit, the humidity is way up and it is miserable outside. This planter should be cascading by now and it has not grown much at all.

I water twice a day for over an hour each time and things are still dying.

We have not had more than a sprinkle in months. I dragged out my old froggy fountain and am going to clean it up and get it running. Any sound of running water is appreciated around here. I now have a fan blowing on Teddy but she still is not happy. Hot air is hot air. About the only good thing with this heat is that it dries my clothes really fast. My vegetables are struggling in their pots in this heat. I am getting some tomatoes though. Hi all, It's my turn to be up on Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog today. I am sharing the wonderful "Too Cute to Spook Mix" from the Reasonable Ribbon shop.

I made a cute little card with some Halloween paper I had in my stash from years ago.

I am so glad I found this paper, it's so cute. I used a cut apart sheet and cut out the coffin.

I just love the cute Wonky Squares on White Satin Ribbon.

It looks great with this card. I also used the Baker's Twine Green in the black button. I also used the cute little Halloween Too Cute to Spook print on black grosgrain ribbon is adhered in the middle of the card. I bought some ribbon slider buckles at various stores while in Boise for my granddaughter's basketball tournament. I was so impressed with bows made with these ribbon slider buckles used from various people in our Really Reasonable Ribbon challenges, I wanted to start using them for some of my bows. All of these supplies along with the stunning Wild Orchid Craft flowers are from the Really Reasonable Ribbon on-line store. Hello, Ribbon Lovers! With Christmas behind us and Valentine's Day before us, it's time to pull out some romantic ribbon and create some lovey dovey, full of mushy goodness projects. Get out your fainting couch, because this ribbon is swoon-worthy! Ooh-la-la! There is so much ribbony goodness going on here that I hardly know where to start! This is one of the Middy Bitty Chevron Kraft Bags all dressed up with Mon Amour papers, Garden Rose Double Sided Satin Ribbon, White Iridescent Metallic String, Tabitha Natural Crochet Lace, and a soft pink Mulberry Blossom from the Mixed Magnolia Bouquet. And I glittered the edges of the magnolia petals, too. I just love all the wonderful textures these various ribbons add to the project. I thought you might like a peeky at the insert I created for this unique wedding card gift holder. I dry brushed a little white paint around the edges of my card to fit in with the shabby chic feel of this card. You could alter the sentiments and embellies just a little, and this little bag could easily hold a Valentine's Day treat. Thanks for stopping by! Cheerio, kathy. Ronny Rockel scanned from more photos by Alex Ardenti. As an aside, I'm not happy with that last one. First, some resolution was lost as it was taken from a small image. Second, I should have worked more on the middle ground, but once I realized that I felt I had invested too much time to scrap it and start over. For further information on these Scams, please Read . Spent the day running about shopping for a pressure washer. List of things that need cleaning has been mounting. Want to paint the fence and it is a mess. Thought I could just hose it and paint. Not. Throw in the moldy siding on one side of the house and some spots on garage floor, drive and walkway, time for a new tool. I had it down between two washers after hitting the top three box stores and sears. .