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Photo via: kjendisGet Ashley's look. + River Island Mono Logo Square Scarf + Pierre-Louis Mascia Fringed Mixed Print Stole + Joie Liza Blouse Get MK's look. + Seraphina CZ Evil Eye Hoop Earrings + ASOS Blazer In Ponte With Zips + Express Basket Weave Collarless Zip Waist Jacket. Here’s a pair of verses that usually get a chuckle or a questioning look out of a person when they first see them. When you must answer the fool you should use the wisdom you have received from God’s word. So, here we have a Proverb telling you not to answer a fool in the same manner in which he asks a question lest you look as idiotic as him.

When you must answer a fool, do it in wisdom, to keep him from thinking he has carried the field with his argument and that you are surrendering due to his superior reasoning ability, which is a joke.

Rumors were running rampant that they would introduce a fat bike, or maybe a B+/Mid-Fat bike. Thankfully, and wisely- they did neither of those things. Yesterday I was surfing the web and went on over to my good friend Gnat's blog to see what he was up to. This post that he put up I found extremely interesting and disturbing. I suggest that you all go read it, especially if you care about sustainability, practicality, simplicity, and just plain old responsible manufacturing/marketing techniques. At least not from what they are saying lately. Be Good To The Earth: So lately, the whole of the industry has taken up arms against "car culture", saying that bicycling is the "greener" way to go. Nicer to the environment, better for our health, and a "solution" to high energy prices because of the obvious, but also because cycling is a sustainable way to transport humans and goods from point to point.

they make designing even more enjoyable! I hope you like my new patterns.

all are available for purchase here.

” Readers, film buffs, and patrons of the performing arts all will find something to enjoy in this series, which invites participants to immerse themselves in Brontë’s tale of mystery and woe.

The event officially kicks off Monday, Feb. m. m. Some more cool picks from Patrick Visser. Learn how to formulate effective Boolean keyword searches in Fastcase. You should check with your particular state. More: . There was something I was going to say that was rational, I know there was.


Right. Way too much trouble for the amount of color you wind up with. In fact, unless your hair is silver-white like mine, the color will probably not even be visible. Arg.

It was amazing.

Getting there, however, was a little less-than-amazing. We've driven in our fair shares of storms before, but this was by far the worst. Riots continue in Kampala, Uganda, sparked by rising food and fuel prices and President-Forever Museveni's vicious response to a peaceful protest. In Syria, thousands of protesters took to the streets in Damascus and other towns and cities to decry the military's attempt to crush the movement with tanks and machine guns.

Over the last couple of days I have been going through them.

I have found some amazing photos. I absolutely cannot wait to start a project using these photos. Here are just a few of the great ones.

Dorothy and Sophie were sisters-in-law.

This is a bitty post. Really, I promise! Not too many words and well you'll get the picture LOL!I taught a Bitty Dog class in Bunny Club yesterday at Thimble Creek our local quilt store. Bitty was really nervous because it was her first appearance after market. She's heard about the Chihuahua movie and how movie stars get treated. And to tell the truth I think Chelsea may have played it up a bit with her. But by the time class was over, she was strutting her stuffing! Bitty dogs were everywhere! All colors and each with their own special look. It was an amazing thing to see! This bitty dog stayed home. She's a reject that didn't make the cut. SHHHH! Don't tell her! This is the original bitty.

She didn't make it to class because she's traveling and giving autographs.

The results were disastrous for the Arabs, who since then have kept up the drumbeat of violence, and forced their "Palestinian" refugees into squalid camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and elsewhere. Rather, despite all this, and despite their overwhelming numeric and strategic superiority, hubris and squabbling guaranteed that the defeat of the Arabs would seem that much more catastrophic. Since then, the Arabs have maintained much the same posture that resulted in their trouncing sixty years ago, with substantially the same results in subsequent donnybrooks. We know what Arab unity meant in Lebanon - the Arabs fought each other by proxy, and that country has never recovered from the kind attention. We are seeing it now in Iraq - the Saudis and Egyptians fund the Sunnis, the Iranians fund the Shia, the Turks bomb the Kurds, and all parties accept foreign funding to slaughter religious minorities.

Arab assistance to other Arabs is indeed "a war of extermination and a momentous massacre", in the words of Arab League Secretary-General Abd ar-Rahman Azzam.

While I have a few moments, there was an interesting stat during Tuesday's BBC Breakfast VT piece about e-cigs and their public use. They split the responses between those who approved of an outright ban, those who favoured some restrictions, and the numbers calling for none at all. The significant majority didn't want it. all photographs are the property of model's own. i am somewhere buried between boxes, newspaper, packing tape, and sharpies. it's officially time to pack up the last five years of our lives in our first home. The results lurk in the archives of this blog in spite of the hope of many that Google will "accidentally" swallow these words and pictures whole. Dan explained why Christ's resurrection must have been a physical one. "Resurrection" doesn‘t mean anything unless it is a bodily resurrection. The Greek word very literally means to "stand back up. " What is it that stands back up if not the body that had lain down in death? So it was in Jesus‘ case. I added a few links to the list today. I for one am stoked on this. Walter is a solid guy in this for all the right reasons and a hell of a lot of fun to be around. Check out Kickstart Cycle Supply Front Street Cycle has supplied us fenders like no one else, thick, straight, made to order and his bars look great too. Support these guys, they'll do you right!. Has there been an employee/employer bromance as exciting and filled with harrowing possibilities as that of hapless idiot Reince Priebus and billionaire megalomaniac supervillain Donald Trump. Sure to outsiders their relationship may look troubled. Trump’s relationship with RNC soursTensions flare as the party hires a fired Trump aide and uses vendors linked to #NeverTrump, while fundraising flags. as they conveniently cut away. Here's the full video. At. I have no idea of why he does this because they're made of see-through mesh. Hillary is behind a solid curtain in the front of the plane. from our morning. Claude went to his first day of "school". the studio and the house are now quiet. something new for everyone today. sad and happy and sad and happy and happy and happy and still a little sad. he was all smiles so there are plenty of things to be grateful for. He felt like his shame was burning, the illumination overpowering it. He’d been in bed for over an hour, but his mind wouldn’t let him fall asleep—that and the throbbing pain in his balls. Although it had been several hours he couldn’t seem to fend off either, his thoughts or the pain. She felt euphoric. What was hours ago seemed like just minutes, and that was only the half of it. The argument is that since local floods recur throughout history, this must refer to something categorically different. g. Today I have another Skipping Stones Design sketch and sample to share. This is my last sketch as guest sketch designer this month. Thanks, SSD, for the opportunity!! Here is this week's sketch: For my sample, I inked up a fabulous set called Dandelion Dreams. Love the beautiful floral, bird, and butterfly silhouettes! I started by repeatedly stamping the Happy Birthday sentiment in blue ink onto ivory card stock. This woman was on vacation from Southern California and seemed to be enjoying the very cold weather. He was not as fond of the weather. co. uk. Through the Looking Glass / Art Deco Mirror Self Portrait For as much time as I love spending time at my easel, I equally love spending time looking at other artists' work. This weekend while teaching in Atlanta with Binders Art Supply and School, I had the pleasure of taking in the High Museum of Art. I thoroughly enjoyed the Art Deco and Art Nouveau furniture, vases, and silver coffee/tea services. This is my favorite era of art history, so I lingered on this floor more than any other. I was happy to be able to experience two of Maxfield Parrish works, as well as Norman Rockwell. These artists in my eyes were fine artists, but considered illustrators. From The Telegraph.


Dan P.

got there first, since I dallied, but Dan's a good guy and has other interesting Indians, so it went to a good home.

This machine has some deluxe touches, like the Corbin speedo driven from the rear wheel, and a Klaxon horn on the handlebars. Bizarro is brought to you today by Alien Observers. I like this gag a lot and assumed it was a harmless little play on words. Not to one reader, apparently.

Below is one of my favorite bits of hate mail in a good while.

Bet this just blows your ass that your favorite Facist, B. O. People are finally waking up- Thank GOD- oh, sorry- you probably don't like that word- too bad. Desiree Jennings has been diagnosed with dystonia, a very rare neurological condition known only to be triggered in adults by head trauma, drug use, and poisoning. Prior to receiving the recent flu shot Desiree was a healthy, active cheerleading ambassador for the Washington Redskins as well as an employee for America Online. The ExaminerDesiree Jennings is trapped in her body. Intellectually she's all there, but her muscles are fighting each other. She's been diagnosed with dystonia, an extremely rare and debilitating neurological disease. Tragically so. .